Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Importance of discipline.

Discipline means obedience to rules which was framed for the good of individual and society. A disciplined student can lead an orderly life and is the successful man. If there is no rules, no plans or orders in life. There will be lot of confusion. Without discipline, all the construction activities will come to an end discipline is required in every walk of life whether it is family, playground, school of college. In case, the students do not obey. The teachers, efficient teaching will not be possible and results will be disasterous because today’s youth is nation’s future. The progress of country is law and order in the country i.e. discipline.  

Sunday, 6 March 2016


There are numerous ways of e-learning. But it is always advisable to take the easy path of e-learning in a simpler way. Learning is not always an activity we look forward to. Trainings can be monotonous, especially in the context of ‘pure’ technology-aided learning. We do not have an instructor talking to the class, including when attention flounders and suitably interjecting relief from time to time.

e-learning can effectively provide relief as well as challenge the learners to think and apply assimilated learning. e-learning focused on instruction but aiming to make learning as enjoyable and intriguing as possible.

There are 5 simpler ways to have the knowledge of e-learning.

1. Exploring Diagrams :- There are two ways of creating diagrams viz. 2D or 3D diagram. The diagram can be made interactive through simple animation and text. As the learner moves on, the mouse through different parts of the diagram, they pop up and spring to life. Learner interactivity can be increased by encouraging them to predict next steps or explaining certain parts of the diagram in their own words. To increase interactivity and the choice of personalized learning, simple tools like a ‘magnifying glass’ icon can be provided that enables the learner to see a particular section in detail.

2. Another way of learning is Audio-visual based questions:- Audio-visuals are now part of modern commercial training, when inserted to provide interactivity, they provide visual/auditory stimulus to engage the learners effectively.

An audio-visual clip of a task being performed should be shown to the learners. Their response is on whether it was done right or how can performance be improved, can be then ascertained and shown the right path. Alternatively, an audio-visual can be shared and the learners encouraged themselves criticize it through a series of questions that follow the clip.

3. Challenge and response: a learner should asked FAQ and conduct his own interview. Virtual interview can be conducted, asking questions, prompting the learners to take action and explaining their decisions through a dialogue with a person of authority. Learner choose a real-life scenario that the learner could face in course of desk work.

4. Teach-back activities:- It can be learnt is an another best way of learning corporate teachings which can effectively used for e-learning and utilized practically. Exercise could be asked and replied to assemble relevant material from where he or she has learnt in the e-course, in order to learn a specific topic.

5. Virtual labs inter activities:- another way of learning is stimulation which only stimulate the learner into thinking but encourage him to actually ‘do’ with 3D simulations and games in a virtual environment. This promises to make the interactive experience as close to real world as possible.

In my view it can be done in a more interesting and enjoyable ways. Beside that it will occupy the time and consume the other sources of enjoyment.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How to Avoid Third Person’s Interference?

We are confident that life is very important for us and this life spend with happiness and enjoyable. Sometimes we spend our life with special relations in our life and we also care that relations with good thinking, mutual trust & faith. If between two friends third person come and start making alleged confirmations of certain notions about the first two person. Only then mis-understanding creep in and that part of conversation creates unwarranted problem. If it is solved in a given time it’s ok. But if it does not solve amicably and last for long it will defiantly breakup. Best solution would be solve it together and amicably settle.    

Different styles of Nail Art for girls .

I want to tell you about some information of eyeliner. We know that different types of eyeliner. Mostly women like different colours of eyeliner. But some women like one  colours of eyeliner. We know that different types of eyeliner of different companies. Some eyeliner product are expansive. When women put on eyeliner  then she is looking beautiful. My favorite colour of eyeliner is blue.

How to speak sweetly or vice versa?

I am sharing with you my experiences. Some people on listening the question reply in a half manner way. When we talk with friends they are not in a mood to reply correctly or cordially but some our friends speak sweetly .It also depends on the timing intention. We know that different types of irritating replies are there but one should try to adopt positive attitude and speak politely to run the life no need to  create any irritation among ourselves.  If you want to know more irritated words or attitude. I would like to submit the following like those who speak mincingly, not to intend to reply completely , those who change the track immediately, those who speak without prior thinking , those who speak other than the common language. 

How to overcome age related problems with the helps of Nuts & Dark chocolates.

I am sharing with you my experience in our home we have other family members who are senior to us like  grandfather, mother, father. I tried to feed them with Nuts & Dark chocolate  which are good sources of the anti-oxidant vitamin E, which is associated with less cognitive decline as one ages. Dark chocolate also has the powerful anti-oxidant properties. And it contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can enhance focus and concentration. Enjoy up to an ounce a day of nuts and dark chocolate to provide all the benefits you need without excess calones, fat, suger or caffeine. Hope my all suggestion benefit for you.

Advantages of Raw Onion & Baked Onion.

I am sharing with you my experience about Advantages of Raw Onion & Baked Onion. I am sharing some suggestions for you and these are following Health tips that I have tried myself. One day I after coming from my job office I started feeling temperature  in my body. After taking my lite dinner I take out raw onion crushed in the mixture and used that paste type raw onion applied on my feet in the morning after that I want to sleep in the morning there was no temperature and I wake up fresh and healthy then I completed my all daily routine and went to office to attend it I again after taking dinner used the crushed onion applied the same  way on my feet just to take on the precautionary measure so that I should not have any further complication in temperature. next day I moved on happily to do all sort of activity.

