Sunday, 23 August 2015

Worthiness How to Live in Modern World?

The modern world is advancing at a rocket speed in technology and improved the lifestyle in various ways. It is my humble view point they are not contented in their life. and they are adopting a various ways of life style. If they are not happy they are more lethargic and singing about their grievances and complaints. Without any interest to solve them one by one. In the modern world they are losing the spirit of love in several ways. Everybody wants that other should work for them and earn for them without spending a penny. They don’t share real love and expect benefit from others. They are not ready to give any things to others. Now a days in the modern society people don’t realize the love of God and come forward to help others. They are becoming more money minded. Oh Lord save this planet.   

How to Save Teenagers Who Are Using Drugs?

I would like to express my surprising view point in the modern hi-tech lifestyle teenagers are using drugs without any knowledge of so called medicine. It is high time we should control our teenage, population to save them from drug abuse. It is the duty of parents to keep intense watch on their behaviour their hobbies to spend their time in-bar, disco club and keep a watch on their friends. They should be taught before hand the possible consequences. They should be taught to meditate and practice YOGA under the guidance of Yoga Clinic. 

So that they should not fall in trap with quacks and spoiling their life. because teenagers are more vulnerable and with the guidance of their respective parents.  We are to save guards our new generations. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to save Puppy & Kittens?

Will you be interested to know life pet cares like puppy, kittens etc. it is a program that promotes life saving fosters with bottle feeding. Every puppy & kittens at the time of birth. They are so attach to their respective mother to be fed by themselves. But in the program we decided to feed individually both the breed. We used feeding bottle with a half bottle of milk. We are to feed them three to four times in a day and they are made comfortable with woollen clothes. This practice continued for one month and later on all the kids (puppy& kittens) grew up and they fall in love with the respective caretaker. It was a good experience to learn various skills to handle them with love and affection. We developed attachment with them. 

It was mutually agreed to spend our time with them at regular intervals. Later on after three to four months we adopted each one of them independently & kept in  our home. And promise to share our experiences with each other. We got them vaccinated from Govt. agency 

How to speak sweetly or vice versa?

I am sharing with you my experiences. Some people on listening the question reply in a half manner way. When we talk with friends they are not in a mood to reply correctly or cordially but some our friends speak sweetly .It also depends on the timing intention. We know that different types of irritating replies are there but one should try to adopt positive attitude and speak politely to run the life no need to  create any irritation among ourselves.  If you want to know more irritated words or attitude. I would like to submit the following like those who speak mincingly, not to intend to reply completely , those who change the track immediately, those who speak without prior thinking , those who speak other than the common language. 

Stamp & Coin Collections Raises Good Character in the Child.

With the busy lifestyle of modern days old hobbies of stamp collections, coin collections, card collections, picture postcard collections of different countries are very much prevailed in older times. These hobbies when properly encouraged raises the standard of teaching and impart knowledge of eminence. One of the main reason is the arrival of internet and other electronic devices for sending messages instead by postal service. Stamp collection is very useful hobby with great reward of shaping the character and knowledge of the children. It enlighten on the history of the particular country. The modern graphic designs on stamps and building a collection require much patience and curiosity to learn. It may be a good alternative to motivate children who are more attracted by the video games which in turn affect their eyesight and raise their negative attitude towards life.        

Wrinkles on the Face Remedy lies in Yoga.

Although I am not a medical student but I can share with you the physiology of the body. its organic and inorganic functionary of the human body. The skin is the largest organ of the body. it needs care and maintenance. It protects the body with the unceasing collaboration of the skin cells. The skin cells perform the most of the life saving functions that protects us from toxic chemicals, heat and cold. If we do not protect our skin properly, the skin cells can not execute their functions and prevent infections and diseases. Over the human body every skin cell differ from others and covers the bones with number of layers like on the foot. these are thick layers and on the face it is thin layers likewise eyelid is of thin layers. The wrinkles on the skin is the symptom of observing the high energy sun rays. The rays affect the oxygen molecules of the skin and caused great instability. The remedy is apply mustar oil & breathe oxygen deeply and do Yoga exercise regularly.

