Friday, 31 July 2015

How I Saved an Old Woman?

Friends how are you? I would like to express my heartfelt experience. Last week I met an old woman who was waiting near roadside. I am not a preacher for that matter. I thought in my mind to help her in practical.
Very few young men and young women have a soft corner for the old. It was a cold winter day. Snow had fallen recently. The roads were wet and slippery. An old woman with a stick in her hand was standing at the crossing. She was waiting there for some passer-by to help her. She was bent with old age. A large number of people passed by her and crossed the road. Nobody took any notice to her. At last she dared herself to go across. A car was running at full speed. The old lady stumbled and was going to be crushed to death.
I picked up courage and saved her life by taking her across the road hurriedly. She blessed me for saving her life.

The world would be better without science.

Friends how are you? One day in a last year I was fast asleep at night. Suddenly I started dreaming, what is the fun of life, who am I what is the purpose of life.
It sounds funny and even absurd that the world would be better place without science. It is like saying that the cavemen were happier than us. The world has had dark ages for dozens of centuries. The middle ages were marked with superstitions, ignorance, savagery and slavish submission to the forces of nature.
Science has liberated us from the deadly trap of diseases, disasters and untimely deaths. It ushered in an age of light, learning and luxuries.
Science is our savior and benefactor. It is true that it has put atom bomb in human race. But truly speaking the real villain is not science but man himself.
Science has not independent will to act or to take decisions. If the world is faced with the danger of total destruction, the culprit is man himself. Science is there to suggest solution to all our problems.

How Good Manners Help in Life!

Friends how are you? Today I would like to share with you the policy I made a year ago after having a lesson from my Grand Mother whom I lost after few months. she narrated to me various examples and explained me through different stories. I made up my mind to use them in practical with my fellow friends and seniors & juniors.
It has rightly been said that manners describe a man. A person’s manners tell us about his family background, his social links, his education and his culture. Good manners cost us nothing but with the help of good manners we can win the hearts of others.
We can use them anywhere and command respect. At home, as expected we should be respectful to our elders and affectionate to the young. We can win the love and commendation of our teachers & seniors. In our social circle we should be polite and courteous. We should honour their sentiments. We should use words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in our day to day activities and conversation.
We should contain ourselves and not to lose temper on petty and unimportant matters. If we have bad manners, people will give us bad name not only to us but also to our parents and family.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The animal I like most

Friends how are you? Today I would like to express my heartfelt liking about the animals. There are many species of animals in this world.
God has gifted each species with certain qualities. However, the common quality of the animals is that they are useful to man in one way or the other. The dog is the animal I like most. My liking for the dog is based on certain solid grounds. The dog is the most faithful animal in the world. Instances when a dog sacrificed his life to save the life of his master can be quoted in thousands. It is very easy to pet a dog. Moreover maintaining a pet dog is much less expensive than maintaining any other pet.
The dog has been gifted with a wonderful smelling and hearing power. As such, it has proved to be a wonderful guard and searcher. It has proved very intelligent. Some of them look very beautiful. Because of all these qualities of the dog.

Apology for the Brave deed of others!

Friends how are you? Today I would like to express in a normal way. It may not sound I am preaching and consolidating the whole concept.
Many people think that one friend, he might have his good points, but also do some really questionable things. Thus, it makes you wonder exactly why you were friends with them in the first place. When they cause some problems, you feel like you have to apologize to the people they offended. We feel partially responsible to the problem creator.
Sometimes we take responsibility for the actions of others. Some people think what they are but they cannot really control them. So it’s not their fault when they fly off the context and stir up all kinds of problems.
That is just how things are going to be in the end. People just are what they are, and they are really nothing else. And they will not change their character, nature, bad-habits so we can’t take their responsibility irrespective of friendship.