Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Importance of discipline.

Discipline means obedience to rules which was framed for the good of individual and society. A disciplined student can lead an orderly life and is the successful man. If there is no rules, no plans or orders in life. There will be lot of confusion. Without discipline, all the construction activities will come to an end discipline is required in every walk of life whether it is family, playground, school of college. In case, the students do not obey. The teachers, efficient teaching will not be possible and results will be disasterous because today’s youth is nation’s future. The progress of country is law and order in the country i.e. discipline.  

Sunday, 6 March 2016


There are numerous ways of e-learning. But it is always advisable to take the easy path of e-learning in a simpler way. Learning is not always an activity we look forward to. Trainings can be monotonous, especially in the context of ‘pure’ technology-aided learning. We do not have an instructor talking to the class, including when attention flounders and suitably interjecting relief from time to time.

e-learning can effectively provide relief as well as challenge the learners to think and apply assimilated learning. e-learning focused on instruction but aiming to make learning as enjoyable and intriguing as possible.

There are 5 simpler ways to have the knowledge of e-learning.

1. Exploring Diagrams :- There are two ways of creating diagrams viz. 2D or 3D diagram. The diagram can be made interactive through simple animation and text. As the learner moves on, the mouse through different parts of the diagram, they pop up and spring to life. Learner interactivity can be increased by encouraging them to predict next steps or explaining certain parts of the diagram in their own words. To increase interactivity and the choice of personalized learning, simple tools like a ‘magnifying glass’ icon can be provided that enables the learner to see a particular section in detail.

2. Another way of learning is Audio-visual based questions:- Audio-visuals are now part of modern commercial training, when inserted to provide interactivity, they provide visual/auditory stimulus to engage the learners effectively.

An audio-visual clip of a task being performed should be shown to the learners. Their response is on whether it was done right or how can performance be improved, can be then ascertained and shown the right path. Alternatively, an audio-visual can be shared and the learners encouraged themselves criticize it through a series of questions that follow the clip.

3. Challenge and response: a learner should asked FAQ and conduct his own interview. Virtual interview can be conducted, asking questions, prompting the learners to take action and explaining their decisions through a dialogue with a person of authority. Learner choose a real-life scenario that the learner could face in course of desk work.

4. Teach-back activities:- It can be learnt is an another best way of learning corporate teachings which can effectively used for e-learning and utilized practically. Exercise could be asked and replied to assemble relevant material from where he or she has learnt in the e-course, in order to learn a specific topic.

5. Virtual labs inter activities:- another way of learning is stimulation which only stimulate the learner into thinking but encourage him to actually ‘do’ with 3D simulations and games in a virtual environment. This promises to make the interactive experience as close to real world as possible.

In my view it can be done in a more interesting and enjoyable ways. Beside that it will occupy the time and consume the other sources of enjoyment.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to Avoid Third Person’s Interference?

We are confident that life is very important for us and this life spend with happiness and enjoyable. Sometimes we spend our life with special relations in our life and we also care that relations with good thinking, mutual trust & faith. If between two friends third person come and start making alleged confirmations of certain notions about the first two person. Only then mis-understanding creep in and that part of conversation creates unwarranted problem. If it is solved in a given time it’s ok. But if it does not solve amicably and last for long it will defiantly breakup. Best solution would be solve it together and amicably settle.    

Different styles of Nail Art for girls .

I want to tell you about some information of eyeliner. We know that different types of eyeliner. Mostly women like different colours of eyeliner. But some women like one  colours of eyeliner. We know that different types of eyeliner of different companies. Some eyeliner product are expansive. When women put on eyeliner  then she is looking beautiful. My favorite colour of eyeliner is blue.

How to speak sweetly or vice versa?

I am sharing with you my experiences. Some people on listening the question reply in a half manner way. When we talk with friends they are not in a mood to reply correctly or cordially but some our friends speak sweetly .It also depends on the timing intention. We know that different types of irritating replies are there but one should try to adopt positive attitude and speak politely to run the life no need to  create any irritation among ourselves.  If you want to know more irritated words or attitude. I would like to submit the following like those who speak mincingly, not to intend to reply completely , those who change the track immediately, those who speak without prior thinking , those who speak other than the common language. 

How to overcome age related problems with the helps of Nuts & Dark chocolates.

I am sharing with you my experience in our home we have other family members who are senior to us like  grandfather, mother, father. I tried to feed them with Nuts & Dark chocolate  which are good sources of the anti-oxidant vitamin E, which is associated with less cognitive decline as one ages. Dark chocolate also has the powerful anti-oxidant properties. And it contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can enhance focus and concentration. Enjoy up to an ounce a day of nuts and dark chocolate to provide all the benefits you need without excess calones, fat, suger or caffeine. Hope my all suggestion benefit for you.

Advantages of Raw Onion & Baked Onion.

I am sharing with you my experience about Advantages of Raw Onion & Baked Onion. I am sharing some suggestions for you and these are following Health tips that I have tried myself. One day I after coming from my job office I started feeling temperature  in my body. After taking my lite dinner I take out raw onion crushed in the mixture and used that paste type raw onion applied on my feet in the morning after that I want to sleep in the morning there was no temperature and I wake up fresh and healthy then I completed my all daily routine and went to office to attend it I again after taking dinner used the crushed onion applied the same  way on my feet just to take on the precautionary measure so that I should not have any further complication in temperature. next day I moved on happily to do all sort of activity.

Another healthy tips is whenever there is a boil or any creption on the body a pieace of raw onion (round) this raw onion filled with musterd oil and turmeric powder and after warming up used on a boil or creption and use it everyday till it recovers.
Another healthy tips whenever there is pungent smell in the room use two raw onion and cut them into pieaces and put them in a bowl and  kept there in the room during night  morning there will not be any smell. 

Another heathy tips NEVER SAVE AN ONION It will absorb all the toxins in the air of your refrigerator. Eat that and you eat the toxins. Instead ,  Chop your left over onion, put it on a plate and keep it in your kitchen as a natural air purifier. Hope my all suggestion benefit  for  you.

