Sunday, 31 May 2015

Benefits of Morning Walk.

It is very necessary for human body to adopt simple rules in our life everyone want to fit and fine. It Strengthens your heart, reduces blood pressure and the risk of stroke, helps control weight, Improves balance and circulation  Boosts, . If you are going for a walk then you will feel morning cool breeze beautiful birds song and fresh air. If you are walking on grass then you will not lazy in full day. Morning air very good for kidney and clean also the kidney. If you feel fresh early morning then you doing all work with activeness and happiness.

Planning of Holiday Season.

From the end month of May mostly school has closed during the summer vacation both private and Government School. So mostly children goes to tour and enjoy the vacation. So  last week I had planned to go to Kashmir with my family and friends. It was a enjoyable moments in my life. So I enjoyed lot of things. I want to add so many activities to share with my families and friends.  I do go to my friends and families to enjoy with them playing cards, chess, during this day of may I try to avoid writing controversial topics. I look forward to watch a special day of  my life. So we need extra energy to start our work to day to day life.    

A very good evening to all.

Hello friends. How are you. A very good evening to all. Sun is shining bright whole day and the hot waves never stop blowing. The atmosphere is so hot in India. Today is Sunday I am sure most of all think, yeah its Sunday the restful day. But not for me, my Sunday is the busiest day of whole week. But I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday with your family, friends. Even someone will be going outside for any occasion. It’s end month of may (Sunday) I hope that your Sunday will be marvelous. Is your any special program on Sunday? 

Saturday, 30 May 2015

It was a most exciting day of my life.

It was a most exciting day of my life, when I got farewell from the students of 11th class. It was on 15th February 2011. The function was not only attended by the student but our principal, teachers, members of staff were also present to give away their blessings. The students of 11th class organized so many programmes. They told us to perform dance. I love dance of a famous hindi film and everybody liked it a lot after that everybody had snacks and the function ended with departing speech of the respected principal who gave us best wishes for bright future. 

Inter-college event in which I participated.

It was very interesting inter-college event. Many students were their  from different colleges. There were so many competitions were organized. Every student was participating with full enthusiasm. There were dance, singing, debate, fashion show etc. competitions were organized. I also participated in dance and singing competition. I danced on hindi movie song which was very much applauded by the public very much and won the prize also. In singing I was not able to perform well. I enjoy a lot in the event and learnt to face the competition. 

Friday, 29 May 2015


Inflation means an increase in purchasing power in relation to goods available for purchase. It causes artificial rise in prices and increase in issue of paper money. The major cause for the artificial price-hike is the phenomental increase in population. The production of goods is expanding slowly. The consumption of goods increases as a result of population growth. It accentuates inflation. The black-marketeers create artificial shortage of goods by stockpiling the necessary items during festive occasions. Their profit gap widens because the demand of goods is in excess of their supply, profit earners, businessmen, merchants and manufactures benefit the most during inflation. 
The government can check inflation by raiding the hoarders and by opening fair price shops, rationing of provisions, distributing the shortage in an egalitarian manner, seizing hoards and penalizing corrupt officers. 


Corruption is widespread today. It is there in all possible kinds and in every office. It has become so common that we are not shocked or surprised. Everybody is for sale in our country. It is literally true that money makes the mare go. No file in any department or office will move unless it is put on silver wheels. Corruption has become a part of our national character. It seems that people can sacrifice their morals and sell themselves for the sake of easy money. A country with such corrupt rulers and the ruled has no future. Even the big guns in government or politics fall an easy victim to corruption bribery seeking, red tapism, hoarding, adulteration and smuggling are different forms of corruption. 

Environmental Education.

The early man lived in forests. He got food and shelter as a major portion of the earth’s land surface was covered with forests. As human civilization advanced, man learnt to grow plants.and crops and domesticated a few species of animals and birds which provided him with meat, eggs, milk etc. then villages, towns and cities appeared on land which was once covered with forests. Man killed animals, cut trees for fuel, fire-wood and houses. Forest cover which protected environment decreased. So, environmental education became the need of the hour. It must be included in our school curriculum. We must stop polluting environment. It will be to the benefit of both the present and the future humanity at large. We should preserve our flora and fauna. We should take all possible steps to curb the environmental imbalances.  

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The empowerment of women.

In the simplest of words empowerment of women is basically the creation of an environment. Women can take independent decisions for their personal development as well as shine as equals in society. Women empowerment is vital to sustainable development and the realization of human rights for all. The rules the man and woman play in the society are not biologically determined. They are socially determined changing and changeable. Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and communities and to improved prospects for the next generation. The major challenges are discrimination against women in the form of gender-based violence. Economic discrimination, reproductive health inequities, and harmful traditional practices which remain the most pervasive and persistent form of inequality. 

Key issues and linkages include; reproductive health problems including maternal mortality and morbidity is a major cause of death and disability for women in developing countries. Thus there is a need to empower women on this count through provision of adequate conditions. Women also need economic empowerment as women face discrimination in the economic sphere. About  two-thirds of the illiterate adults in the world are female. Hence educational empowerment for women is needed which leads to lower infant mortality and lower fertility as well as higher level of economic opportunity for children. 

Political empowerment facilitates equality of women in basic legal and human rights, in access to or control of land or other resources, in employment and earning, and social and political participation. Thus a multipronged approach is being used to remove inquality of  women vis-à-vis man. Laws against domestic violence are being strengthened.  

Students and Politics.

