Monday, 30 November 2015

How to Avoid Third Person’s Interference?

We are confident that life is very important for us and this life spend with happiness and enjoyable. Sometimes we spend our life with special relations in our life and we also care that relations with good thinking, mutual trust & faith. If between two friends third person come and start making alleged confirmations of certain notions about the first two person. Only then mis-understanding creep in and that part of conversation creates unwarranted problem. If it is solved in a given time it’s ok. But if it does not solve amicably and last for long it will defiantly breakup. Best solution would be solve it together and amicably settle.

Coffee Solves Everything.

Friends we know that coffee is very important for our health. When we are tired and need a drink coffee then we are relaxed. Mostly people work hard and drink tea and some people drink coffee. But says that coffee is best for our health. Friends some people drink tea in daily three times but its not true for your health. When a person feel headache and drink tea or coffee so relaxed feelings. Friends its my point of view that coffee or tea is a solution of our problems because mostly people drink tea when they are tired in your life. 

Don't Compare With Others.

we know that some people compare yourself with others people. But its a wrong. Its my point of view that When we are compare with others then we are jealous to another person. But friends its my thinking may be my thinking are wrong. Mostly girls jealous to another girls and this girl feel she is not good to another girls. But friends you feel you are best person in this world then you are happy in your life but you compare with others and then you are not happy in your life. 

Some Are People Selfish.

Friends I am share with you about some in our life. We know that some people in the world are so selfish. This people can never love to each other. They only love yourself. Selfish person can never love to any person and never benefit to any person. But some people kindly polite behavior to any person without any benefits. But some people like rudely behavior to any person because this are selfish people. But friends do you agree with me. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

How Boys & Girls Present themselves?

There are different types of styles in our life and these styles are different in the countries. No matter how their national costumes are. We are well aware that it is modern time in all the countries of the world. Our youngsters made a different styles at different time summer or winter. It’s go on changing. When a girl made a style with specs or glasses. She look beautiful and so stylish. She can tie her hairs with different styles. Similarly a young boy also make his hair with styles to look beautiful. He/She can wear jeans, tops, shirts, shoes with long shoes, sports shoes etc.etc. it depends on the liking of his/her. Every clothes one wears is meant for covering one’s body to bear cold waves or summer waves according to weather one must take care of woolen or summer clothes. 

How to Activate Memory?

Today I am sharing with you the practical experience I gained from the age of 7 years. In the beginning I was not serious about Jogging and Yoga later on I joined an institute of yoga learning and practicing since that age I am doing jogging and yoga. It is the ancient therapy. All of us are aware of the physical benefits of jogging and yoga. It is very helpful to activate the muscles and cleanse the body internally and discharge the waste material and chemicals. It also activate brain muscles and activate the memories sharpness blood circulation in the upper region of the body. it is highly recommend not to do yoga at your own but take the shelter in the institute or The Guru. (Teacher & Disciple)

Hard work is Paramount.

I would like to express the difference between hard work, smart work & luck. The content of hard work is physical ability and attitude to complete the job on the directions of one’s superior. Content of smart jobs is confidence, presence of mind, and knowledge of executing that job. Content of luck is, most of the cases one thinks that without doing any hard work if he is destined to get monetary benefits no matter how he gets it or cheating someone he will be rewarded according to his destiny. It cannot last forever. In my view all the three has a important role to succeed or to move on in the life. All the three are inter-connected and inter-related. It is very important to do hard labour means (physically strong, presence of mind, knowledge to execute the job and the for most is good & positive intention to accomplish the job and ability to present the qualities of the job. And ask for the monetary benefits (Consideration) and never under estimate the labour you have put. Luck will definitely sooner or later shower on the positive thinker. 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to Avoid Colonoscopy?

It is very appropriate to do some screening tests so that one should have the knowledge of possible, complication in the health. A colonoscopy helps find ulcers, colon polyps, tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding. It is good to have such screening and tests done to avoid serious health complications. Today, It has become one of the most important life for a healthy life. but if one adopts a life styles comprising of regular feeding, exercise morning or evening walk, yoga, meditation etc with firm belief in The God and keeps simple living and high thinking attitude towards life. It is highly recommended to stay and live with nature and adopts her principals. Devote your time reading, holy books etc.  

How to Save Teenagers Who Are Using Drugs?