Different styles of Nail Art for Girl or Women.

I want to tell you about some information of Nail Art. We know that different styles of Nail Art. Mostly women like different styles of Nail Art. But some women like one  styles of Nail Art. We know that different styles of Nail Art of different companies. Some Nail Art  product are expansive. When women put on Nail Art then she is looking beautiful. My favorite colour of Nail Art is Blue.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How smoking is injurious to health?

I am sharing with you about other health related diseases. Smoking is one of them chewing of tobacco is second of them. Smoking at early age is injurious  habit most of the people stick through out their life chewing of tobacco is also injurious to health particularly in form of throat cancer. Smoking at early stages is not so apparent but continuous smoking causes infection in the lungs and foodpipe in the human body. Smoking of any form like cigarette, cigar and bidi etc. After eruption of infection in different parts of human body like lose of weight, food pipe &  windpipe.  Pregant  women who smoke endanger their premature babies, by increasing the risk for crossed eyes and retinopathy of prematurity. Several smokers develop an inflammation of the inner layer of the eyes. I hope to expect from other to avoid smoking and chewing of the tobacco. 

What to take in food & not to take in ayurveda.

I am sharing with you about health related habit on the basis of ayurveda, what to take in food & what not to take. In ancient time ayurveda help to understand the good habits of taking food during 24 hours firstly after clearing belly one must take a glass of milk with a chapatti/ two chapatti as per required in the first meal that i.e. breakfast then after three to four hours one must take lunch having two or three/four chapattis with baked  subzi aur daal with salad. After three to four hours take a cup of tea or coffiee with snacks in the night after another two & half hour later in the dinner take three to four chapatti and baked subzi or daal with lots of fruits as per ayurveda these are the four meals during 24 hour then have a ready to retire on bed before that have a evening walk at night for one km. on different days and different type of meal can be taken but one must be stick to timming difference between meals in as per ayurveda in the morning one must do some sort of exercises for 15 mintues/half hours. If there is some problem of related to health one must take ayurveda medicine like digestive powder/ as per advice of experts. Hence it is highly advisable to take shelter in the umbrella of ayurveda.

Passion of Life.

I am sharing about information about our life experiences. At a very early age we are controlled advise appropriately by our parents later on when we are joined in the school we like other entrante.I  share our good experiences with our parents on returning home after finishing our homework. I share our experience with my mother then we go out to play in the evening on returning home after taking night meal we go to sleep and wake up in the morning it was a daily routine for months and years when attaing young age and about to enter in the school of life we tend to face certain problems and circumstances and those problem are to be solved by myself and with the grace of God I go on solving those problems till I attain another spot of life which also help me to join some office work and earn our livelihood and contribute our thinking and thought into practical. So that we should contribute in upbringing the society. As long as we create our own environment in the society positively we are bound to get same environment for ourselves. What do you have to say on this?              

Numerous Ways of Making Child Diet Fiber-Rich.

We know that our health is very important. I am sharing with you about child’s diets It is highly advisesable It is for the newly born child that He/She be fed with mother milk till the age of 9 months from the newly born to upto 1 years He/She be vaccinated with different injection and drops. Simultaneous he should be fed with light solid food later on he should be as the child is atterning more years he should be fed with fiber-rich food and chpatties prepared baked vegitables fruit of different types like Banana, orgenge, apple, chikku etc. Dryfruits are to use in winter only. If you are making of fun food, Pizza, Burgar, Cake etc. This making food fun is prepared by vegetables and fruits with cutters different shapes. This cutters shapes child like eat fun food. If you are making different sandwitches and child enjoy only to school for lunch. Dietary fabric are very important nutrients for child health.

How do I Understand Friendship?

I am sharing about my experience.To me, friendship means unconditional love. Someone accepts you with your qualities and flaws and bow to stand by in trouble

whatever the circumstances are. A friend in need is friend indeed. True friends are hard to come by. There are many people who come and go from your life, but a  true friend will never leave you no matter what the trouble is I don’t have many true friends. But there are few  friend who can be counted on tips. If you have a friend, hold on to them with all your love and strength because another may not come into your life.Love and respect them at all times. Make it a point to reach out to them regularly to show them you care. You will never regret the time it took to keep your friend close to you.

Monday, 29 February 2016

How to Make a Happy Day

I am sharing about my experience How I made my day Happy. Day before yesterday after getting up from my bed I was feeling lithargic. I console myself and given a proper thought to my mind that I should get up and start thinking about How to make my day Happy. I went outside breathe deeply and venture out to do some constructive work. 

Suddenly I met a lamemen on the road, I asked him how can I help him, he narrated the whole story. After listening his story I found him and asked him to have a breakfast with me in the beginning he refused to take breakfast I  insisted to take it . He accepted my offer I took him to nearby restaurant. I also paid some money and he wish me a happy day and after leaving him to nearby lane he said goodbye and thank me. Later on I realise whenever one helps somebody in return on having a WISH from him everybody feels happy the rest of the day. This practice should continue every day and any day month & year.      

Gender Based Friendship.

We know that any relation depends on age, hobbies, common interest likes & dislikes. Environment condition of societies. Pen friendship between two countries. We know that any relation depend on the vibrations transmitted by each one. It cannot be merely vibrations but initial conversation exchanged between the two persons. After that initial conversation if likes & dislikes ,  hobbies etc. are of higher side and they start understanding each other. It can be between two persons of same gender, or opposite. Yes, it can turn out to be a lasting and durable. We know that friendship is best relation among other relations. There is great scope between this relation (Boys & Girls).  If both  the persons stick to their limitation and most important is the loyalty between the two.       

Every Woman Want Stability.

We know that every woman in the world by birth is more sensitive. And is much sensitive about her love with Parents, Brother & Sisters till she attain young age. During all this time( from birth to young age). She starts schooling and college till she joins the band of school boys & girls then she starts thinking about  her life what are her priorities for life and how she will enter in the school of life where she has to gain different experiences. It depends entirely on herself and how to face impediments and circumstances in the society. How she faces the problem and how she take them into her stride. As for as her sensitivity is concerned it is her independent view. How she behaves and presents herself to the society at large and her immediate concern which is her nearby persons. They can be her boy friend or friends male or female. She is not two show that her immediate concern is sensitivity because she should not be mis used by others. Always present herself as bold and strong. A piece of advise is that there should be most reliable relationship is between man & woman is mutual faith and confidence.       