Friday, 21 August 2015

How to Eat & Digest with Yoga?

In the Ancient time people used to prefer eating fruits, salads, and raw vegetables even if raw vegetable is to cook up. It is cooked with the help of ghee (Butter Oil), mustard oil etc. The term diet  has become very important word in the modern times and everybody go on suggesting others. What to eat what not to eat without having proper knowledge. What will be the repercussion on human body. if one without confirming the intake of such foods can hamper in human body. it is better the things or vegetables, milk, tea, coffee, juices should be taken on a selective way and breakfast, lunch, evening tea, supper at night should be divided at regular intervals. 

Starting from breakfast (after clearing belly) and lunch. There should be an intervals of 3 to 4 hours. And lunch and evening tea. There should be a duration of 3 to 4 hours,  in from evening to dinner. there should also be a duration of 3 to 4 hours. And after having a dinner they should be long walk of atleast 1 Km. One should take regular exercise in the morning and also do Yoga under the guidance  of the teacher. (Guru) simple living and simple eating and high thinking.                 

How Local Bazaars help Economy?

There are two types of markets. Whole seller & Retailer but in the big cities and small city local bazaar are also prevalent in the small lanes and road side of main road.  It could be weekly or daily basis. Shop locally has become the easy availability of day to day requirements of household. It is considered as green business it takes short  duration and can be beneficial in several ways. Shopping in these bazaars can help one directly by saving money getting fresh products.  It can also help indirectly by reducing your stress, and strain and by walking, it  promotes one’s health. 

It can also protect pollution, trading in the hustle and bustle of long car drives and avoiding over-packed malls. Local business can employ thousands of people hence fourth it is advisable to authority to sanction permit to dispose off & allow to run their business. Because government cannot give employment to all the personnel’s.             

Cherishing and Watching Old Photo.

I am sharing with you about my old  past. The other day I was looking for a important document. I by chance I am coming  across the photo album which I could not see for a long time. The first picture was of my Grand parents and other family members. Where in the lap of my Grand Father and Mother is the picture of childhood photo of my father beside my father another picture is of my uncle and their sister all the three were standing besides my Grand Father & Mother. It was a wonderful experience to see my Father childhood photo which was in black & white. Next to those picture as my father grow up with his younger brother and sister another photo was in the row. When my father join college and got the degree from his principal. It was another wonderful experience to watch. I learnt subsequently on my entry in the family I learnt a lot from my father and mother & I entered into the school of life. We should as advice by my revered father. We should be LEARNER through out our life. and work professionally with sound mind and work for development of the society etc.         

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Belly should be Flat.

Belly is an expansion in middle area of the body.( Stomach size) reason is that consumption of food and water. Unchewable food which is solid and drinking water after side by side. That is the most  wrong method of taking food. Bloating is a expansion of stomach size, common reason is swallowing  of food which is not digestible easily. It can produce more gas in the body if it doesn’t discharge itself its effects are more problematic. The best remedies is we are to take food, water, coffee, tea, juices etc. At regular routine sufficient  gap between two meals breakfast should be taken in the morning between 8 to 9 AM Lunch between 1.30 to 2.30 PM Evening tea between 4.30 to 5.30 PM Night meal between 8.30 to 9.30 PM. Night meal should be taken stickly two hours before sleeping. Before breakfast go for morning walk and after night meal go for evening walk.        

Listening of Heart or Brain Choice is yours.

Friends I am share with you about certain reasons either you one should listen to his heart or brain. One must understand the  physiology of the body. Brain is on the top of the body. Heart is left side of the body. If your listening to your heart it consists of many emotions like happiness, sadness, courage, fear, aggressiveness etc etc. Brain does not have any emotions that is  why it does not reflect any emotion. Those who listen to their heart always take the help from their respective emotions. And is the route cause of all the  possible problems like fighting, anger, soothness and involment in the daily activities. Best  way is to keep  your heart calm and cool go on listening music and discourses in the society and join some Holy places.          