Much controversy has been raised round the question. Whether or not the students should take part in politics. Some people opine that politics must not be allowed to divert the students from their studies. Some others, on the contrary to it. Believe that it is necessary for students to take a very active part in politics. It will enable them to receive some training to face, the struggle that awaits them. In this connection, we may look behind. During the days of non-cooperation movement. The students participation in politics was deemed to be synonymous with their interest in the welfare of their country. But now the conditions are changed. We are no longer a slave nation. Our goal of complete independence has been achieved. Hence politics today does not mean to us a struggle with foreign rule instead. 
It is a science of planning for national welfare besides the organization of individuals into a nation for the preservation of their safety, peace and prosperity. The relation of students with politics has therefore, to be reviewed and decided in the light of modern conditions. The problem has been approached principally from these points of view-the orthodox. The revolutionary and the moderate. Let us examine these views one by one. According to the orthodox view. Politics has become the last refuge of the scoundrels. Participation in politics corrupts the student’s mind. It develops in him a love of worldly values. Power and pelf-artificiality and intrigue. Struggle and strife. Since he is only a youth, his powers of understanding and judgement are not enough mature. So, he is more easily misled into wrong alleys in politics. 
The people with a revolutionary temper of mind. Opine that, politics is one of the noblest gifts of the advancement of modern human knowledge. In a free country, under the conditions of modern civilization. Politics is an integral part of culture and education. It is college where they should learn about it. To cut students off from this new force in education, is to deny democracy its true meaning. Some other thinkers take a moderate view of the situation. They suggest that political education should be imparted to them in their schools and colleges through debates, discussions and lectures. But so far as their active participation in political life is concerned. They should be kept away from it. It is suggested that political education should be Imparted to the students. Schools and colleges should provide them with full facilities for acquiring an accurate and intimate knowledge of all the leading political questions of their country. 
They should be at liberty to discuss and express their views on political matters. And a wise and patriotic guidance should be supplied to them by their parents, professors and politicians. They should study political problems not only of their own country but of the whole world as a major event in one country affects not only the adjacent countries. But the whole continent, sometimes even  the world. Politics should not be treated as a forbidden fruit otherwise. It would allure the students more and more. They would try to taste it stealthily in some or the other way. Again, they have to bear the great burden when they come of their age.  

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Parents miserably neglect their children.

Everyone is busy in earning more and more for his/her child. In this mad race for money parents are actually neglecting their children. For whom do we earn money? For our existence and of our children. It is all useless if we don’t spend time on our children. They need care, love, guidance and social values. They need good food and education and health. We can give all these only when we spend our time on them. If we don’t they will become vagabonds or misfits in the society. They will squander away all that we earn for them. It is better to spend time on them. The parents who play with their children and walk and talk freely with them are fortunate. Such children outshine others in every walk of life. 


A person is said to be facing unemployment when he is willing and fit enough to work but he fails to get any job to earn his living. In our country millions of people both skilled and unskilled. Educated and illiterate are facing this problem. They have been registered in employment exchanges and waiting for years to get a call. Job seekers far outnumber the jobs. May be because of enormous growth of population. India is also very slow in making Industrial  progress. The cities are attracting rural folk everyday because it promises jobs and better life. Unemployment causes frustration and drives the youth to become thieves, murderers and terrorists. This is a bad omen for us all. 

The pleasures of Travelling.

Travelling provides a lot of fun, recreation and pleasures. It brings change in life. Change is sauce of life. It dispels monotony of life. It lends us untold happiness. We can enjoy the company of different types of people. We can enjoy the activities of different people at different places. While travelling, we enjoy the taste of variety of eatables. We also enjoy the culture and civilization of people of different castes and creeds at different places. We enjoy friendly talks with them and enjoy ourselves looking at wonderful and novel things. 
Different types of soils and crops enchant our minds and cheer our souls. We feel enraptured by the fascinating mountain tops, landscapes and seascapes. 
We enjoy the different moods and forms of nature. It adds to our learning and provides us immense pleasure. It also widens our mental horizon. 

Advantages of Co-Education.

Co-education is a system of education in which girls and boys study together in the class. Being equal in society, man and women have to face the same problems in/of life. They have to live together and face the world alike while working together. Hence, it is beneficial for both that they should be provided with the opportunity to study together. Besides, co-education breeds self-discipline. It helps in building character. Both of the girls and boys learn how to behave themselves.

The girls learn to be frank and bold and the boys become gentle, meek and civilized. The natural curiosity of mixing with the opposite sex is curbed under co-education. Moreover, this system of education is economical. Being complementary to each other both the boys and girls solve one another’s problems amicably and jointly. Both of them compete with one another to show down and outshine the other sex. It creates an atmosphere of healthy competition. It provides good training to both boys and girls. Co-education is the remedy against many social maladies e.g. kidnapping, dowry seeking etc. 

Stamp-collecting is my hobby.

A hobby is a fine pastime. It keeps us busy. It provides a comfortable outlet to our energy to express itself in the most natural way. A hobby is anything a person loves to do without any pressure. Stamp-collecting is my hobby. I feel that a stamp is not just a slip of paper that takes a letter from one town of country importance. I realized this fact when I was a student at the primary level. Since then, I have been collecting stamps. I have now five albums containing stamps of various countries. I have fixed them year-wise and country-wise. In stamps, I find the history of many countries. On stamps, I see famous man, writers, scientists, soldiers, politicians and famous incidents. These stamps though small and minute, contain knowledge that is vast and important. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Moral education.

Education has comprehensive meaning. It is not limited to the study of history or philosophy. True education aims at all round development of the young boys and girls. It is unfortunate that our educational institutions provide academic and physical education, and neglect moral education altogether. The result is moral downfall and windespread corruption. Boys and girls have lost respect for elders, for teachers, for law and for God even. They are mad after physical comforts and sensual pleasures at any cost. Moral education should be made a compulsory subject at school level. They have lost their careers and characters. Their integrity has become doubtful. Nobody trusts them. They have become quite irresponsible and loose in morals. They lack co-ordination in their words, thoughts and deeds. 