I would like to express my surprising view point in the modern hi-tech lifestyle teenagers are using drugs without any knowledge of so called medicine. It is high time we should control our teenage, population to save them from drug abuse. It is the duty of parents to keep intense watch on their behaviour their hobbies to spend their time in-bar, disco club and keep a watch on their friends. They should be taught before hand the possible consequences. They should be taught to meditate and practice YOGA under the guidance of Yoga Clinic. So that they should not fall in trap with quacks and spoiling their life. because teenagers are more vulnerable and with the guidance of their respective parents.  We are to save guards our new generations. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Worthiness How to Live in Modern World?

The modern world is advancing at a rocket speed in technology and improved the lifestyle in various ways. It is my humble view point they are not contented in their life. and they are adopting a various ways of life style. If they are not happy they are more lethargic and singing about their grievances and complaints. Without any interest to solve them one by one. In the modern world they are losing the spirit of love in several ways. Everybody wants that other should work for them and earn for them without spending a penny. They don’t share real love and expect benefit from others. They are not ready to give any things to others. Now a days in the modern society people don’t realize the love of God and come forward to help others. They are becoming more money minded. Oh Lord save this planet.   

Erase the blackheads with the Naturopathy.

Although I am not a medical student but I learnt a lot from my GrandMother. Who since has expired long ago. She used to teach us how to prevent and rectify pimples, blackheads on the skin that affect the people of all ages but they are mostly seen during the teenage, adolescent ages best remedy recommended by my GrandMother is make a paste of curd and turmeric powder and apply it on the face after washing with luke warm water then apply it on the face in a round way upwards and let it dry for half an hour after letting it dry it become a face pack then again wash it with simple water. One can apply this face pack in a alternative day. This process should continue for one month atleast. It should be treated like a naturopathy. 

How Local Bazaars help Economy?

There are two types of markets. Wholeseller & Retailer but in the big cities and small city local bazaar are also prevalent in the small lanes and road side of main road.  It could be weekly or daily basis. Shop locally has become the easy availability of day to day requirements of household. It is considered as green business it takes short  duration and can be beneficial in several ways. Shopping in these bazaars can help one directly by saving money getting fresh products.  It can also help indirectly by reducing your stress, and strain and by walking, it  promotes one’s health. It can also protect pollution, trading in the hustle and bustle of long car drives and avoiding over-packed malls. Local business can employ thousands of people hence fourth it is advisable to authority to sanction permit to dispose off & allow to run their business. Because government cannot give employment to all the personnel’s. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015


I am sharing with you about Full of Calcium. I am sharing some suggestions for you. CALCIUM is most vital ingredient of human body. It also consist of bone marrow, calcium, and over all development of the human body. It is present in the bones, spinal cord legs, arms, cage cover (Chest) . 

There are two hundred six interconnected and interlocked bones in a human body. So calcium as mentioned above is most important, and it is frequently and readly 
available in the milk, curd, paneer (Cheese) etc. so from the beginning (from childhood) to old age. Its requirement in the human body is very important. Deficiency of calcium is the route cause of so many diseases so avoid them. 

Precaution is better than cure.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Human body is consist of bone marrow, bones, veins, skin, teeth, tongue as an organic and inorganic composition of different glands and their functionary. Glands are governing parts of the body. Teeth are the most important parts of human body and add beauty to the face. The pearly teeth add the fascination to every smile. Whiter teeth can be a great assetto a person’s smile. Tooth bleaching is very effective in removing the stains from the teeth. The simplest way is to maintain your teeth. So that it does not cause any tooth decay, stains and gum should be firm and cavity should not be there. After waking up in the morning go for a brushing and use that brush in the round way and up and down inner and outer of the teeth. So that it does not cause any plaque. If there are stains use half cut lemon rub it on the teeth and massage the gum with the first finger by using paste. And apply on the gum and massage it with the first finger in a circular way. Wash your mouth and dry it up. It is highly advisable not to go to dentist for bleaching because enamel on the tooth will spoil because of chemicals. Make your laughter more precious through your white teeth.


How are you? I am sharing with you about different styles of eyeliner for woman. Eyeliner styles play important role in women’s life because this changes one’s personality and look. Every woman won’t to look beautiful and also stylish eyeliner We know that different styles of eyeliner. 

Mostly woman like different colors of eyeliner. But some woman like one colors of eyeliner. We know that different styles of eyeliner of different companies. Some eyeliner product are expansive. 

and some eyeliner product are very low cost. Every woman wants depends on budget. When woman put on eyeliner then she is 
looking beautiful. Every woman likes the different style of eyeliner in one’s life. In our experience I read lots of magazine so they are shown photo of stylish eyeliner so I copy the various pictures of eyeliner style their design shown in the magazine. I follow some of them (Design). My favorite eyeliner is blue.


