Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My Ambition in Life.

Ever since from my childhood. I was brought up by a simple and middle class family. Although I enjoyed my childhood and fulfill my aspiration and The God is kind enough to me that he helped me in all respect like setting my ambition and on the path of fulfilling my ambition. If a person has no ambition in life, he must not be less than a dead man. 

It is difficult to conceive of a person who has no destination to reach or touch a height. A person who has an ambition and works honestly to fulfill it he can touch the heights of glory and success. After passing out my senior secondary school I set and aim to become a teacher. It is my strong conviction that a teacher can shape the destiny of a child and ultimately the society and finally serve the nation. 

Teacher can help moulding the character and shaping the personality of the society. Only teacher can produce honest statesmen, top-class scholars and scientists and dedicated social workers. 

We understand that teachers are not paid honourably and true teacher can be materially well off but it is a hard fact that a teacher is a torch bearer in the society. 

Only teacher can set everything on the right path. However, I want to be a primary teacher for certain reasons. Do you have any other suggestions? 

Is Eye-dilating Necessary at Every Exam?

If you go to an eye examination, you start with eye drops to dilate the eyes for better examination. It has become necessary for comprehensive eye tests.
The eye drops make the eye sight blurry for a few hours. The eyes are dilated and become itchy and annoying. But it is necessary for the examination.
The pupils are widened to provide the doctor a better view. It can show some eye problems which may not be otherwise visible.
The patients suffering from diabetes should have this test at least once in a year to check the condition of retinopathy, glaucoma or macular-degeneration.

Free yourself from the guilt conscience.

To err is human. We commit many mistakes in life. Others commit mistakes against us. Either it is on our part or from others, mistakes have an impact on lives. They create a guilt conscience.
Our own body and mind may turn against us and make us lose peace of mind. What is the use of blaming ourselves or others by getting anger or other ill feelings? They add more burden to our guilty conscience.
When we find our own mistakes we should realize the reasons for the mistakes and correct them. The first step of reconciliation is with our own conscience. When we are free from the guilt feeling, we can move forward and accept others for their mistakes against us. If we forgive them in our conscience, we can accept them easily into our love and forgive them.
Forgiveness is the basis of a peaceful life.

Encourage farmers’ markets for better health and better economy.

The modern diet style has made most of the people addicted to fast food culture. The processed foods that they get from stores are mostly preserved with chemicals and additives. Fast food culture, promoted by the commercial world, has made people unable to reach fresh vegetables and fruits.
Nowadays, the farmers markets are coming up in several places, supplying people fresh vegetables and fruits. They are good for health.
Farmers supply fresher and healthier fruits and vegetables directly in the local farmers' markets. This is not only good for health, but also encourages the local farmers to serve better.
Although the farmers may not have certificates of organic produce, but most of them generally use harmless non-toxic farming techniques.
Farmers’ markets are a part of going green!


Today I am with a very  heavy heart would like to express my grief and condolence on the terrorism  prevailing in the different parts of the world. It is a very great cause of unrest also prevailing in the societies. Everybody dominates others to obey  their respective orders without any possible consequences which may deter the  future generation. 
Terrorism is one of them. Terrorism literally means use of  violence and threats of violence especially for political purposes. Such  violence is a heinous crime because the victims of terrorism are in most cases  innocent people. They are caught in the cross-fire of political game. Today it is a world-wide evil, Gangs enjoying the patronage of political leaders and foreign powers are active in almost every country. 
They blow up rail track, hijack airlines, explode bombs in crowded places or fire indiscriminately at peaceful people. They kill people in cold blood in order to create chaos in the country. Terrorism is playing havoc in several states in India at present. Punjab, J&k, Tripura and Nagaland are in the grip of violence and extortion of money by force. 
This has to be checked and crushed with an iron hand and Govt. should take stern action if apprehended they should dealt and put them behind the bar. Public should also be cautious to nab them. Security should also be alert. Precaution is better than facing all sorts of problems. 