Cherishing of Old Day.

Friends I am sharing with you about old memories of my meeting a friend whom I have been knowing for ten years now. One day on a official visit to my profession I happen to meet a man who was gauging at me constantly. When I called him and try to recognise him and exchange some sentences to confirm his identify. After exchanging some link up and its so happen that he turned out to be a my good friend of my class. This is a special day for us when we meet someone special to our heart and after a long time it bounds to be celebrated for such an important occasion. We exchange our old memories, narrated the whole incidents and our special memories which we go on keeping all these year. We can not expect that old days will come back. But it is in our memories still live and we can draw pleasure out of it.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Confidentialty between Two Persons.

Friends I am sharing with you a confidential talk between two persons. Is it not a vague writing? if we state above the confidential talked between two persons. Confidentialty means between two person , they can share the secret between themselves. Those two persons should be friends and it should not be shared further only then that confidentialty stay on. When two friends share any type of confidentialty. It is only upto social environment and upto personal level. As long as this confidentialty does not harm or wage enmity between the two persons.       

My Standard is Higher than your Heels.

I am sharing with you about heels which are worn by only females. Now a days higher heels show you looking with different personality. Some girls do not like high heels. When a girl wear high heels and tend to compare with anybody’s standard. Standard in the life how you present yourself even if you do not wear high heels. If it is compared with any standard like presentation of any sort, modeling, wearing of different costumes. But the person specially (woman) present herself with bright face with truthfulness, confidence and its shows on her face. Her standard will be considered the highest.     

Salt with Facts.

I am sharing with you some special information about salt. As we are well aware that salt is most important ingredient in the food and other eatables. Salt is consist of sodium and chlorine and it is made near seashore. Salt is very precious masala (spices). Although all the ladies who cooked food at home add up salt according to the taste and requirement in preparing cereal  & Vegetable . If it is used in excess then it will spoil the whole food. And it will be not advisable to take it in. as the Doctor recommend that salt is not to be taken in excess because it raises the blood pressure of human body. Salt is to be taken with iodine or (iodised salt). Iodine is good for combating different diseases from in fant to adolesecent.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How to Appreciate others.

I am sharing with you about  appreciating others. We know that our life is very important for us. Mostly people have some abilities in ones life but these people do not share or appreciate others. This is a very vague policy on our side. If you appreciate other and adopts there quality in you. You will also be appreciated it will also improve your way of life and quality of life. Although it is a good recommendation to appreciate only to those who have got some high standard of knowledge and working capacity. We can also appreciate highly successful and commanding a good position in the society. We can also appreciate our immediate seniors and grasp there practical ability.     

Life can be Improved with Exercise.

I am share with you about exercises taken differently. We know that exercise is very important for our health. I am suggesting some benefits of exercises during life span. When at the age of 7 to 8 years. Children starts playing with simple exercise. (infants also start taking excercises at that very age). Exercise should be taken on the daily basis and at regular interval. Taking of excercises improves immunity system in the human body. Exercise raises confidence and physically in your life. confidence is very important for us. Exercise makes your mind brain bones stronger and powerful. Exercise can create happiness and mentally strong for your society.

How to Improve your Memory?

We know that our memory is very important in our life. Human brain play a important role in improving one’s memory. Kindly note down to improve memory status. Wake up early in the morning after clearing your belly go for green fields take out your shoes and walk briskly on the green grass for 30 mintues. Breath deeply from both nostril. Do some light excercises. There should not be any compromise between sleep and exercise at night one should take sound sleep. After washing one’s feet and go to bed. During day time play some computer games and mathematical calculations and remember them. And keep them in  mind so that it should not be forgotten forever. There should be some mental exercise and stress management to improve your memory. During day time and night time make  your mood fresh. And have a fun. 