Garlic for ear infection.

I am sharing with you my experience on Garlic for ear infection.Take garlic cloves and crush them & boil in a mustard oil and it cools down to warm only then drop two or three drops of oil in both the ears one by one & put on the cotton ball in both the ears and sleep for night  next night repeat this process again. Hope my all suggestion benefit  for you.

How To Think Positive Imagination Help?

I am sharing with you about your thinking. As everybody is well aware there are numerous types of imaginations. Everybody thinks differently on different subjects with different arguments. But there is a limit of imagination if one can implement them into practical otherwise it is use  less to go on thinking in the Air. There is no scope of bad imagination which can not be transformed  into practical. It is the one and the same think if you go on thinking negativity and wasting your time and energy which can not be transform into positivity. Best way is to think positive and transform them into practical which is also feasible and benefited to society at large and earn some money for your livelihood.  

How To Make A Fruitful Life?

I am sharing with you about the different ways of life. From the very beginning after schooling and subsequently college. After gaining the degree from university we tend to locate appropriate jobs which cannot be provided by any corporate company Every company’s. Condition is that candidate should have experience. Tell me friend how can one gets an experience unless and until he or she gets a job. Every job seeker go on wandering in streets and metro cities to have a nice job it was my personal experience which I am sharing with you and got a good piece of advise from my senior. I joined a job oriented course to seek and employment  at this juncture I have to spend three years to complete that particular course. After completing that course I applied in a company and got the job and enter the life. My piece of advise is to my fellow friends whosoever is doing any simple degree course should join job oriented courses so that no time is wasted in roaming company to company. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

All Is Well That Ends Well.

I am sharing with you about my life. We know that some people can never be  happy  on meeting one another in your life. There problem is that they wan’t to know each and everything in detail from your life. Because they don’t understand the true meaning of life how to spend it and how to maintain happiness. Some people makes a life more presentable and pleasant atmosphere around them. This type of people feel contended. That why they bring out pleasure from the other people and they take the things lightly. They feel no problem should be taken to the heart. On the contrary they solve the problem with there mind. And if the problem is solve success fully the result is all is well that ends well.    

Difference Between Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage.

We know that some people like love marriage and some like arrange marriage. But some people says that love marriage is the best. In the love marriage man and woman inclined to meet daily or occasionally. So that they should understand each other nature, hobbies, how to tackle problems and biological, physical, interaction are the most  contents of leading a enjoyful life. There should be a monthly income should be there for livelihood and to make household requirements. Love develop further as the time passes . their bounding is growing strong and the life moves on. In the arrange marriage parents of both boy & girl are to make an arrangement to solemnize the marriage. After that marriage the couple interact with each other and love develops further as the time passes. They try to understand each other with their hobbies, nature, biological & physical proximity and unconditional love develops.          

Depending on THE GOD made me more strong in the life.

I am sharing a very pertinent subject of one’s life. Friends we know that some people depend on each other/ one another. They do not remember that in this materialistic life prevailing in every country. Most of the people go on fighting and quarreling with each other/ one another on petty things Like encroachment of land , supremacy of caste and creed,  sects of different community Friends we know that some people depend on to another person. But They forget to remember the Almighty who created this world with his good blessings he allow the men women and children to follow his rules and regulation which are cited and written in different holibooks of different community like Hindu (The Gita) ,  Muslim (The Koran ) , Christen (THE Bible)  Sikh ( The Guru Granth Sahib). But I am different from other I never forget The God. In return I got the power, strength and stamina to over come all sorts of problem their solution and how to move in the society because I feel I am strong because I just depend on the God and have a firm belief.      

Mother , the Goddess.

I am sharing with you about my experience of love and affection towards my mother. She is the most powerful and  pious creation of The GOD. I/We are very lucky that she brought us in this world. We can not repay her love. But we as a human being we start respecting her from the very beginning of our birth. We know that our mother is best in the world. We respect as the goddess (DEVI). During the life time we go on enjoying our good deeds and bad deeds but our mother stand by her son and daughter. Because all the mothers of different countries caste and creed , religion but mother belongs to her son and daughter. She doesn’t differentiate between son and daughter. It depends on the son and daughter how they are brought up in this world everything turns out to be fair. If mother is respected through out her life that’s the reason. She is worshipped equal to God.   

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Difference between THE GURU AND PUPIL.

We know that there is different between teachers and students because both are human being having the same  physical and biological structure. And there is difference of age and gender and standard of life.But as we are describing the difference between two,  it is as follows. Placement of teacher:- Every teacher is worshipped as THE GURU who is next to THE GOD. And every student is a disciple of THE GURU. As the GURU is imparting the education and other related subjects of different branches he is worshipped as the GURU. 

Student is made of raw earth and teacher is moulding that student into a model. In previous times there used to be a practice the teacher and student live together day and night, It was called GURUKUL. Now a days in a modern society there are school and college all around the cities and there is education departments and university. 

How to Smile for Pleasure ?

I am sharing with you about my experience of having pleasure. Smile the most easily recognizable emotion on the  face. Smile starts certain processes in the human brain, activating communication "brain-body." This occurs in the left frontal lobby, which is responsible for emotions of happiness. Usually smile sends a signal to the brain that we are feeling happy. And when we are happy body begins to produce endorphins (emotional wavelength) in the body. A smile makes people around you. You can only smile when you feel positive energetic true to yourself and honest. Because you can not make other around you happy unless you feel yourself contented and satisfied only then your vibration transmit from your body. Will be received by others.  

Cherishing and Watching Old Photo.

I am sharing with you about my old  past. The other day I was looking for a important document. I by chance I am coming  across the photo album which I could not see for a long time. The first picture was of my Grand parents and other family members. Where in the lap of my Grand Father and Mother is the picture of childhood photo of my father beside my father another picture is of my uncle and their sister all the three were standing besides my Grand Father & Mother. 