Monday, 30 March 2015


Prayer is very important. You can begin your prayer by confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness. Then, you can spend some time praising and thanking God for His blessings. Also, you can spend some time asking God for specific things. I also pray for others, and ask for their protection and that their needs are met.
However you decide to pray, please spend some time talking to God today. He would love to spend some time with you in this way.

Eat fruit on an empty stomach?

I recently read on-line that it is best to eat fruit by itself and on an empty stomach. I am trying this, to see how it affects my digestion. Is this what you do? Do you eat fruit on an empty stomach?
I have some apples in the refrigerator, and also bought some bananas this weekend. I will try to eat at least one piece of fruit a day, maybe two. How often do you eat fruit?
I am going to try to incorporate more fruit into my daily diet, in general.

Celery controls various types of cancer.

Cancer has become the prevalent disease of this century. We have to take all preventive measures to avoid the risk of cancer development. It is an encouraging news that eating celery can reduce the risk of cancer development.
Recent studies have shown that adding celery into your diet can reduce the risk of cancer growth. A component found in celery has anti-tumor activity and is effective against several types of cancer.
Researchers have found that oral administration of apigenin found in celery is effective to reduce the cell growth of various types of cancer.
Drinking the juice of celery mixed with other vegetables is very effective in controlling cancer. Add more celery and vegetables to your diet.

Decide to live successfully.

Everyone wants to live an optimal living by achieving their aims of life successfully.
Life is a challenge of decisions. The decisions that you make decide your success. It is your right decisions that enable you to receive the highest returns on your investments in life.
Hence, if you want to succeed in life you have to learn the art of making or taking decisions.
You have to coordinate your experiences of the past and the possibilities of the future to take an integrative decision.
The process of isolating your core values and potentials is very important in making use of them in taking decisions.
You have to consider all aspects of life, such as health, money, relationships, leisure. They should help you find a balance between your aspirations and self-control.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


I feel blessed when some one wishes me good, or send me a blessing, by saying, "God bless you."
It does not take anything from us, to tell some one that. Your friend, your wife, your husband, your neighbor, your boss, even your enemies.
A blessing, lifts our spirit so high, it gives us strength, and will to do things better. A bless person is the one who is good to us, is the person who spends time to our side, it is the one who helps us when we are down. A blessed person is the one who gives, without asking for returns.

Don't underestimate someone.

Don't ever underestimate someone because of the differences they have from you or from others. Many people have the ability to do new things even if they have struggled with it before. Everyone has differences and sometimes it takes time to fully learn how to do new things. Don't compare yourself with others or compare others with other people. Keep building one another up.Never underestimate someone because you don't know what the potential they can do.

Learn, Walk and Read.

I often feel like I can not take a break from my computer because there are so many think to do and learn about them. I spent most of my day in front of a computer. I feel tired. So I got up from my sit to spend sometimes to take tea, snacks and go for a walk to have some fresh air. But it was raining outside. I do need to find sometime which spend in the verandah. There I find a book to read to earn/gain. Some knowledge and contribute it to my online website. That help me to freshan up in my mind I lost the lazyness of the body. 

Always be ready for an emergency trip.

Emergency trips should always be expected in our lives. We may not be aware when and where we should go. In a frenzy start, we may not be able to think of the things that we may need for the trip. Our cars or vehicles should contain things we may need most during the trip.
If these necessary things for the trip are not available readily, it may worsen the unexpected situations and make them more stressful. Just like we need the first aid kit in a car, we also need an emergency kit with supplies such as jumper cables, and flashlight.
Whenever you are on the road, you should have the Driver's License and other necessary documents (at least reliable copies). There should be a first aid kit, emergency tool box, water, portable battery charger, and your most needed personal things.

Do you eat stress?

There are many people eat stress. They eat for stress. They eat not to satiate hunger, but to pacify their stress or emotions. They are also called emotional eaters.
Do you feel crazy to eat something when you are stressed or emotional? Stress eating is a great problem which is increasing in the modern lifestyle. When you are at your weakest point emotionally you will have the strongest cravings for food.
When you face a difficult problem or stress consciously or unconsciously you may turn to food for comfort or to occupy your time.
Most of the modern people have obesity or overweight just because of this emotional eating.