Obesity a Boon or Curse.

We know that obesity is the  depends on the gross imbalance of  calories consumed and Food intake utilized for different activities of daily routine. This is a harmful condition for the health. It also depend on how much food you take and how much you can consume. If there is a great different between the two obesity is bound to increase. First is that your body mass is an important indicators and when you stand more time then your weight will go on increasing. Second is that you are doing regular exercise daily and fresh food is taken and this food have low calories. Exercise should be little heavier then so that perspiration should come out from the body pores. Intake of water is very important this water control the obesity. 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Think Big Dream Big Do Big.

We know that most people dream big without thinking any think big. But some people  dream big and think big they  are able to get success in the life. Some people think big doing big upto that level. They think big and get little money but they could not achieves big reason is they can not transform that big into reality. The best way of achieving big is to think big then make a good start and start day/-dreaming and exert lot of labour and perseverance. Till you achieves big. Be a successful personality.       

Peaceful Days Ahead.

I am sharing with you the protest march which was organized to give a memorandum to the higher authority. It was organized through out the country and big cities. It started like a peace march till it reached near by administrative  block.I hope that everyone who has a message to share with you peacefully and the people that has get their message sharing opinions for the people. And on reaching (admin). Block five members took the copies of the message deliver to highest authority. On returning back from there were some miscreants who started misbehaving and abusing the fellow citizen. Few seniors advise not to indulge in this fight. They asked just to talk peacefully and respectfully to each other to avoid certain problem.     

Charity Begin At Home.

An 80 year-old Grandfather who was walking on a road to fetch some food from a grocery store like apple, banana, chiku etc. A group of young people came up to him and he thought Youngman are selling some ticket. He was happy to see when they offered him a ticket of around Rs 500. As a discount coupon. It was very overwhelming to got it. The old man bought some fruits and nuts and dry fruits. And instead he got the chance to pay less money to the shopkeeper. The old man asked those youngman to visit him in his house so that they can make a get together. Next week those young people visited him and share their experiences because they were doing this charity for the last five  years. The old man served them with coffiee, snacks and gave them a good piece of advise that charity begins at home.        

How to Rectify Tiredness and Lazy?

Sometimes, I wish my energy level is low. But I don’t want to share my energy level condition with negativity. I mean there are some days when it is high and some days it is low. Today my energy level is very low. I am feeling lithargic and lazy. But I am not from that breed so I gathered my inner energy and use my will power to face any untoward activity. I breath deeply and exhaust it and did same exercise from few mintues. By inhaling deeply oxygen filled in the lungs and doing it regularly for sometime it enhances the activeness in the body. All the lazyiness vanishes itself. 

Sunday, 16 August 2015

People want to make their time happy.

There are different emotions but happiness is sought by every human being. One cannot work constantly and consuming energy which we get from food, liquid (Water, Coffiee Tea) & Fruit and juices. By consuming and doing hard work in a day to day activities. Every human being need pleasure and happiness so that there are provision of holiday (Sunday) and weekends. Pleasure time strengthen our minds and body. This can provide by the time spent at one’s own liking. What you think about pleasure it will reflect on one’s face. If you move honestly you will consume less energy. If you be dishonest to your profession and to yourself. You will consume more energy. So take care for future.

I am Ready to Win if I Convince Myself.

I have doubts about certain things. And there is a small fear of, that is holding me back. It is demaging my confidence that why I was feeling weak. I have the sufficient time. As we do know that if we do nothing we are nothing that why I keep this in my mind and gather my inner energy and start thinking of positive and high level. So I convince myself and I breath deeply and start thinking high positive level. I start thinking that I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. And it will help me to succeed in the end. I have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. I kept my focus on the target (Aim) and able to win tomorrow.    

Learn, Walk and Read.