A Ruined Picnic.

It was Sunday. The weather was fine. Everything looked fresh and gay. We decided to go for a picnic. We were a party of fourteen girl  friends. We chalked out a programme for Okhla. All preparations were made well in time. So we set off early in the morning. We reached there at 8 A.M. we were very happy in the lap of nature. We spread our carpets under a shady tree on the river bank and took rest there for some time. Then, we set out for sight-seeing. We saw many groups of holiday-makers. They were enjoying themselves in their own ways. There was a lot of fun and frolic. At a particular spot. We saw some young music. We also started dancing with them. It was a real fun. When we were tired. We retired to a lonely place and enjoyed our food. By 5 o’clock we decided to return.

Just then, one of our fellow girls slipped her foot and fell into the deep waters. She was swept away by the strong current of water. Soon after she was drowned. All our cries and efforts to save her life ended in a smoke. In this way, we had a ruined picnic.  

How I saved an old woman.

Very few young man and young woman have a soft corner  for the old. It was a summer day. An old woman with a stick in her hand was standing at the crossing. She was waiting there for some passer-by to help her. She was bent with old age. A large number of people passed by her and crossed the road. Nobody took any notice of her, let along lending a helping hand to her. At last she dared herself to go across. A car was running at full speed. The old lady stumbled and was going to be crushed to death. I picked up courage and saved her life by taking her across the road hurriedly. She blessed me for saving her life.  

Role of the youth in Nation-Building.

None can deny that youth power is a recognized force in the world today. The youth are filled with profound energy and lofty ambitions. They can be utilized as a constructive as well as destructive force by any nation. In democratic countries. Their role is evident. During the eighties the youth power made itself prominent in many socialist countries of Europe and in China. India is a large country with a population of more than 125 crore individuals. It is revealed by census that those between the age of 15 to 35 from more than 60 percent of the total population. The majority of youth comprises this age group. Unfortunately a large number of these are without proper guidelines about their future. All the young people may take part in this noble task according to their capacities. They should be made to understand a specific project and its importance to the society besides the part they could play in it for making it a success. 
It they are given a suitable direction. They are sure to work hard for its fulfilment. At present the youths think that they are being denied the right of participation in this task. So with a view to remove this feeling from their hearts they should be associated with all such programmes which relate to them. Such a step would keep them involved in constructive jobs. We can count a large number of schemes. Projects and programmes wherein involvement of the youth would bring quicker and better results. Spirited you youngmen can play a pivotal role in the socio-economic reconstruction of the society. We know that there are many evil practices prevalent in our age long society. If the youth is associated in a drive against these practices, the results may be much more favourable. We need more and more foodgrains to feed the rapidly increasing population. There may be so many schemes connected with the raising of the levels of production in agriculture. 
The youth may be given the job of imparting scientific knowledge for better farming. New techniques and proper usage of fertilizers and pesticides. The youth may work successfully as an arm of the administration in the implementation of government programmes aimed at fighting various maladies. Their energies may be gainfully employed in the task of adult education and the universalization of education. Their services may be utilized to combat offences like smuggling, black-marketing and heading.   

Monday, 25 May 2015

Spend my day with my cousin sister.

Sunday morning my mom went Gurudwara Bangla sahib with my cousin sister and I feel alone because my brother also went his classes today. So near 8.00 Am my uncle came with my cousin sister and she told me her breakfast is there in her back pack. After she came I feel happy. She needs to watch some kids movie and I put frozen to her. After she watch that she had her. After that she watch Tinkerbell and I done my home work. She had her lunch she got sleep. She went her house to after 5.00 PM. I feel I miss her. She made my day. Thanks to her.  

Healthy diet for good health.

balanced diet keeps us fine and fit. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits give us strength. We should avoid frequent  fatty foods. We Indians eat without moderation. We eat anything at anytime. We are not food or health conscious. Malnutrition i.e. unbalanced diet causes diseases. You some people fat and others lean. One should take a regulated diet. Excess should be avoided. It is said about us Indians. People here in India die of over-eating, not under-eating. 
Mindless gobbling of foods causes obesity and breathing problems. Cardiac ailments are caused due to unregulated diets. People take medicines to regain health. Sorry, wrong number. Food gives  health medicines  just  prevent  damages for a short while.

The Importance of Education Today.

1. Education turns savages into fine human beings.
2. It makes you aware of your heritage.
3. It makes you conscious of your rights and duties.
4. It removes your ignorance.
5. It makes you understand other’s viewpoints.
6. Education is man’s real power.
7. It prepares him for challenging jobs.

8. Education makes man liberated and emancipated. 
9. It makes you understand the world around. 

The person who has inspired me.

In fact very few people inspire me as I am not easily impressionable. I am neither a dry rock not a steel slab. I don’t like mixing with people. By old man inspired me with his simple words. I never attend religious prayers and pravachans. I feel they are all hypocites. I have lost faith in all of them. One day I was sitting in a garden with my ownself. I was introespecing with me. The old man with a grey hair. He entered in my heart without any barriers, as he spoke good words of common sense. He never talked about races and religious. 
He talked about man and his limitations and how to overcome them. Believe me, I was enthralled. He captivated me with his simple words. He talked positive, I got positive, in minutes, he cured me of cynicism. And I never went for a cure. He was a godsend. I have never met  him  nor do I plan to meet  him. But he was awakened the sleeping man in me and asked me to move ahead as the path is white under divine radiance.  