Eat safely when you have outdoor meals.

Weekend trips have become very common. People want to make use of every occasion to have fun together.
Summer and fall are the seasons for outings and outdoor dinners. People want to enjoy the days before the winter.
Food safety is very important to enjoy the outdoor activities. Outdoor eating may cause food-borne illnesses. Such adverse results may spoil the whole plan of outdoor enjoyment. Give as much attention to the safety of food. 
Always take purified and boiled water, free from contamination. Healthy eating makes trips more enjoyable.

Why nobody wants to suffer any pain?

Nobody wants to suffer from any kind of pain. Everyone knows that pain is an unpleasant sensation. But every pain has a great purpose of alerting you about a possible or actual injury or illness.
Normally, it is just a warning symptom that something is not right in your system. It warns you to get away from the danger. Without pain you may not know when to get away from the danger or seek medical help.
What will be your answer for the question “Is a pain good or bad?” Most of you would say “It is bad” because it makes you sad and suffering.
Do you know there are people who want to inflict pain on them?
Pain is just a messenger – just a red signal to stop!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Is Sunday the Sun’s Day?

Today, the last Sunday of March 2015, is sunny here with hot rays early in the morning itself. Last year the winter was very severe and the speculations of this year are misleading.
The old saying to make hay when the sun shines is also applicable for making use of the rays of the sun for our body. Be careful about exposing your body to the rays of the sun of which the medical world is still researching.
The skin makes vitamin D naturally when your skin is exposed to the rays of the sun. But the quantity and quality of vitamin D you need depends on your age, your general health and the place you live. It is necessary; but needs all care.

The wealth of hearing sense.

The sense of hearing is an asset given to most of the creatures. It is the channel of learning, next to the eyesight.
Today, the sense of hearing is utilized by radio, tape recorder, TV, computer, phone and so on. When the radio was invented it was hailed as a great source of knowledge. After the arrival of the Internet things have changed very much.
Modern technology is helping people who are poor in hearing. There are the smallest-size hearing aids that have come into existence as the result of several people who have been devoted to technology to make life better and brighter.
When you cannot hear anything, you are completely cut off from the outside world. Yes, the sense of hearing is a great asset.

Caring for creations.

Who will care for the creations? There are people who do not care about anything. They are not bothered about how the creations are used or exploited.
There are people who are so greedy to possess every creation on the earth. Is there anything for us to do with the creations on this earth?
Why should I think about something which is not my property? This type of evasive attitude makes the greedy persons to misuse and exploit whatever is found on this earth.
In fact, creation is not a property which we can own at our own will. Rather, every creation is a GIFT OF GOD that should be cared and used properly for the welfare of the whole humanity. It should be treated with respect and gratitude.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Navaratri festival celebrates the motherhood of God.

Navaratri, the "nine nights' festival", is celebrated in many parts of India. The Hindu people observe these nine days to celebrate the motherhood of God. These nine days are dedicated to goddess Durga who represents all mothers of this earth.
These festival days also signify the relationship between all the human souls with the Eternal Motherhood of God. Hinduism believes in the uniformity and oneness of the God.
Although mothers of the earth are found with different challenges and qualities, their motherly passions and emotion seem to be the same. They resemble the qualities of the Supreme Motherhood.
The celebrations of Navaratri - observed on these nine days - remind the motherly nature of God.

Drug Addiction.

I would like to draw your kind attention towards the unrest prevailing among the youth. Because the youth has no employment and those who are students they are not sure that they would get any job in future. This unrest is the main cause of drug addiction. It is spreading like some viral disease. This evil is poisoning life in every country and community. More and more people are getting hooked up to hashish, LSD and heroin etc. etc. 

Drug trafficking is a flourishing business. It can make them rich in a day or two and it takes no time to spoil the life of youth and teenagers. It is smuggled chiefly from those fields where there is plenty of growing fields. (I won’t name the country). 