It was a wonderful experience to see my Father childhood photo which was in black & white. Next to those picture as my father grow up with his younger brother and sister another photo was in the row. When my father join college and got the degree from his principal. It was another wonderful experience to watch. I learnt subsequently on my entry in the family I learnt a lot from my father and mother & I entered into the school of life. We should as advice by my revered father. We should be LEARNER through out our life. and work professionally with sound mind and work for development of the society etc.         

Belly should be Flat.

Belly is an expansion in middle area of the body.( Stomach size) reason is that consumption of food and water. Unchewable food which is solid and drinking water after side by side. That is the most  wrong method of taking food. Bloating is a expansion of stomach size, common reason is swallowing  of food which is not digestible easily. It can produce more gas in the body if it doesn’t discharge itself its effects are more problematic. The best remedies is we are to take food, water, coffee, tea, juices etc. At regular routine sufficient  gap between two meals breakfast should be taken in the morning between 8 to 9 AM Lunch between 1.30 to 2.30 PM Evening tea between 4.30 to 5.30 PM Night meal between 8.30 to 9.30 PM. Night meal should be taken stickly two hours before sleeping. Before breakfast go for morning walk and after night meal go for evening walk.        

Cherishing of Old Day.

I am sharing with you about old memories of my meeting a friend whom I have been knowing for ten years now. One day on a official visit to my profession I happen to meet a man who was gauging at me constantly. When I called him and try to recognise him and exchange some sentences to confirm his identify. After exchanging some link up and its so happen that he turned out to be a my good friend of my class. This is a special day for us when we meet someone special to our heart and after a long time it bounds to be celebrated for such an important occasion. We exchange our old memories, narrated the whole incidents and our special memories which we go on keeping all these year. We can not expect that old days will come back. But it is in our memories still live and we can draw pleasure out of it.          

Confidentialty between Two Persons.

Friends I am sharing with you a confidential talk between two persons. Is it not a vague writing? if we state above the confidential talked between two persons. Confidentialty means between two person , they can share the secret between themselves. Those two persons should be friends and it should not be shared further only then that confidentialty stay on. When two friends share any type of confidentialty. It is only upto social environment and upto personal level. As long as this confidentialty does not harm or wage enmity between the two persons.       

My Standard is Higher than your Heels.

I am sharing with you about heels which are worn by only females. Now a days higher heels show you looking with different personality. Some girls do not like high heels. When a girl wear high heels and tend to compare with anybody’s standard. Standard in the life how you present yourself even if you do not wear high heels. If it is compared with any standard like presentation of any sort, modeling, wearing of different costumes. But the person specially (woman) present herself with bright face with truthfulness, confidence and its shows on her face. Her standard will be considered the highest.     

Friday, 26 February 2016

Good Night to All.

After taking my night meal I go out for evening walk for a distance of 1KM. after coming back to home and watched T.V for another one and a half hour. There are plenty of programme  telecast like song and dance , serials,  Movies of short duration discussion national and international visits by dignitaries. By the time I lie down to bed and started feeling sleepy. Because I am to get up early in the morning by 5.30 Am to fill up water for storage. Sometimes while sleeping I dream that I am flying in the sky and it is very enjoyable flying. And having a good sound sleep. I get up by the time I feel myself full of vigour and vitality.   

It is Impossible to tell your Kids not to Dream?

Yes I would not even it is near impossible I would never tell them that if I had a kid it depends on how much old the kid is. Is he/she understands what they are dreaming about whenever they will disclose (Dream) to me Only then I could explain to them the intricacyies of the dream and how it should be implemented in practical. Their dream could be to become doctor, lawyer, wrestler, writer, sports player, engineer, scientist, etc. etc. but formost is to complete there middle and secondary education. As per education system prevailing in the country or metro. After that they become any one of them as mentioned above. They can cherish that dream till they fulfill that.       

Bargain is Always Good.

In the afternoon second service lane (Road). There is moveable shops or weekly bazaar is organized on a particular day. Everything is available from clothes, groscery, ration, undergarments, cosmetics, and provision etc.etc. I wanted to have a suit consist of pant and shirt. I go on searching the same from one end of the bazaar to the end of the bazaar. I found one set it was upto my measurement and color and clothes was of good quality. I asked the price. The shopkeeper exaggerated the price in a second. I asked him to reduce it to certain level by explaining the qualities which I am getting from another shopkeeper I quoted the price. Finally he came to that very price which I quoted with some hesitation and we made the bargain fully ok.   

Respect Your Elders How, you are to decide?

This is a common discussion when younger people disrespect older people. Simplest of the argument is that old one are of senior in age, experience,  wisdom and level of understanding in the atmosphere. They deserve to be respected equally high. It is also depends on the deeds of the elder. If the elder does or harm anyone younger to him or her. If it is physically harmful or injuries caused to younger one. There are policing is also there . they will look after the matter. There is no reason we should or we should not disrespectful to elders. We can only ignore them. We are to respectful to elders whom we know and familiars to us.    

Chewing of Food More Important.

I would like to explain my fellow friend that knowing the physiology of human body is more important than to concerate on a bluffy words circulated by vested interest. Those who say that chewing is good for losing weight. They should understand that chewing will help only to digest, when insuline produced by pancreases in the belly mixed with that chewed and   help it to digest shortly and early. So hence if the calorie consumed and renunciate and converted into energy. That is the scientific cycle known to everyone. For losing weight if there is plenty of fat that should be removed by exercises & joining zym and renunciate that extra fat.

Get to Gather of Party.