Domestic Violence against women.

1. It is a social crime.
2. Increasing day be day.
3. Being tortured.
4. They are discriminated.
5. Not given equal rights.
6. Treated as slaves.
7. If they fail to bring dowry.
8. Should be aware of them rights.
9. Should be aware of the laws.
10 They are not inferior. 

Pencil Drawing Shading Styles (Handicraft MELA).

Hay sweet friends I am sharing with you my latest  experience Today I see some pencil drawing shading styles. On visiting a MELA (handicraft) I  got a chance to see a pencil shading styles. as we were moving around in a MELA. As we got to see other pavilions But I was so impress with drawing shading styles. The styles on returning home I tried on a drawing paper fixed on a drawing board with different colours pencils. 
It was a wonderful experience after viewing it in the MELA I can visualize many a pencil shading styles. It is good to see once I did myself  the same because I made so many pencil shading styles pictures and pasted it on the walls in my home. It is very original experience whosoever visits me and appreciate and criticises all the pictures.  I do discuss with them to make it more beautiful. There are different types of addition and deletion in the picture you are my fellow friends try it and prepare yourself.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Property of Orange & mixed juice (combination of all the fruits).

Hay sweet friends. How are you? I hope all well. Today is the Sunday and always people enjoy holiday are the season of people who gather for parties, drinks, alcoholic, beverages, wine & dine etc. To spoil there health instead they should consider drinking apple juice, orange juice, and mixed juice (combination of all the fruits). Orange juice are particularly high anti-oxidants and remove the radical chemicals that cause cellular and DNA damage. Orange juice builds up immunity, power, prevents diseases. Which can be fatal on advancing to second or third stages. It is better to prevents than cure. Orange juice & mixed with some other fruits can safeguard health in several ways and enjoy life. Take plenty of fruits. An apple a day keeps the doctor way.       

Benefit of Mango (For Skin)

Hi friends how are you. I hope all well. Today I am sharing you the benefit of mango (For Skin). You know that mango is the king of fruit is no doubt because of his unique and amazing taste. And it’s good for health also. I feel so lucky God made for us like this types of fruit which is very nice in this worlds. The very special benefit for whose eating the mango with keen interest peoples skin is glowing and health full face. This coming always  in hot session summer always. If you are eating mango then your sink always glowing and your eyes always perfect to watching everything. The smell of mango so delicious. This is using so many dishes and all dishes very great taste we taking. So everyone enjoy it.  

They downloaded lot of movie.

Last month my brother in law’s router was broken because of the lightning. So I told you guys he gave us to his four port router from the past and we gave one port router for him last Week. Finally he reset his router password and he successfully set his internet connection. So my elder brother told me he already has 25 GB and my brother in law downloaded lot of movies. My elder brother said to me it was nice movies and now we can watch hundred of nice movies. But I hate horror movies. I love family movies and kids movies.

Always trying to Eat Healthy Foods.

Hi friend how are you so today is Sunday. So holiday times I have decided that its time to take control of my life again and to drop a few weight that have been hanging around and nagging me for a time. So it’s off to eating better foods. Cut back on sugar, cut back on soft drinks and eating more salads. Staying more towards the fruits and veggies that grow above the ground since I have been told that they are better for me. 
Too bad I am not so fond of fruit so sitting here snacking on red, yellow and orange peppers and dipping them in a new salad dressing that I have found it is really quite good and then I will follow it with a lemon. Yes I am one of those people that eat lemons like I would an orange. They are really sour but they are really good. Does anyone else out there eat lemons like that?

What makes a good best friend?

In today’s world when people do not have time for anything, maintaining a good relationship with anyone is difficult. In these times, it is only the best friend  who come forward in times of crisis. Our best friend are those people with whom we share our griefs and sorrows. A best friend  is one who is available in all kinds of situations. Whether is a moment of happiness or sorrow, only a friend  comes first. A best friend has also some responsibilities. A best friend  has to not only take care of his needs but also of people living around. 

One has to maintain civic sense while living in a community. A best friend is someone who should take care of the things like sanitation, electricity, water wastage etc. of the whole community. It is only with the help of a good friend  that a community can survive and a healthy friendship can be maintained.

Good Evening Everyone.

Good evening everyone. How are you all doing today? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your evening so far. So  right now  I had The Gita (Holy book) study again and that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed tonight. We had a lot of great laughter’s with the games we played after The Gita (Holy book) study and also reading and learning God’s word was amazing.

What have you guys been up to for today? Have you done anything interesting at all?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Good Night.

After taking my night meal I go out for a walk for a distance of 1KM. after coming back to home and watched T.V for another one and a half hour. There are plenty of programme telecast like song and serials, movies of short duration discussion national visit by dignitaries. By the time I lie down to bed and started feeling sleepy. Because I am to get up early in the morning by 6:00 am to fill up water for storage. Sometimes while sleeping I dream that I am flying in the sky and it is very enjoyable flying. And having a good sound sleep. I get up by the time I feel myself full of vigour and vitality. 

Passion of Nail Art for Girl or Woman.

Hay sweet friends how are you? I want to tell you about some information of nail art. We know that different styles of nail art in the market.  Mostly woman like different styles of nail art. But some women like one styles of nail art. We know that different styles of nail art of different companies. Some nail art product are expansive. When woman put on nail art then she is looking beautiful. My favorite colour of nail  art is blue. 