To rest of the world. Narcotic drugs are taken in different forms. One of them is smoking, the other is swallowed and the third is injection. But taken in whatever form, it weakens the body and metabolism of the body. It brings early death if taken regularly and without any precaution. And drug addiction is much more dangerous and expensive than alcoholism. 

Criminal gangs are operating in all big cities and their chains of providing drugs to the users. Even girls and ladies are taking drugs without understanding the consequences, how much it will effect their health?

Love your family, please!

Please love your family. Make your family filled with real love. Try all your best to fill it with the spirit of love. Please, do some sacrifices to promote love in your family.
Family life in the modern world is much wounded and torn. Selfishness and egoism have dominated the families which should be adorned with selfless love and real affection. It is more pleasure-oriented that creating a pleasant atmosphere.
Think of the failures and misunderstandings in the families. Why all these? Is it not the domination of selfishness?

Boost Your Brain with Supplements.

Supplements help maintain good health. They have become inevitable in modern food style. They supplement the nutrients essential for health.

Omega-3 is one of the most popular supplements in the modern health world. It is necessary for all. Children have to include supplements such as Omega-3 in their diet for their brain development. It helps children greatly in brain development, especially for children who have neurodevelopmental problems like Autism, dyslexia and ADHD. 
Children are very fond of chocolates. Give them dark chocolates. They contain the phytochemical called flavonol which boosts up the brain function of children. Flavonoids are found also in vegetables and fruits. 

B-complex vitamins are very important for health. They are available in modern markets. They contain Methylation that helps the biochemical process of the body. Green leaves and vegetables are good for natural nutrients.

Supplements have become inevitable in the modern challenging lifestyle. They boost the function of the brain and prepare the future generations for a better tomorrow.

How to Control Diabetes With Fenugreek?

Today I would like to stress on the disease which is very much spreading from the last twenty five to thirty years because life style of new generation has changed from the regularity of taking in food and spending the twenty four hours without taking rest and adopting any discipline in the life style. At a very young age men and women are suffering from disease called Diabetes. Previously it was not the serious problem if we compare it with the problem of now a days. Best remedy is adopting a regular exercise, change of life style and controlling the dump of food in the belly. 

It is merely a suggestion who wants to live long. Those who have suffered and confirmed diabetic please for heaven sack use food and adopt Ayurveda and Yoga. In the ancient time people use to take green vegetables, cereal, fruits, water etc.etc. best remedy is use fenugreek in the form of raw leaves, sprouts, and microgreens. Commonly known as Methi, or as an herb (dried-leaves), while the seeds are used both whole and in powdered form as a spice. Fenugreek is an aromatic plant that has many uses, both in culinary. Fenugreek is a key ingredient of curries and other Indian recipes. 

One can use it as a prepared vegetable and in the form of powder it can be taken as medicine half spoon is sufficient twice a day. Before and after taking meal in the morning & at night. (half spoon before breakfast & in the night after taking dinner with lukewarm water). Because it is bitter in taste so it should be swallowed. With in a fortnight sugar level will gradually come down at its own level and once it come down make it a regular precautionary practice to maintain the level. 

Note: if one is taking Allopathic medicine daily and started taking Ayurvedic medicine. It is highly advisable take the allopathic medicine in alternate days and ayurvedic medicine daily then go on reducing the allopathic medicine and finally after using the ayurvedic medicine renunciate the allopathic medicine. Thanks God everyday in the morning and pray to Him regularly.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Benefits of Green Tea.

Although I am not a medical student but I learnt a lot from my GrandMother who since has expired few years back. She narrated me various properties of green tea. Green tea contains bioactive compounds which can improve health. If it is taken without milk it is more active. Green tea improves working of brain. Green tea decrease the fatty muscles and improves physical performance. As an antioxidants in green tea can lower risk of various types of cancer like throat, mouth, liver, lungs etc. etc. green tea can kill bacteria, which improves dental plaque and lowers of risk of your infection. 

How to Rectify Tiredness and Lazy?