It is the herbal medicines narrated by my GrandMother and I noted it down in my notebook. There are different solutions of different body problems which are comely used and serve the purpose to sooth down for emergency purpose. 

I am sharing with you my experience on Garlic for 
ear infection.Take garlic pearl atleast two and crush them & boil in a mustard oil and when it cools down to warm only then drop two or three drops of oil in both the ears one by one & put on the cotton ball in both the ears and sleep for night next night repeat this process again. 

Hope my suggestion will be used & serve the purpose to sooth down in a better way benefit for all. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


This world is a combination of different weathers through out the year some countries are of cold weather and some are medium cold and some others are of hot weather so according to a weather condition in their respective countries. And according to their customs and cultures everybody is well aware that holidays are meant for leisure and pleasure. Holidays are the seasons when people drink heavily and put themselves in the trouble. Heavy drinking may seem to be a fun. It is harmful to the person who drinks and as well as although who are around. We are basically teetotaler and proud to be announcing the same. But we understand how drinking or heavy drinking affects the human body. In cold countries it is highly recommended that one should take alcohol as a medicine to keep one self warm the body but in hot or medium countries at (weather vise) one should take barley water or beer and everybody knows too much of everything is not good for health.


I am sharing with you about Advantages of honey. I am sharing some suggestions for you and this are following. It is on the advice of my GrandMother who since has settle in Heaven. 

Honey used as Natural 
Energy Booster. Honey used as active Immunity Booster. Honey is used as Anti-Cancer. Honey used quickly to furnish the demand for energy in the human body. Honey used in easily and rapidly assimilated. Honey has a natural and gentle laxative effect. Honey used in cures cough and sore throat. Honey used in promotes weight loss. Honey used in reduces the risk of heart diseases. Honey used in Strong Eyes. 

It can also cure High B.P & Low B.P Low B.P causes more problem in the body so immediate remedy is to introduce a tea spoon full of honey in the mouth and wait for another half hour. After half an hour prepare a cup of coffee with honey and should be given to the needy. Kindly use them in practical.


Neighbour is very important in our life. You know that A good neighbour is one who is available in all kinds of situations. Whether is a moment of happiness or sorrow, only a neighbour comes first. A good neighbour has also some responsibilities. A neighbour has to not only take care of his needs but also of people living around. 

Our neighbours are those people with whom we share our griefs and sorrows. In these times, it is only 
the friend who come forward in times of crisis. One of my incident I am totally unhappy when I was Xii class. I didn’t know how to attempted the exam. 

because math was very difficult subject for me. so it was possible because one of my neighbour she lives in front of my house. who taught me in the exam. otherwise I did’t know that what was going on I am totally shocked when she taught me so after that I was very confidence yes I can do it. After that I have scored a good marks in my all subject including math. It was a nice incident of my life. I can’t forget it. 


In this world everybody is well aware that God has given the greatest creation of nature to this world. One is women and another is men. I am sharing with you about certain logical point which are in my view are as follows. In every country women are consider a weak creation of God but in our country women are consider the most pious and worshipped creation of God the Devi.
 That is why women are pull down and men create hurdles and impediments and further create odd circumstances in the name of upliftment in this society to bring them down in their eyes. Men are also create certain irrelevant notions to bring them down to surface.  I would like to appreciate those women who are ready to face eventualities boldly. 

Women are classified as house wives, school going girls, office goers, corporate goers, female teachers, lawyers and so on. 
Two types of ladies are most vulnerable and suffer the most. If they start demanding respect from men. It is highly a matter of concern that men and women should respect mutually and equally. So that good life and good dimensions can be created in the society.

Monday, 23 November 2015


Everyone is not born intelligent One is considered not a complete learner unless one has made mistakes in life. Mistakes are made unconsciously and consciously. A person whose ambition is to rise up in life through hardwork is bound to make mistakes. 

Sometimes a risk is involved and one has to take the risk in order to succeed. Sometimes the risk pays off, 
sometime it is considered a mistake. But mistakes are a part of one’s learning process. Friends, the mistake I have made in my life was to take up math in my class xii. 

I was not made out for math and I only managed to score average marks. 

Now I am studying the subject in my graduation and I got to know about it after the mistake I made. Friends if you 
know how to improve so definitely you can do it. Just do it in a simply way. I think that Everything is possible.


As I am getting older and I am putting on weight and sometime my activeness stop itself. As I was gaining weight I decided to consult a Yoga Teacher. Who asked me join the classes immediately? From the next morning I get up at 5.30 AM. And starts moving to yoga centre I was asked few questions and given synopsis of yoga lecturer. The next day I joined regularly the yoga classes. 