I would like to express the man with the man &  women with the women party is consist of more then four to five persons. In the weekend we office goers decided to have a fun and a party at home. It is very interesting to prepare for a party. We decided to purchase some raw materials like vegetables, fruits, loaf of breads, dry fruits, tomato catch up. And after waking up in the morning. After having breakfast at respective homes all the five persons. With their spouses gather at a place. It was my place. We divided the work and ready to complete it. And helping others also who has completed his job early. After cutting & preparing raw vegetables cooked and baked and having ice cream which we  purchase from the market. We all the ten peoples sat on the dinning table, decorated with bowls and all the foods stuff decorated with dry fruits carrot and potato. After decorating the dinning table. We sang a song. And wish everyone for prospects and better livelihood. Party is always considered best for fruitful discussion, business meetings etc.           

Food Disasters by Mistake.

I sliced some apples for Evening put them in a plastic bag and boarded a bus it was approximately

500 KM from my native place. After crossing 300 KM. I opened the plastic bag. All the apple, slices fell on the floor of the bus. As the bus was moving at a high speed all the slices displaces itself. On the floor it went under the seats of the other commuters. I was feeling hungry neither I want to pick up those slices nor it can come to my seat itself. Instead of cursing myself. I manage to consol myself. Not to worry not to worry it happens sometimes. And waited for another 50 KM passage bus stopped at the next stop. I get down and took a cup of tea and snacks from a nearby restaurant and  make me understand that it was not my fault nor it was destined to my belly.  

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Health Problems can be Cured by Yoga.

Everybody is well aware that yoga is gaining popularity because of its health benefits. Therapeutic yoga is basically a system of self treatment.
According to yogic views disease, disorders and ailments are the result of some faulty ways of living, bad habits, lack of proper knowledge of things related to individual’s life and improper food. The diseases are thus the resultant state of a short or prolonged mal functioning of the body system.
This malfunctioning is cause by an imbalance internal condition created due to certain errors of the individual. Since the root cause of disease lies in the mistakes of the individual, its cure also lies in correcting those mistakes by the same individual.
This being the basic assumption in this system about the nature of the trouble and its remedy lies in the efforts of individual himself. It is highly advisable to join some yoga centers in your respective cities. Most of the people practice yoga to protect themselves from disease such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. It help living a life of holistic health.

Yoga is not only a bunch of physical exercises or postures of breathing but it is a remedy for most of the mental problems and social issues. The most common items of diet for almost all practitioner of Therapeutic yoga are fruits, salad, leafy vegetables, green vegetables, wheat, bread and pulses. I wish it could help you to retain happy & cheerful life. 

Erase the blackheads with the Naturopathy.

Although I am not a medical student but I learnt a lot from my GrandMother. Who since has expired long ago. 

She used to teach us how to prevent and rectify pimples, blackheads on the skin that affect the people of all ages but they are mostly seen during the teenage, adolescent ages best remedy recommended by my GrandMother is make a paste of curd and turmeric powder and apply it on the face after washing with luke warm water then apply it on the face in a round way upwards and let it dry for half an hour after letting it dry it become a face pack then again wash it with simple water. One can apply this face pack in a alternative day. 

This process should continue for one month atleast. It should be treated like a naturopathy.            


Other day I went to a local public school for the admission of my nephew in his K.G class. On contacting the admission in charge of the school. I was shocked to learn that the admission test was merely a formality. The admission was to be granted on the basis of merit of the child but on the parent’s capacity to pay a fat capitation fee to the school. I felt extremely upset over this educational evil.

Our constitution grants right to education to all children but some of the private schools have commercialized education. It has remain for a privileged few. Every year they announced the dates of admission to various classes with great fanfare. 

Advertisements are published in local daily newspapers. The interviews of the children and their parents are held. But what is the purpose of this ceremony? To assess the child ability? To assess the parent’s ability to help their ward in his/her study.

The real purpose is to assess the paying capacity of the parent’s. This drama goes on year after year. Child is rarely granted admission on the basis of his/her merits. It is always the parent’s capacity to pay a fat capitation fee to the school which prevails. The capitation fee maybe in cash or in kind.

A parent’s who runs a factory of fan’s is asked to provide fan’s for the classroom Another parent runs a marble shop. He is asked to supply marble for the flooring of the school building and this exploitation of the parent’s goes on.

But this year the government step into the eradication of this evil and to save the parent’s of those children who are on the basis of their merits, scored the high level of test. Their parent have not to pay any capitation fee nor to pay any other so called expenses of the school. The school will issue the bill of admission fees and other curriculum expenses. 

Let us hope for the best possible results. The school will start engaging new teacher and lady teacher for best of imparting education to the children.

The curriculum activities will be enhanced for the school and their execution with great care and level of understanding. 

Health is Better Than Wealth.

It depends on a person how he understands the life given by the supreme power above us. No doubt, health is our only wealth more gracious than the store-house of coins and currency. It has been rightly said that if wealth is lost ,nothing is lost because it can be earned again. In case health is lost we are deprived of the bliss of life. A healthy man enjoys life in real sense. He listens to music, plays well, sleeps well, reads well. He can enjoy nature’s beauty with enthusiasm as he walks around briskly. He finds life full of fun as digestion of everything is possible. Everything seems to be under his control and at his command. Bright looks and eyes with a muscular body give him heavenly experiences on the earth. He has desire to live longer because all of his senses work effectively. 

Everyone want to remain healthy, ill-health is detested by all. Only an unhealthy person who feels desperate of life can give a vivid description of the value of good health. So it is in conclusive desire of everyone to keep good health. Precautions have to be taken regarding keeping good health and take good nutrient food regularly and keep the positive energy. 

Present Status of Animals is Equivalent to another Creature ?

Two animals have their horns looked while their supporters shouting loudly and animals failed to see there surroundings they don’t care about the people around them because only think they want to focus on is keeping theirs eyes down and hooking horns. Another example is cocks who are fighting with each other and jumping on other and injuring each other. And in both the cases there are fighting bloody like wise man & man who belong to different religions,  sects, customs, black & white. Everybody is fighting with each other to show one’s supremacy with money power and goondaism. It goes on aggravating day by day. First it is stage of locals then transfer to country level. One country is doing extremism and create nasty problem for others.     

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Headache with Severity.