Quality of turmeric powder (Glowing Face)

Hay sweet friends how are you? I am sharing with you about quality of turmeric powder to glow face. Powerful effect of turmeric powder is in treatment of pimples. Turmeric powder also used in treatment of crack heels can be used with milk. Powerful effect of turmeric powder used in as a mask for oily skin. Turmeric powder also used in treatment of wrinkles. Powerful effect of turmeric powder removal of facial hair. Kindly use my above suggestions for having good facial.

Benefit of Green tea.

Hay sweet friends how are you? I am sharing with you about benefit of green tea. 
1. Green tea used for diabetes. 
2.Green tea used for heart disease. 
3.Green tea used for anti-viral and anti-bacterial. tea used for blood pressure. 
Hope my all suggestion benefit  for you.

Beautification of Eyes (Eyeliner).

Hi how are you friend. I hope so all well today I want to tell you about some information of beautification of eyes (eyeliner). We know that lots of products available in the market. Mostly women like different types of eyeliner and special one things different colours of eyeliner in the market. But some women like one colours of eyeliner. We know that different types of eyeliner of different companies. Some eyeliner product are expansive. When women put on eyeliner then she is looking beautiful. My favorite colour of eyeliner is red.

What makes a good Neighbour?

In today’s world when people do not have time for anything, maintaining a good relationship with anyone is difficult. In these times, it is only the neighbour  who come forward in times of crisis. Our neighbour are those people with whom we share our griefs and sorrows. A good neighbour  is one who is available in all kinds of situations. Whether is a moment of happiness or sorrow, only a neighbour comes first. A good neighbour has also some responsibilities. A neighbour has to not only take care of his needs but also of people living around. One has to maintain civic sense while living in a community. A good neighbour is someone who should take care of the things like sanitation, electricity, water wastage etc. of the whole community. It is only with the help of a good neighbour that a community can survive and a healthy neighborhood can be maintained.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Life is too short so enjoy each and every moments.

Life is very short so enjoy each and every moments in our life. we must be grateful for the small and big things in our life and simply make the best of it all. Nothing is more sad than when you take something or someone for granted and end up realizing too late after their gone and you miss them. We must never take anything for granted and Thank God everyday for another day of life. I am very optimistic and always looking to make the best of everything. I always try to see the cup half full and stay away from negative people and their poisinous vibes and energy.

What makes a good Friend?

In today’s world when people do not have time for anything, maintaining a good relationship with anyone is difficult. In these times, it is only the friend  who come forward in times of crisis. Our friend  are those people with whom we share our griefs and sorrows. A good friend  is one who is available in all kinds of situations. 
Whether is a moment of happiness or sorrow, only a friend comes first. A good friend  has also some responsibilities. A friend  has to not only take care of his needs but also of people living around. One has to maintain civic sense while living in a community. A good friend  is someone who should take care of the things like sanitation, electricity, water wastage etc. of the whole community. It is only with the help of a good friend  that a community can survive and a healthy friendship can be maintained.

Our Education system and how it can be improved.

Education is the basis of any country’s progress. Unless the education system of a country in strong. It cannot climb the stairs of progress. Education is not only about higher education but also the basis that is primary education. Government should take enough steps to ensure that the basic right of its citizens, that is education is fulfilled. 
There should be education provided to every child. Enough schools should be opened in villages also, so that every child can learn how to read & write. Every child should be given an opportunity to take up whatever career option she wants. The government should ensure that enough steps are taken so that every child gets an opportunity to pursue the dreams of their choice. At the higher level as well, our government should take enough steps that there are ample opportunities in fields of science, commerce & arts so that younger generation can make a carrier out of their choosen subjects.   

My Mother is my best Friend.

My mother is my best friend. She always helped me to come out in tough times. She encouraged to me to study hard and to be something in life. She do all the household chose without any complaint. She takes care of every member and most important she never differenciated between my brother and me. She always gave me equal opportunities. She is able to understand how today’s generation think. She is strong yet loving mother.  

A Life Without Love.

Hello everyone. How are you friends. Everyone needs money because it fulfills only our luxurious requirements. Today money is more important for all of us. But I think if we have money and there is not a loveable person who loves you, then life is worse. A life without love is like as a fish without water. I am really thankful to God because I have a loveable family, and they all filled my life with love and happiness. 

Good Evening Everyone.

Good Evening everyone. How are you all doing today? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your evening so far. So right now I am just hanging around. I had The Gita (Holy book)  study tonight and that was a lot of fun! I enjoyed tonight. We had a lot of great laughter’s with the games we played after  The Gita (Holy book) study and also reading and learning God's word was amazing.What have you guys been up to for today? Have you done anything interesting at all?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

The thing you enjoyed doing in our childhood.

In my childhood, I use to collect coins, new and old. I have many Indian coins. I have coins from foreign countries. Not only this I enjoyed watching movies too. I go to movie with my parents and enjoyed eating ice-cream and popcorn & love music and dance also. I have five albums containing stamps of various countries. I have fixed them year-wise and country-wise. I find the history of  many countries. On stamps, I see famous man, writers, scientists, soldiers, politicians and famous incidents. These stamps though small and minute, contain knowledge that is vast and important.  There are many things which I cherished in my childhood. 

Importance of the Press.

Press has been called the fourth-estate. Newspapers are the true guardians of people’s trust and freedom. They bring us news from every corner of the world. That is why, first thing that a man wants to see when he leaves his bed is a newspaper. Newspapers contain articles by eminent scholars which enhance our knowledge. Editorials of the newspapers are highly informative. The Sunday editions of the newspapers contain interesting stories, fine poems and many other entertaining material. 