After continuing for 15 days I put off the five to seven pounds weights. I also controlled my diet and taken all the meals at regular interval. I used to take nutritious food which consist of dry fruit simple loaf of bread (Two) prepared vegetables with garlic pearl, ginger (without onion). It is an ancient ayurveda recommended diet and exercise. In another 45 days I lost considerably 
good amount of weight. 

All the fatty muscle, thigh, belly and other fatty portion of the body renunciate itself. And another 2 months I start keeping activeness , running, brisk walking for longer distances. It 
helped me a lot. Anyone can loose weight by adopting ancient technique (Yoga). It is recommended through out life and immunity will also rise itself.


A few years back, I was a teenager and about to pass my 10+2 about to join the college. During summer vacation because I was not employed anywhere so I have got the plenty of time I decided to read the holy book The Gita. It was wonderful experience to read first chapter of the book I read the first chapter again and again to grasp the chapter when I read second chapter it was one another feeling which I never had it before. 

Then I read the third chapter of the same book it was another wonderful experience which I want to 
share with you. It causes a mental peace and my viewpoint changes drastically. Then I go on reading the fourth fifth and sixth upto the eighteen chapter in a span of two and half months. I learnt a lot and started implanting the teachings pronouncement and moral with conclusive ending of a particular chapter. 

It has helped me to understand fellow citizen young or grown up old and poor & rich no matter how they talk how they speak but I am destined to speak in a cordial way. Which was liked by so many people. I am grateful to my supreme power i.e. The God.


We have a neighbour who met an accident to week before. As long as he was in the hospital. He was in the care of nurses and doctors of the hospital. When he return to his home he made an arrangement of keeping a maid and male helping hand to run the routine household work and nursing him with the help of doctor. 

Initially they were very good to him. But within a few days they started showing their 
impatience and could not execute the daily activities of the household. They started quarreling with each other. (The maid and The Servant) they used to fight on petty things. Ever since he met an accident. He could not worshipped the God. 

One day I visited him to 
enquire about his health. I noticed so many discrepancies by the evening. I could manage to make him understand that from the next early morning. He should start praising and worshipping the supreme power above us with in next two days . 

He got a gift of blessing of The God. Both the servant and the maidapology to himself and herself respectively. And they started helping him by heart and with in next week he started moving out of the house and another next week he joined his office to do his work. He was thankful to the God and started worshipping regularly. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015


There are dreams named wild & soft , harsh and romantic during day time If we go on thinking on a particular point or a subject (problem) one may dream during night time when the person is fast asleep he may dream of solving that very problem which was bothering him in the day time. I also had a wild dream during last week which has nothing to do my day to day working. Sometimes we dream, we remember them vividly but sometimes 

I wake up we don’t remember them clearly. 
What in the world made me dream about? Most of our dreams make no sense at all. And we soon forget them. There are a few that we remember till morning. One dream that I have recently is an attack on a important building by extremist group of another country. In the dream I found extremist people were attacking on the building with automatic weapons and it was moving in my dream like a picture. It took another ten to fifteen minutes. (Which I am not sure how much time it took). 

All the extremist were killed by 
security forces. Security forces personal were also killed by that group. Security forces were remembered every year. As Martyr and they were saluted by security forces and people of the country. What I dream was I witness the whole incident in my dream. Dreams are dream but life moves on.


Beauty is the most vital aspect of the life. Everybody wants to look beautiful cosmetic industry people spending lots of technique, materials, product, to beautify man & woman of the world. It is the biggest & profitable and employment generated industry. 

I don’t know how it is reflect your inner beauty. You know that you may apply as many as cosmetic product to raise outer beauty. 

But natural skin will starts glowing and reflects the inner strength and outlook. Its reason because of irregular 
. And lack of natural intake of food, fruits and salad etc. if you adopt simple rules so skin will stats glowing and reflects the inner strength. 


Childhood is the best period of our life and in whole education period school life is the memorable one. During my schooling I used to scared of Maths. It was a tough subject for me. Even if I know the answer, I never replied in the class as I was scared that it may be wrong. Then my Maths teacher understood my problem and gave me some tips. After that I scored good marks in Maths and never got scared of it. It is the period where we make our base of our subjects. Thanks to My sir to help me to solve easy method. 

Now I help to my students in 
daily routine 
to solve a easy method. Sometimes I recall my childhood memories and now a days I apply to my students solve the problem easily.