I am sharing with you a huge headache which I control in half an hour. Problem started when I feel getting old. My patience is getting strained. It’s particularly hard to keep my temper dealing with people who ask me to do something and then start questioning my findings. And give me unwarranted suggestions and poking their nose in my established job. I have the training and education in a particularly field and rest of folks,  they don’t think before speaking because they think by paying they purchase the person who should act on their directions. Which is not acceptable to one who has a guiding factor with him. The constant irritation creates headache the best solution I find is to chant peacefully OM for number of time till I feel relieved from that headache.    

How God Help When it is Required?

I would like to share one of the funniest situation in the beginning of my career. On the day of interview its so happens I had no proper clothing for myself. And circumstances did not allow me to have another new clothing suit I borrowed one suit from another elder friend who was very close to me. I wore that particular suit given by my friend. So I full of my confidence, presence of mind I venture out to face the interview. I was asked numerous questions regarding my skill and personality vise. I could satisfy the interviwer and they asked me to wait outside. Within one hour I was asked to report the Works Manager the next day and join the workshop and after one month getting the salary I bought a good piece of suit which was costly enough. I want to express that nothing succeed like success.              

Contents of Milk.

I would like to share with you usefulness of the milk. First of all when the baby is born,  it is highly advisable to feed the child (Infant) with breast feeding for atleast six months. later on besides timely BCG injection and another polio drops & other injection for combating. the diseases from the age of one year onwards bafflow milk, cow milk or saturated milk or powder milk. From the very beginning when the child attains adult hood. He is advise to have a big cup of milk which also consist of calcium, vitamins and mineral carbohydrate etc. Every ingredients of milk is highly useful for strengthing  the body , teeth, bones, and bone marrow. Its strengthen the immunity systems so on  & so forth.               

How to Face Impediments On Entering Life?

I am sharing with you a friend of mine who has got 18 years old child is not inclined to work outside because he thinks that it is the responsibility of parents. Who have been bringing him up since his childhood. The child thinks he should be about to sit around the house and do as He pleases and his mother father support him. His parents has done everything but parents expect from him that he should join some work and start his own life. but as per his wish it could not be fulfilled the reason what I find his there were discrepancies in bringing him up. 
So that is why we contacted psychology department of a clinic after examining him for two seatings it was concluded that physically there is nothing wrong. There is a lack of confidence in the boy and he is not ready to face any sort of impediments of the coming life. after three to four seatings there was improvement in his behavior towards his parents. Thus in a another two seatings he recovered and gained lot of confidence.  

Pastries or Solid food.

If you are Calorie Conscious do not take fast food, pizza, burger, Poabazzi etc.etc. because these are not energy booster. But can occupy belly space. It doesn’t digest easily. But about pastries, somasa, tikki, chat etc.etc. they are healthy and consumable items. They do not provide necessary vitamins, minerals that required daily. Once in while on a weekly basis or evening time it can be taken with coffiee or tea. I like the taste more but I like sweets also. Rest of time doing lunch and dinner I prefer loaves of bread cooked vegetables, salad & fruits. 

Salad with Roasted fish.

Everybody prefer salad with the combination of Non veg, Veg, chicken, roasted fish etc. Any combination can be taken at lunch & dinner. Because salad is consist of raw vegetables, ginger, onion, garlic. First of all we prepared a full plate of salad and roasted fish (Fish is of smaller size). This time I preferred roasted fish next time I will try fish with gravy and refind oil. If taken in a winter season. It is very good for the energy booster. And healthy. I prefer healthy food. I hope you too.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Full of Calcium.

CALCIUM is most vital ingredient of human body. It also consist of bone marrow, calcium, and over all development of the human body. It is present in the bones, spinal cord legs, arms, cage cover (Chest) . There are two hundred six interconnected and interlocked bones in a human body. So calcium as mentioned above is most important, and it is frequently and readly available in the milk, curd, paneer (Cheese) etc. so from the beginning (from childhood) to old age. Its requirement in the human body is very important. Deficiency  of calcium is the route cause of so many diseases so avoid them. Precaution is better than cure.

How to Shop in a Different Season?

Before at the dawn of any season winter or summer or rainy season. There used to be a placard informing consumer that retail sales of the season are available at a reasonable price with discount and of different schemes. It is one’s share of boosting the economy. Shopping is cheaper  than visiting a Doctor clinic. If you go for shopping from store to another and walk away and consumed (Burn)  lot of calories and spending that much money to buy your required product. It is not about what you buy it is about all those calories going from one store to another you are happy to feel good and solve double purpose.  

Numerous Challenges They could be Fun.

There are challenges everywhere in the world like crossing deserts on foot,  to climb mountains, to fly in a glider, to cross the river by swimming against the current, to travel from coast to another coast. All these challenges are hard to fulfill in a limited time but it is very interesting to venture out to do it. There is lot of preparations, skill and perseverance to accomplish it. I think this is the perfect challenges if ever there was won that will encourage interaction and gain knowledge of that particular area environment and the difficulties faced and there remedies. This could be a fun challenge for everyone whosoever venture out to do it.               

How to Acknowledge Sorry & Change your behavior?

I am sharing with you a pertinent example to express  my knowledgeable view point during the age of five to seven years young boys or girls. While they are playing with each other. They are quite innocent and very few children are mischievous nature. Whenever they push each other (while playing). They try to feel sorry and express that emotions because their respective parents teach them to behave like gentle. But those boys or girls who are mischievous nature they try to hit hard to one of them. 

And from saving himself or herself from their father & mother to admonish them. They hide themselves somewhere in a room or in a  undisclose space and they try to hide there as long as possible to come before their parents. The parents in the mean time go on searching hither or tether and  on finding them in a room which was not searched. They parents bring them out and victim was also brought in to pacify the whole incident. 

They are made to understand the problem and asked to say sorry to each other. It was a job of the knowledgeable parents to sort out the problem favorably if a child go one making this type of pranks and child would always say I am sorry I  would not do it again. It doesn’t help to say sorry if one doesn’t change his or her behavior. Let us think in a positive and broader sense that child must be persuaded to behave like a gentleman. It is the responsibility of the parents to watch and act according to the circumstances and guide them to enter in a life with a more positive and attitude.                       