I often feel like I can not take a break from my computer because there are so many think to do and learn about them. I spent most of my day in front of a computer. I feel tired. So I got up from my sit to spend sometimes to take tea, snacks and go for a walk to have some fresh air. But it was raining outside. I do need to find sometime which spend in the verandah. There I find a book to read to earn/gain. Some knowledge and contribute it to my  online website. That help me to freshan up in my mind I lost the lazyness of the body.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

How do I help him?

I don’t know how to feel or what to say right now maybe someone can help him but I decided to help him because he cannot move. I asked him how to help you only listening to me he narrated the pathtic story which I cannot divulge. I helped him to stand up on his feet. I took him to the nearby dispensary. I asked the Doctor give him some medicine and   bandages. Doctor and a nurse helped him and dressed up and bandages and ointment etc. after having a Cup of Tea /Coffee with him. I took him to his home. And drop in and asked his wife and daughter help him to put him on the bed. All the three thanked me and blessed me with good wishes. Although I don’t want to narrate this incident because I don’t want to advertise this incident but I could not resist myself.        

Banana is Good Food.

Everyone suffer from more or less acidity in the belly. Actually I suffer from it frequently. But now after having a couple of banana I am after half an hour I am feeling better . so here is the remedy. We need to know about it. Banana works as a natural antacid. It will help to recover from suffering acidity. It also help burning of heart. (Chest). I hope this information will help other a lot to get a healthier life.  

Coffee the Energy Booster.

In most of the country of the world all the people who like coffee as a stimulants. We love to have a cup of Tea or Coffee but in western side everybody prefer coffee. Coffee is consist of caffeine which is acts as an energy booster and raises blood pressure from low to high. After the consumption of the coffee, the caffeine is absorbed by one’s self within five minutes and can get to action within ten minutes. So it is highly adviseable to have a cup of coffee to maintain one’s health intact.   

It is Impossible to tell your Kids not to Dream?

Yes I would not even it is near impossible I would never tell them that if I had a kid it depends on how much old the kid is. Is he/she understands what they are dreaming about whenever they will disclose (Dream) to me Only then I could explain to them the intricacyies of the dream and how it should be implemented in practical. Their dream could be to become doctor, lawyer, wrestler, writer, sports player, engineer, scientist, etc. etc. but formost is to complete there middle and secondary education. As per education system prevailing in the country or metro. After that they become any one of them as mentioned above. They can cherish that dream till they fulfill that.       

Bargain is Always Good.

In the afternoon second service lane (Road). There is moveable shops or weekly bazaar is organized on a particular day. Everything is available from clothes, groscery, ration, undergarments, cosmetics, and provision etc.etc. I wanted to have a suit consist of pant and shirt. I go on searching the same from one end of the bazaar to the end of the bazaar. I found one set it was upto my measurement and color and clothes was of good quality. I asked the price. The shopkeeper exaggerated the price in a second. I asked him to reduce it to certain level by explaining the qualities which I am getting from another shopkeeper I quoted the price. Finally he came to that very price which I quoted with some hesitation and we made the bargain fully ok.  

Friday, 14 August 2015

Respect Your Elders How , you are to decide?

This is a common discussion when younger people disrespect older people. Simplest of the argument is that old one are of senior in age, experience,  wisdom and level of understanding in the atmosphere. They deserve to be respected equally high. It is also depends on the deeds of the elder. If the elder does or harm anyone younger to him or her. If it is physically harmful or injuries caused to younger one. There are policing is also there . they will look after the matter. There is no reason we should or we should not disrespectful to elders. We can only ignore them. We are to respectful to elders whom we know and   familiars to us.   

Chewing of Food More Important.

I would like to explain my friend that knowing the physiology of human body is more important than to concerate on a bluffy words circulated by vested interest. Those who say that chewing is good for losing weight. They should understand that chewing will help only to digest, when insuline produced by pancreases in the belly mixed with that chewed and   help it to digest shortly and early. So hence if the calorie consumed and renunciate and converted into energy. That is the scientific cycle known to everyone. For losing weight if there is plenty of fat that should be removed by exercises & joining gym and renunciate that extra fat.