Another healthy tips is whenever there is a boil or any creption on the body a pieace of raw onion (round) this raw onion filled with musterd oil and turmeric powder and after warming up used on a boil or creption and use it everyday till it recovers.
Another healthy tips whenever there is pungent smell in the room use two raw onion and cut them into pieaces and put them in a bowl and  kept there in the room during night  morning there will not be any smell. 

Another heathy tips NEVER SAVE AN ONION It will absorb all the toxins in the air of your refrigerator. Eat that and you eat the toxins. Instead ,  Chop your left over onion, put it on a plate and keep it in your kitchen as a natural air purifier. Hope my all suggestion benefit  for  you.

Different styles of Nail Art for Girl or Women.

I want to tell you about some information of Nail Art. We know that different styles of Nail Art. Mostly women like different styles of Nail Art. But some women like one  styles of Nail Art. We know that different styles of Nail Art of different companies. Some Nail Art  product are expansive. When women put on Nail Art then she is looking beautiful. My favorite colour of Nail Art is Blue.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

How smoking is injurious to health?

I am sharing with you about other health related diseases. Smoking is one of them chewing of tobacco is second of them. Smoking at early age is injurious  habit most of the people stick through out their life chewing of tobacco is also injurious to health particularly in form of throat cancer. Smoking at early stages is not so apparent but continuous smoking causes infection in the lungs and foodpipe in the human body. Smoking of any form like cigarette, cigar and bidi etc. After eruption of infection in different parts of human body like lose of weight, food pipe &  windpipe.  Pregant  women who smoke endanger their premature babies, by increasing the risk for crossed eyes and retinopathy of prematurity. Several smokers develop an inflammation of the inner layer of the eyes. I hope to expect from other to avoid smoking and chewing of the tobacco. 

What to take in food & not to take in ayurveda.

I am sharing with you about health related habit on the basis of ayurveda, what to take in food & what not to take. In ancient time ayurveda help to understand the good habits of taking food during 24 hours firstly after clearing belly one must take a glass of milk with a chapatti/ two chapatti as per required in the first meal that i.e. breakfast then after three to four hours one must take lunch having two or three/four chapattis with baked  subzi aur daal with salad. After three to four hours take a cup of tea or coffiee with snacks in the night after another two & half hour later in the dinner take three to four chapatti and baked subzi or daal with lots of fruits as per ayurveda these are the four meals during 24 hour then have a ready to retire on bed before that have a evening walk at night for one km. on different days and different type of meal can be taken but one must be stick to timming difference between meals in as per ayurveda in the morning one must do some sort of exercises for 15 mintues/half hours. If there is some problem of related to health one must take ayurveda medicine like digestive powder/ as per advice of experts. Hence it is highly advisable to take shelter in the umbrella of ayurveda.

Passion of Life.

I am sharing about information about our life experiences. At a very early age we are controlled advise appropriately by our parents later on when we are joined in the school we like other entrante.I  share our good experiences with our parents on returning home after finishing our homework. I share our experience with my mother then we go out to play in the evening on returning home after taking night meal we go to sleep and wake up in the morning it was a daily routine for months and years when attaing young age and about to enter in the school of life we tend to face certain problems and circumstances and those problem are to be solved by myself and with the grace of God I go on solving those problems till I attain another spot of life which also help me to join some office work and earn our livelihood and contribute our thinking and thought into practical. So that we should contribute in upbringing the society. As long as we create our own environment in the society positively we are bound to get same environment for ourselves. What do you have to say on this?              

Numerous Ways of Making Child Diet Fiber-Rich.

We know that our health is very important. I am sharing with you about child’s diets It is highly advisesable It is for the newly born child that He/She be fed with mother milk till the age of 9 months from the newly born to upto 1 years He/She be vaccinated with different injection and drops. Simultaneous he should be fed with light solid food later on he should be as the child is atterning more years he should be fed with fiber-rich food and chpatties prepared baked vegitables fruit of different types like Banana, orgenge, apple, chikku etc. Dryfruits are to use in winter only. If you are making of fun food, Pizza, Burgar, Cake etc. This making food fun is prepared by vegetables and fruits with cutters different shapes. This cutters shapes child like eat fun food. If you are making different sandwitches and child enjoy only to school for lunch. Dietary fabric are very important nutrients for child health.

How do I Understand Friendship?

I am sharing about my experience.To me, friendship means unconditional love. Someone accepts you with your qualities and flaws and bow to stand by in trouble

whatever the circumstances are. A friend in need is friend indeed. True friends are hard to come by. There are many people who come and go from your life, but a  true friend will never leave you no matter what the trouble is I don’t have many true friends. But there are few  friend who can be counted on tips. If you have a friend, hold on to them with all your love and strength because another may not come into your life.Love and respect them at all times. Make it a point to reach out to them regularly to show them you care. You will never regret the time it took to keep your friend close to you.