Perseverance of Labour Just Keep it.

In the Holy book THE GITA. There are 18 chapters from where we can learn, how to live? what to live? Why we live? And how we should live in a society and what are the main rules and regulation described in the Holy book. There are 4 stages of a man viz. childhood, youth, married life, old age. On attaining death. It is just AATMA (Sprit) lives the body and enter into another body. Nobody can forecast when one will die and where will the sprit go. Instead , although it is a great epic. It teaches us how one should behave and how one should move in the society. There is a numerous teaching from where we can take guidance and how to implement them in practical. But there is a good piece of saying that is we have no right to expect or we can ask the result or fruit of labour.         

How to Raise WillPower.

There are two types of powers viz. external & internal power. External power is a physical power and internal power is a willpower. One must understand and recognize the powers. Separately & collectively one must understand any sort of situation,  challenges and how to overcome them with the help of powers? And it should be faced boldly and give befitting reply to those situations and able to go step further with each challenging situation because there is a remedy/solutions to every challenge and situation. If we determine to stablise  ourselves. We can face any nasty situation and there is a solution it may take little more time. But by the grace of The God solution will be available within the shortest possible time.          

There is no Substitute of HardWork.

Everybody is aware attaining The Youth one understand how to enter in the life. by joining some job, office, corporate sector, skill working, technical & non-technical job to provide services like banking, insurance etc.etc. To choose between the one it depends on what is the interest and how do you set yours goal and destination? In order to achieve our goal. We first have to be honest with ourselves and selecting a field of our choice and we should have a courge to face odd & even situation in that field. We should over come the challenges posed by seniors, targets, and quota. There is more than one way to get (goals) and considering the time to achieve those goals and challenges. It is to be decided that there is no short cut to reach that goal. There is no substitute for hardwork.     

Gather your Inner Courage and Laugh.

I was searching one old book which was misplaced in the home while searching I got a old photos album and watching it I remember so many persons whose photos was in the album and there old memories. I turned sad after viewing the whole album there were mixed memories (sad & happy). It is easy get caught up in the feeling of lose and loneliness rather than in the blessing that were one’s their. The best course is to think back to some fun and happy memories and relive them in your mind. Laughing out is good enough to give strength to mind and take healthy food even if you do not have time to prepare food at a time. It is better go out buy fresh juice, salad or a cup of  milk. Talk with somebody on the way or in the restaurant talk about certain happy moments.          

Monday, 22 February 2016

How for Parents Should be Overprotective?

Whenever a man and woman marry and after sometime enjoying the life happily and after four or five years. They plan to have a child for starting a family. After having a child till he attains reasonable years. Every parents are protective or over protective till he/she starts a moving around the room and in a home. Every parents are take  extra precautions that on every step parent hold the child firmly . so that he should not fall down on the floor or from bed to floor. When the child starts going to school because till that age (five years). He is protected at home and in the school teachers sometime do not give attention to one and all. So there are complaint,  starts coming from play school and every time parents visiting to their school listen to the complaints. And feel embarrassed and could not rectify the problem. If one understands (Parents) the child psychology. It is a very simple problem and it can be rectified accordingly. One should allow his child to let him move and to do according to his wish. Parent’s duty is to guide the child in a cordial way without admonishing him.         

Yoga, How It Helps in Loosing Overweight?

As I am getting older and I am putting on weight and sometime my activeness stop itself. As I was gaining weight I decided to consult a Yoga Teacher. Who asked me join the classes immediately? From the next morning I get up at 5.30 AM. And starts moving to yoga centre I  was asked few questions and given synopsis of yoga lecturer. The next day I joined regularly the yoga classes. After continuing for 15 days I put off the five to seven pounds weights. I also controlled my diet and taken all the meals at regular interval. I used to take nutritious food which consist of dry fruit simple loaf of bread (Two) prepared vegetables with garlic pearl, ginger (without onion). It is an ancient ayurveda recommended diet and exercise. In another 45 days I lost considerably good amount of weight. All the fatty muscle, thigh, belly and other fatty portion of the body renunciate itself. And another 2 months I start keeping activeness , running, brisk walking for longer distances. It helped me a lot. Anyone can loose weight by adopting ancient technique (Yoga).  It is recommended through out life and immunity will also rise itself.              


Time go on changing in one’s life. every minutes, every hour, every day, every month. It is one’s thinking how do you react with those minutes? How do you talk with confidence, presence of mind and knowledge gain previously. One cannot be at easy in his highs and low in difficulties. It cannot be static every time. It is life and needs to be mixed up. If you are on one side and there are questions that need to answered yet. THE GOD is always with us in even & odd times. One has to keep his firm belief in his greatness.  

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pray For Everyone else.

Pray to THE GOD & asked his kindness to shower on anybody & every body. It is very important to pray daily morning or evening and pardon our mistake commited knowingly or  unknowingly. His mercies endurance forever. When one pray by faith. The God is actually able to do anything & everything for his followers. We may not be able to meet physically but remember him in prayers. So we meet spiritually. If we pray for everyone else we rewarded with great things and feel satisfy ourselves. There is no dearth in his kindness on the contrary. We pray to him by heart.    

How to Measure your Potential?

The purpose of life is to born, work, and retire to death. In the mean while we come across a lot of things. But do we know their worth? It is presumed most of precious things do not have any value in our life. because on accessing one’s life we find several good talents and qualities in us. Sometimes we don’t realize them and we do not give proper thought and to execute them in practical. If someone starts using his or her talent and gives a tip about how to use it. We feel motivated, this type of motivation is urgently required in the life. Everyone has got his or her strength, nature, weakness. If a person realizes his potential he can come up in life utilizing his or her standard and can gain success of life. It is our greatest strength to feedback in positive and encourage them to help and all will be happily ended.         

How to Raise Inner Beauty?