They contain material for the people of all age-groups. Advertisements in the newspapers establish a link between the producers and the consumers. All important announcements and programmes of the government are published in the newspapers. In this way, the newspapers establish a link between the rulers and the ruled. People can express their views through the ‘Reader’s Columns’. In this way, the newspapers have become a close companion of the modern man.   

Good manners.

It has rightly been said that manners describe a man. A person’s manners tell us about his family background, his social links, his education and his culture. Good manners cost us nothing but with the help of good manners we can win the hearts of others. We can use them anywhere and command respect. At home, we should be respectful to our elders and affectionate to our youngers. We can win the love and commendation of our teachers by being respectful and obedient to them. In our social circle, we should be polite and courteous. 

While talking to others, we should honour their sentiments. We should use words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in our conversation. We should not lost temper on petty things. 

If we have bad manners, people will give bad name not only to us but also to our parents

The animal I like most.

There are many species of animals in this world. God has gifted each species with certain qualities. However, the common quality of the animals is that they are useful to man in one way or the other. The dog is the animal I like most. My liking for the dog is based on certain solid grounds. The dog is the most faithful animal in the world. Instances when a dog sacrificed his life to save the life of his master can be quoted in thousands. It is very easy to pet a do. 

Moreover maintaining any other pet. The dog has been gifted with a wonderful smelling and hearing power. As such, it has proved to be a wonderful guard and searcher. It has proved very intelligent. Some of them look very beautiful. Because of all these qualities of the dog. I love to keep a dog.  

How Trees are useful to man?

Trees are nature’s most precious gift. They are, perhaps, the best friends of the living beings on this earth. I love them for their beauty and usefulness. They occupy a very important place in our daily life. They provide a cool refreshing shade. They give us fruit to eat and firewood to burn. They give us wood to make furniture and houses. 

They also give material for preparing paper, moreover, trees support the life of the living things by absorbing carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. They also give us shelter to birds and beasts. They cause rainfall and check soil erosion. They possess refreshing beauty. Unfortunately, man in his craze for progress is destroying trees in large number. 

This tendency should be checked and more and more trees should be planted for our own benefits. 

‘Making mistakes is a natural part of learning’.

Making mistakes is a natural part of learning. Everyone is not born intelligent. There are many people in the world who make their way to the top by sheer hardwork. And in the process what inevitably crosses their path are mistakes. One is considered not a complete learner unless one has made mistakes in life. Mistakes are made unconsciously and consciously. A person whose ambition is to rise up in life through hardwork is bound to make mistakes. 

Sometimes a risk pays off, sometime it is considered a mistake. We understand that side of the story which was till now very unclear or unavailable to us. Only after commiting a mistake we get to see a more clearer picture and then we are equipped to make better decisions next time.

The mistake I have made in my life was to take up commerce in my class xii. I was not made out for commerce and I only managed to score average marks. But now I have understood by taking up this course as to where my actual liking is now I am studying the subject of my choice and I got to know about it only after the mistake I made. I am very happy now and can concentrate on my studies. Secure good marks and make a career out of my choice.

Drug Addiction.

Drug addiction is spreading like some viral disease. This evil is poisoning life in every country and community. More and more people are getting hooked up to hashish, LSD or heroin. Drug trafficking is a big business. It is smuggled chiefly Asian countries to western countries. Narcotic drugs are taken in different forms. One thing is smoked, the other is swallowed and the third is only licked. But taken in whatever form, it weakens the body and bring early death. drug Addiction is much more dangerous and expensive than alcoholism. Criminal gangs are operating in all big cities providing drugs to the users. Even girls and ladies are taking to drugs. It must be checked with an iron hand. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Reading as a Hobby.

A hobby is a beautiful past-time (pastime). It keeps one creative. It gives one’s surplus energy, a healthy outlet to express itself in the most natural way. Our daily routine is so mechanical and boring that we get tired and tense. A hobby refreshes us and makes us peaceful and loving. A hobby is anything you love to do without any pressure. Reading is my favourite hobby. Whenever I find leisure, I take pleasure in reading. 

I read all sorts of books ranging from light literature to tough novels. I read different books, newspaper and magazines at different times according to my taste and mood. Whenever I finish a book. I feel as if I have delivered a child. Really my hobby is both re-creative and instructive. It adds to my knowledge, strengthens my spirit and cheers my heart. Books impart us right guidance. Therefore reading is the best hobby. 

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous Thing.

Quacks never say that they don’t know rather, like an empty vessel they make a lot of noise. Filled with a false pride and in a stupid. Zeal of serving others they actually harm them. Many medicines are already poison. Think, if they are administered by a doctor having fake degree. 

We must neglect the people who are addicted to suggesting some patent drug to others. There are untrained and half educated teachers befooling the innocent students. We can find thousands of people talking of soul and God without having an experience of it. That is why these words have lost their meaning and sanctity. 

Look at politics where ministers are made not for their expertise in their department but on the basis of their political strength. You will excuse me if I say that the world is suffering at the hands of quacks. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My goal is to always inspire people.

My goal is to continue to inspire and love people not because I have to but because I want to. I actually enjoy inspiring people and some people may not like it and that's okay, but I am always going to be nice to people. Does it mean I'm weak? No Not at all. Some people say being kind is a weakness and you won't get far in life. So not true. Being kind is something that everyone needs to do because it definitely makes a difference in many different peoples lives. Smile at strangers, say hi to people, compliment people and actually mean it. This is something I wanted to share with everyone. I appreciate you all so much and I don't know what I would do without you guys.

Difference between Students and Teachers.