Sometimes, I wish my energy level is low. But I don’t want to share my energy level condition with negativity. I mean there are some days when it is high and some days it is low. Today my energy level is very low. I am feeling lithargic and lazy. But I am not from that breed so I gathered my inner energy and use my will power to face any untoward activity. I breath deeply and exhaust it and did same exercise from few mintues. By inhaling deeply oxygen filled in the lungs and doing it regularly for sometime it enhances the activeness in the body. All the lazyiness vanishes itself.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Good Night & Sweet Dreams!

I would like to express my internal feeling of nightmare. Night is longer than day for those who dreams and day is longer than night for those who makes their dream come true. Sometime at night we have nightmare and it last forever. Best remedy not to have nightmare if one wish before sleeping pray to God and wash your feet and dry them. And express your thanks and gratitude to The God for the day which has passed and coming day with wishful thinking.

How Curd is Good For Health?

Today I would like to share the benefits of curd & if added water with curd and mixed it with Mixer and used Blackpepper in powder form and salt. (Sugar can be used for sweetness instead of salt). It is a delicious drink and can be served after having lunch and dinner respectively. It become lighter and helps in digestion. It is very effective to raise organism. Stimulant and corrects the small & long intestinal flora and activate the internal glands. It is very commonly used in Northern India and in Punjabi families. It is also liked by others. It builds the healthy constituents of the body. curd can also be used in preparing vegetables and mixed in a different forms.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How Local Bazaars help Economy?

There are two types of markets. Wholeseller & Retailer but in the big cities and small city local bazaar are also prevalent in the small lanes and road side of main road.  It could be weekly or daily basis. Shop locally has become the easy availability of day to day requirements of household. It is considered as green business it takes short  duration and can be beneficial in several ways. Shopping in these bazaars can help one directly by saving money getting fresh products.  It can also help indirectly by reducing your stress, and strain and by walking, it  promotes one’s health. It can also protect pollution, trading in the hustle and bustle of long car drives and avoiding over-packed malls. Local business can employ thousands of people hence fourth it is advisable to authority to sanction permit to dispose off & allow to run their business. Because government cannot give employment to all the personnel’s.             

A thirsty bird roaming for water.

Water is very essential. All living beings such as animals, birds and humans need water for their living. When a living being is thirsty without getting water what will happen?
The thirsty bird will be flying everywhere in search of water. If it cannot find water anywhere, it will become exhausted and it cannot fly any longer. It will have to face the end of life.
Oh Lord, I am a thirsty bird. I am flying here and there in search of the water of life. You quench every living being with the living water. Why am I unable to reach your divine water? Lord, I am thirsty!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Cut off the burden on your back.

Most of us are carrying an unnecessary burden on our back. How can one expect living a free life if the burden is pressing upon us?
We want to live a grief-free life. Grief kills happiness. We want to be happy. When we are unable to find real happiness we go after temporary pleasures thinking that they can provide us happiness for a long time.
What is a grief? It is the sum total of conflicting feelings with which we are struggling in our life. Grief, anxiety or worry is a multi-faceted response to some loss or failure. They affect us physically and mentally and cause stress, depression and diseases.
They are like the burden you are carrying on your back. Cut off the burden of grief and worries. Live a free life.

Add cinnamon to control your weight.

Weight gaining is the common health disorder of the modern lifestyle. Obesity is growing all over the world as a dangerous epidemic. It is the primary cause of several diseases.Researchers suggest the use of cinnamon to reduce weight. It can be included in daily diet. Cinnamon powder can be used as a flavoring agent. It can be sprinkled on drinks like tea or fruit juice.Grind the cinnamon sticks very nicely and use it for sprinkling on the drinks or dishes. A mixture of cinnamon powder and honey in a glass of water is a good remedy for controlling weight.

How to Avoid Colonoscopy?

It is very appropriate to do some screening tests so that one should have the knowledge of possible, complication in the health. 
A colonoscopy helps find ulcers, colon polyps, tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding. It is good to have such screening and tests done to avoid serious health complications. Today, It has become one of the most important life for a healthy life. 
but if one adopts a life styles comprising of regular feeding, exercise morning or evening walk, yoga, meditation etc with firm belief in The God and keeps simple living and high thinking attitude towards life. 
It is highly recommended to stay and live with nature and adopts her principals. Devote your time reading, holy books etc.  