Everybody is consist of bones, bone marrow, and other human parts according to physiology other parts of body  are eyes, ears, nose, lips, teeth, neck, chest, belly, arms & legs and internal organs etc. Every organic part has it own function to play in the human body. Beauty is the most vital aspect of the life. Everybody wants to look beautiful. Cosmetic industry people spending lots of technique, materials, product, to beautify man & woman of the world. It is the biggest &  profitable and employment generated industry. But beauty lye in the inside of the body. and in the eyes of onlooker internal beauty comes from inside with mind & soul. 
Only the face reflects the inner health. One can not mask the skin which may be spotty because of irregular diets. And lack of natural intake of food, fruits, dryfruits, and mixed vegetables, salad etc. you may apply as many as cosmetic product to raise outer beauty. But natural skin will stats glowing and reflects the inner strength and outlook.         

Property of Orange & Apple.

It is common practice nobody on earth can work constantly. Everybody needs rest, enjoyment, and 6 to 8 hours sleeping. Holiday are the season of people who gather for parties, drinks, alcoholic, beverages, wine & dine etc. 

To spoil there health. Instead they should consider drinking apple juice, orange juice, and mixed juice (combination of all the fruits). Orange juice are particularly high anti-oxidants and remove the radical chemicals that cause cellular and DNA damage. Orange juice builds up immunity, power, prevents diseases. Which can be fatal on advancing to second or third stages. It is better to prevents than cure. 

Orange juice & mixed with some other fruits can safeguard health in several ways and enjoy life. take plenty of fruits. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.              

Sun Shine is Better in Winter than Summer.

Everybody is well aware. There are four seasons but winter is most vital seasons. In different parts of world winter set in different month of the year. But winter is a season of scarcity light. It is sun shine that showers the light. We spend more time in darkness of sun shine and confined ourselves in rooms. This light change and dark life may cause health problem. Most of the people in cold countries experience “winter blues” winter days are more dreary than the bright and shiny days of the other season. How can we enhance the brightness and cheerfulness in the human body. it is highly recommended to have sunbath because it consist of Vitamin-A&D in its natural forms. Atleast one hour is sufficient if one’s sits in the open where sun shine is there. This should be a regular practice and this will improve the air quality.  

How to Break One’s Confidence?

As everybody is well aware that faith, confidence, trust, friendship are the well defined emotions, prevailing in the society. Betraying, cheating, looting, robbery, intimidating are the emotions of the other side of the coin. As few days back while talking to my neighbor she expressed her great anguish that her son (Grown up) is getting poor grades in the exams. She was not sure of the reason that led to the failure in his studies. After few weeks I came to know from another friend of mine who disclosed to me the exact reason of the failure of her son. (first friend)  I decided to help my first friend about her son’s failure in exams. I also decided to share such matters with the parents in an amicable way and protect the boy from further troubles. We called the boy and confided him and made him understand the consequence of taking drugs. And explain to him how injurious this drug could be.               

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Attention! It is my muse.

On my way to my sleeping bed. Sometimes I sleep with in short period and sometimes it takes lot of time to sleep. It is that very time my world is quit. It is that sweet spot in hour day to day life. When we are literally away from the materialistic world. It is that time when my muse steps in and takes over me. I can not describe its gender lets call it she. She is a random spirited thing. Her guise is uniquely feminine. She first appeared to me a long time ago although I did not recognize her nor did I utilize her ability. I simply thought it is my imagination which it was the same but I waved it out but it was this time stubborn so I try to utilize her talent. That’s the when way when we are very alike. She keeps simply showing up everytime. 

when I was finding myself blank at a piece or a blank wall. Sometimes she will wave me away saying not now. Other time she will just stand up by myside and arms crossed till I place my finger on the paper with pen or keyboard. I have no idea who she really is and that seems to ticking her off. She crossed her arms and rolls her eyes at me when I think that. Having said all that I have to credit her with bringing me great stories to write. But some of the stories she wants me to tell I can't, not now anyway. I really don't know if it's me or her but sometimes the stories are just too – (sad, promising, amazing?). I'm not sure but once she reached out and placed her hand flat on my keyboard. I stopped typing and erased that one, the time just wasn't right for the telling I suppose. 

I somehow think she knows things I'm not aware of so I'll just leave that thought where I found it. At the time of getting up in the morning I find witty in myself and started narrating and creating different stories, poems etc with on different topics. It is her blessing or subconsciously helping me out whenever I feel myself in a mess. I do regard her deeply. 

Spiritualism or Science Which can Save manKind?

Considering the difference of spiritualism or science. It is very well understood by the countries who are dominated by dictatorship, communism and democratic processes. Spiritualism is a process of personal transformation and knowledge about one self externally & internally. According to traditional religious, Ideals, caste & creed and sects of different communities. Extremism and fundamentalist are also part and parcel of this world. Everybody whether it’s a government or non-government always try to dominate others in the name of supremacy and humanity. In a more general sense, it is referred to almost all kind of meaningful activity or blissful experiences. 

On the other hand science from the very ancient time it has been the belief of different societies that the inventions and discoveries are very much in need of fulfilling the aspirations and development of different angles in the society. If the technology is improved in its own way to solve the prevailing problems and to upliftment of the society at large. Because science has the different branches like engineering, chemicals, mechanical, electronic etc.etc. if science alone is capable of solving the humanitarian problems like poverty, diseases, misery, illiteracy. Spiritualism enters and work jointly with science and its inventions. 

Both spiritualism and science are complementary and it should be handled very carefully and execute for the development of mankind. If one visualize the bad effect of the science under no circumstances it should be occupied or captured by fundamentalist. Otherwise it may create bad results of science. Here comes the spiritualism, love & fear, enlightenment of the humanity.

How I Solved My Student’s Problem?

I am a diploma holder of elementary teacher education. I would like to express my internal feeling of my students, two of them are mentally, differently-abled. In the beginning of joining my classes I could not cope with their problem. In a class of 25 students I have to struggle a lot to communicate with those particular students because I am also raw-hand in practical but by the grace of God within a fortnight I could able to solve my communication skill to interact with them (Students) and they also respond me with favorable and positive results. Now both the students are equally giving response positively and other 23 students are also of great help to them. I would like to seek any other practical solution or suggestion from my fellow friend