When we are in the class, we are “STUDENTS”
When they are in the class, they are “TEACHERS”
When we write over their writing, it is “OVER-WRITING”
When they write over our writing, it is “CORRECTION”
When we gather to discuss, it is “GOSSIP”
When they gather to discuss, it is “MEETING”
When we are found in the library, it is “BUNKING”
When they are found in the library, it is “RESEARCH”
When we stand outside our classroom, we are “PUNISHED”
When they stand outside the Principal’s office, they are “WAITING”
When we do something wrong, we are “IDIOTS”
When they do something wrong, they are “HUMAN BEINGS”
When copy from others, it is “CHEATING”
When they copy from others, it is “QUOTING”
When we don’t do our work on time, we are “LAZY”
When they don’t do their work on time, they are “BUSY”
When we think in class, we are day “DREAMERS”
When they think in class, they are “PHILOSOPHERS”
When we are in the corridor, we are “LOITERING”
When they are in the corridor, they are “INSPECTING”
When we joke in class, we are “CLOWNS”
When they joke in class, they have a “SENSE OF HUMOUR

What to eat to be Healthy.

food to eat that is healthy is salmon. Eating salmon because it is a high quality protein. Salmon has omega-3 fats which are good for you. Broccoli is good for losing weight. It is high in fiber. Broccoli helps to improve your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Organic pastured eggs are good for a healthy diet. Eggs contain protein, antioxidants which can prevents blindness. If you like avocados eat one each day because they are an excellent food for heart health. You lose weight with eating an avocado. Avocados help to lower cholesterol. They have the high potassium content. 

The world would be better without science.

It sounds funny and even absurd that the world would be better place without science. It is like saying that the cavemen were happier than us. The world has had dark ages for dozens of centuries. The middle ages were marked with superstitions, ignorance, savagery and slavish submission to the forces of nature. Science has liberated us from the deadly trap of diseases, disasters and untimely deaths. It ushered in an age of light, learning and luxuries. 

Science is our saviour and benefactor. It is true that it has put atom bomb in human hands, and endangered the future of human race. but truly speaking the real villain is not science but man himself. Science has not independent will to act or to take decisions. If the world is faced with the danger of total destruction, the culprit is man himself. Science is there to suggest solution to all our problems.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Thing is Beauty is a Joy for ever.

Beauty, they say, is only skin deep. It is shortlived and it lies in the eyes of the beholder. Say what you like, not even an ascetic or an angel can be blind to beauty in nature or in human form. It is very soothing to the eyes. It sends a wave of joy into the heart. It is imprinted for ever in our memory. 

You never forget a sweet sensation and a divine face or even an artistic wonder. Whenever you are alone and in a pensive mood. You recall the object of beauty in imagination and you feel thrilled. The passage of time enhances the beauty of things and persons seen years ago. True beauty gives us an everlasting joy. 

Love for beauty is but natural in human beings, birds and beasts. Beauty spells intoxication magic. Whenever one recalls a beautiful scene, one feels a thrill of pleasure. 

God helps those who help themselves.

God has given us two hands to fill one belly. Work alone is God’s worship. He disdains and neglects the idle and the shirkers. Work spares us from three great evils-boredom, vice and need. An honest labourer never dies of hunger. Action is the only duty of a human being because a sleeping for catches no poultry. True labour never goes waste. It rather bears the desired fruit. 

An idle-mind is the devil’s workshop and rest is rust of life. Self-help should be the motto of every individual to ooze the grace and goodwill of God. There is no alternative to hard-work which is key to success. God helps those who help themselves. It was timely action that made the tortoise defeat the hare in the race. 

Not luck but pluck contributes to success. Sweet are the fruits of labour and bitter are the results of idleness. The diligent, adventurous and industrious people alone are the favourites of fortune.  

Each one, teach one.

Illiteracy is a curse. It is wide-spread in many Asian and African countries. The illiterate people remain poor, weak and backward. They become an easy prey to the machinations of the cunning politicians, money-lenders and cheats. Hence, the governments in all the countries have started literacy campaign for the uplift of the masses. 

The task is big and difficult. The problems are to raise funds and to motivate the people to learn. 

The government alone cannot complete the task. Every citizen has a moral duty to cooperate in this campaign. If every literate person should undertake to teach at least one person. The entire community will become literate in a couple of years. ‘Each one, teach one’ is our latest slogan to promote adult literacy.  

Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Book that has Influenced me the Most (The Gita-Holy Book)

There are many books and books. In my opinion, books are the best friends of a man. I have read many books on different subjects. The knowledge of some of these books has become a part of my personality. But the book that has left a deep and everlasting impression on my thinking is ‘The Gita’. As a book of scripture, the Gita contains the greatest philosophy of life. It conveys to us the Gospel of hard work and honesty. It tells us that life is action, more action, still more action. It inspires us to proceed to our destination with single-minded devotion. It tells us that while proceeding to our destination, we should not be tempted by the side-attractions. The teachings of the Gita have given a new direction to my life. 

Health is Wealth.

No doubt, health is our only wealth more gracious than the store-house of coins and currency. It has been rightly said that if wealth is lost, nothing is lost because it can be earned again. In case healthy is lost we are deprived of the bliss of life. 

A healthy man enjoys life in real sense. He listens to music, plays well, sleeps well, eats well, reads well. He can enjoy nature’s beauty with enthusiasm as he walks around briskly. He finds life full of fun as digestion of everything is possible. Everything seems to be under his control and at his command. Bright looks and eyes with a muscular body give him heavenly experiences on the earth. 

He has desire to live longer because all of his senses work effectively. Everyone longs to remain healthy. Ill-health is detested by all. Only an unhealthy person who feels desperate of life. Can give a vivid description of the value of good health. 

The Benefits of Rising Early in The Morning.