How to Activate Memory?

Today I am sharing with you the practical experience I gained from the age of 7 years. In the beginning I was not serious about Jogging and Yoga later on I joined an institute of yoga learning and practicing since that age I am doing jogging and yoga. It is the ancient therapy. All of us are aware of the physical benefits of jogging and yoga. It is very helpful to activate the muscles and cleanse the body internally and discharge the waste material and chemicals. It also activate brain muscles and activate the memories sharpness blood circulation in the upper region of the body. it is highly recommend not to do yoga at your own but take the shelter in the institute or The Guru. (Teacher & Disciple)                

Worthiness How to Live in Modern World?

The modern world is advancing at a rocket speed in technology and improved the lifestyle in various ways. It is my humble view point they are not contented in their life. and they are adopting a various ways of life style. If they are not happy they are more lethargic and singing about their grievances and complaints. Without any interest to solve them one by one. In the modern world they are losing the spirit of love in several ways. Everybody wants that other should work for them and earn for them without spending a penny. They don’t share real love and expect benefit from others. They are not ready to give any things to others. Now a days in the modern society people don’t realize the love of God and come forward to help others. They are becoming more money minded. Oh Lord save this planet.   

Love your home more.

Home is the place where love is nurtured and protected. It is the refuge of love and safe place away from the hardships of the hectic life-cycle.
You have to go out of your house to find means to provide for your life. Although life takes you to unexpected places for survival, the love at home brings you back to your home.
House, the place of your love, must be furnished and decorated to enhance your love and fill you with happiness.Think of some easy ways that can add your happiness at home. It may be the arrangement of things in your house. Fill it with colors of love.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring! Think about Gardening for your Heart Health

The season of spring has started. The temperature is rising steadily and the snow has melted and gone. People can come out now and have some fresh air. Exercise is very essential for heart health.
Gardening can be the best exercise for your body and mind. Think of gardening that can keep you busy till the next winter imprisons you indoors. Even during the winter you can do some indoor gardening and keep yourself engaged.
Medical experts say that daily activities such as gardening are very ideal for people above 60. These activities reduce the risks of heart attack and stroke. Gardening makes you sit less and move more!

Five-tip remedy for healing depression

Depression has become an inevitable part of modern lifestyle. If you are depressed, even getting up from bed and doing your daily chores will e a great burden for you.
Although you are aware that you are depressed, your brain does not allow you to do anything. Here is a five-tip remedy to overcome your depression.

1) Feel your depression in its natural condition.
2) Follow some creative activity.
3) Believe that you are an athlete and overcome your depression.
4) Find out realities. Your brain may be showing you a zoomed picture.
5) Wait for the positive results.

What leads your life - emotions or knowledge?

What is the leading factor of your life? Is it your emotion or your thinking? Everyone has emotions and feelings.

Without emotions and feelings, a body will be just like a wooden block. Life is a bundle of emotions such as joy and sorrow.

Our life is directed by emotions as well as thinking. A person may be influenced by positive or negative emotions. Positive emotions lead a person to happiness, love or kindness.
Emotional decisions that result out of negative emotions such as anger, jealousy or hatred may lead a person to disastrous decisions.

Emotions are God-given triggers to shape our lives and they may arise even without our direct interference or will power. If they are balanced with the God-given insight it can reach happy ends.

Control Your Tongue and Avoid OverWeight.

If there is a holiday of fortnight one tends to gain weight and one also will have to face the consequence of increase weight. Everybody wants to spends his holidays with leisure & pleasure. It is natural that most of us succumb to the desire for immediate eating and eat more than our normal feeding. Most of us eat junk foods like pizza, burger but tempted by their taste. This over eating spoils the activeness and digestive power. It produces more acidity in the belly. And causes lot of problems so it is highly advisable to control your tongue and regularity so that one should not unnecessarily gained weight.           

Some Are People Selfish.