1. Doing exercises and yoga:- “exercise in morning” early morning is the best part of the day. When most of the nature creations wake up the tie. Birds begin to chirp, flower open up to the rays of sun, the breeze is cool and soothing, and it is time to get up and go for walk and exercise which rejuvenate the jaded today. Morning walk is healthier than evening walk due to the fresh environment, in other words, exercise is the morning give us chance to regain our mentally and physical strength.

2. We get enough time to carry out our daily activities. This makes us less stressful.

3. Studies have shown that morning people are actually happier than night owls. Since in the morning, the mind is free and alert, studying early in the morning is more effective than later night study.

4. Health- “healthy breakfast”, for a healthy man breakfast plays an important role, because it keeps a man energetic throughout the day. However, due to shortage of time people are not able to make and have healthy breakfast comfortably.

5. Commuting- people leave early for work and come back later and hardly find time for their family. This gap can be filled by rising early. Further, remember the proverb “THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM”. In a nutshell, early rising is conducive once overall well-being.   

Saturday, 16 May 2015

We cannot live without Electricity.

Man cannot do all jobs by himself. He makes use of electricity in various activities. Machines are run with electric power. The use of electricity has come to occupy an important place in our daily life. It has influenced agriculture, industry, communications and domestic activities. It lights our houses, shop, streets and offices. 

It helps us in cooking, washing and in cooling houses. It makes our communication and transportation quicker, cheaper and easier. It makes our rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. It presses our clothes, polishes our shoes and gives us a fine, smooth shave. 

Electric lifts carry goods and passengers. Electric cranes lift heavy loads. Electricity works tubewells and irrigates our fields. It is being used in every field of life. It has changes our mode of working and raised our standard of living. We cannot live without electricity these days.  


With the growth of population the atmosphere has become polluted. Industries have greatly added to this pollution. The air around us has become dirty. The content of poisonous gases has increased. Towns and cities have expanded rapidly. More and more space is being used for building houses and factories. More and more people are coming to the towns and cities. The houses are in short-supply: so they live in open or in huts. They go for nature call in the open. This causes pollution. There is lot of traffic, buses, cars, scooter, motor cycles are multiplying. They use diesel and petrol. Their smoke pollutes the air. There are big and small factories using coal, sending poisonous gases into the air. This has caused pollution. We should grow more trees to control pollution. 

Good Evening Everyone.

Good Evening Everyone. How are you all doing today? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your evening so far. So right now I am just reading a Holy book (The Gita). It contains the philosophy of life. It is my true guide. Whenever I am in trouble, I find shelter in its bosom. It gives me peace of mind. It puts me on to the right path. It teaches me to be pure in thought and action. It advises me to perform my duties selflessly. In short it is a source of knowledge wisdom and light. What have you guys been up to for today? Have you done anything interesting at all?

Friday, 15 May 2015

The Gita I like Most (Holy Book).

Books are our best friends. They console us in our sorrow. They cheer us up in despair. Books are good as-well-as bad. Of all the books I have read, I like the Gita most. It is my favourite book. It is a holy book. It contains the philosophy of life. It is my true guide. Whenever I am in trouble, I find shelter in its bosom. It gives me peace of mind. It puts me on to the right path. It teaches me to be pure in thought and action. It advises me to perform my duties selflessly. In short it is a source of knowledge wisdom and light.  

Life is beautiful.

Life is so beautiful  I am honestly so thankful that God has given me the ability to see the small things in life. I'm thankful to have eyes to see, ears to hear, and so much more. We need to be thankful for stuff like that, because I'm sure someone is wishing that could see or hear. We need to be thankful for everything that comes into our life. Be joyful and be thankful.

The need for students (the younger generation) to take an active part in national politics to build “a better and stronger India.”

India can be a better and strong nation if younger generation has a positive frame of mind to transform the criminalised political scenario. Without any specification..s, it has gone home to the people that today we are ruled by power seekers, undertrials, criminals and social terrorists, look at the academic graph of leading politician. Very few will stand out as academically qualified to take profound diplomatic decisions. Money is their goddess whom they worship day and night. Politics has become a business to seek power and money. 

India is on the crossroads of her destiny. We have the best of scholars in all fields. It has been proved true by our NRI scholars and those employed in the States and other countries. We have the best brains. We have the best intentions. We have the best hard working people. Problem? Really good people refuse to be muddled up in politics. They are peace loving people. Change election laws, let elections by public funded. Let there be two terms for any representative at any level. Let there be the right recall. Let young men take over. Let the old deadwood be rejected. Now is the time for all young men to save the nation. Let the brave new world come forward and make India better than what it is today.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Laughter is the Best Medicine.

Good morning everyone how are you. I hope you guys are all well. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine.” And it really is. Any doctor will tell you that just the act of laughing is beneficial to our emotional and bodily health. A good belly laugh helps our respiration, blood circulation, energizes and helps us to think clearly. That’s better than a pill any day. Never stifle your sense of humor. If you hear a funny joke, laugh. Laughter actually stimulates chemicals that suppresses stress related hormones. Go to a funny movie, watch comedies on TV. Go out with your friends and have a jolly old time. I’ve heard of laughter classes. Now that sounded a little weird to me, but people really do go to class to learn how to laugh. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

Role of Parents in the Growth and Development of Children1.

Parents are a child’s real friends. They are vitally connected to the child. They know the child’s psycho-emotional and temperamental behaviour. They intimately know his talents. A child can grow to heights if his parents stand by him. Parents will never their child even if the latter is in the wrong. They will be correct him by affectionate methods. Only those children rise in life whose parents own them emotionally. Such a bonding is the bedrock of the child’s personality development.