I am share with you about some in our life. We know that some people in the world are so selfish. This people can never love to each other. They only love yourself. Selfish person can never love to any person and never benefit to any person. But some people kindly polite behavior to any person without any benefits. But some people like rudely behavior to any person because this are selfish people. But friends do you agree with me.

Stamp & Coin Collections Raises Good Character in the Child.

With the busy lifestyle of modern days old hobbies of stamp collections, coin collections, card collections, picture postcard collections of different countries are very much prevailed in older times. These hobbies when properly encouraged raises the standard of teaching and impart knowledge of eminence. One of the main reason is the arrival of internet and other electronic devices for sending messages instead by postal service. Stamp collection is very useful hobby with great reward of shaping the character and knowledge of the children. It enlighten on the history of the particular country. The modern graphic designs on stamps and building a collection require much patience and curiosity to learn. It may be a good alternative to motivate children who are more attracted by the video games which in turn affect their eyesight and raise their negative attitude towards life.   

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Spring strengthens the hope in God.

Spring is the season of hope. Nature wakes up from the slumber of winter. Birds return to their native homes after spending some days in the southern parts of the world.
The clouds of winter yield to spring and allow the sun to heat the earth in the cold regions.
Christianity observes the season of Lent to strengthen the relationship with God and friendship with fellow human beings.
The season of Lent is not to condemn the sinful hearts, but to awake the hope of God’s mercy. It is a period of renewal. When things are renewed, it brings joy and hope to the hearts.

Dental cleaning – how often?

Dental cleaning is a clinical process. With the help of medical insurances, most of the modern people go for dental cleaning twice a year. They do teeth cleaning and dental examination.
Professional cleaning is needed for the teeth to reach every nook and cranny. Plaque can accumulate and harden into tartar which may not be cleaned by daily brushing and flossing of teeth.

The dental clinic will have equipment to clean the teeth perfectly and effectively. There will be techniques such as sound waves to loosen the hardened tartar. Hence it is quite essential to clean the teeth in a dental clinic.

Don't Compare With Others.

Friends we know that some people compare yourself with others people. But its a wrong. Its my point of view that When we are compare with others then we are jealous to another person. But friends its my thinking may be my thinking are wrong. Mostly girls jealous to another girls and this girl feel she is not good to another girls. But friends you feel you are best person in this world then you are happy in your life but you compare with others and then you are not happy in your life.

A reliable remedy for eczema

Eczema is a skin disorder that causes rashes and scaling on th outer skin. It looks ugly when it is exposed on the body in large areas, with itching, swelling and even bleeding.
Although it is caused by hypersensitivity and allergens, heredity also plays a part in causing this disorder.
There are several home-remedies for eczema. Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar can be used as a reliable remedy to treat eczema.
It contains several minerals and vitamins and can fight the bacteria that cause eczema. The anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties of apple cedar vinegar, especially the contents of acetic acid, fight the infection effectively.

You can dilute it in pure water and apply it on the body parts.

Our life is a beautiful garden.

What I feel about a dirty and waste land may give the vision of a beautiful garden to a person who has creativity or a landscaper.
For me it may look like a waste land of weeds. But a landscaper visualizes it as a garden that can be worked out there with some hard work. He can find ways to remove the weeds and bushes by bulldozing the brambles.
Every life is a potential place of a beautiful garden. If we know the methods of removing the brambles of fear and doubts, we can make our lives into beautiful places where God resides.

God assures all help to mend our ways and lead a fruitful life.

Yoga is a life of self-discovery.

Yoga, the ancient branch of Ayurveda, has become the mantra of the modern world. People who want are seeking a peaceful life, practice meditation and aspire for a healthy body and mind turn towards yoga today.
Most of the modern people view yoga as a type of fitness training. It is far beyond that. The very word "yoga" means bringing together the body and mind in every way - physically, mentally and spiritually.
Yoga is holistic practice for an overall health. It is self-rejuvenation. It leads us on a journey of self-discovery.

Step by step, yoga leads us to the self-discovery of excavating our past in order to have a better understanding of our present.