Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Functions of Microscope.

Today I would like to share with you the experience that I had with a laboratory assistant whom I met in a conference where he invited me to visit his lab. The word Microscope as he explained to me is a combination of two Greek words, micros or small and skopos or watcher so this means if joined, a Microscope is a watcher of small objects. It is an instrument that is used to see tiny objects which are invisible to the naked eye. Normally an object appears larger than the closer. It is brought to the human eye when it is come nearer than 10 inches (25.5cm) it becomes blurred. That means it is set to be out of focus. 

If a simple convex lens is placed between the eye and the object, the object can be brought nearer than 10 inches (25.5cm). and skill remain in focus. Today the microscope is important to every form of industry like medicine, medical investigation and to study the other laboratory requirement. It is very useful to determine the size and quality of Bacteria. I would like to thank the Lab Assistant who shared and gave me the knowledge to learn the new function of microscope. 

Choose between Health and Wealth.

It does not make me nonsense if I venture to preach for my fellow citizens at large. How do I live life and how it means to me. It depends on a person how he understands the life given by the supreme power above us. No doubt, health is our only wealth more gracious than the store-house of coins and currency. It has been rightly said that if wealth is lost ,nothing is lost because it can be earned again. In case health is lost we are deprived of the bliss of life. A healthy man enjoys life in real sense. He listens to music, plays well, sleeps well, reads well. He can enjoy nature’s beauty with enthusiasm as he walks around briskly. 

He finds life full of fun as digestion of everything is possible. Everything seems to be under his control and at his command. Bright looks and eyes with a muscular body give him heavenly experiences on the earth. He has desire to live longer because all of his senses work effectively. Everyone want to remain healthy, ill-health is detested by all. Only an unhealthy person who feels desperate of life can give a vivid description of the value of good health. So it is in conclusive desire of everyone to keep good health. Precautions have to be taken regarding keeping good health and take good nutrient food regularly and keep the positive energy and outlook.   

Science Which can Save manKind?

Science itself defines its own boundaries whether its belongs to ancient times, mediaeval times or modern times. Considering the difference of spiritualism or science. It is very well understood by the countries who are dominated by dictatorship, communism and democratic processes. Spiritualism is a process of personal transformation and knowledge about one self externally & internally. According to traditional religious, Ideals, caste & creed and sects of different communities. 

Extremism and fundamentalist are also part and parcel of this world. Everybody whether it’s a government or non-government always try to dominate others in the name of supremacy and humanity. In a more general sense, it is referred to almost all kind of meaningful activity or blissful experiences. On the other hand science from the very ancient time it has been the belief of different societies that the inventions and discoveries are very much in need of fulfilling the aspirations and development of different angles in the society. 

If the technology is improved in its own way to solve the prevailing problems and to upliftment of the society at large. Because science has the different branches like engineering, chemicals, mechanical, electronic etc.etc. if science alone is capable of solving the humanitarian problems like poverty, diseases, misery, illiteracy. Spiritualism enters and work jointly with science and its inventions. Both spiritualism and science are complementary and it should be handled very carefully and execute for the development of mankind. If one visualize the bad effect of the science under no circumstances it should be occupied or captured by fundamentalist. Otherwise it may create bad results of science. Here comes the spiritualism, love & fear, enlightenment of the humanity

Monday, 29 June 2015

How I Saved an Old Woman?

I would like to express my heartfelt experience. Yesterday  I met an old woman who was waiting near roadside. I am not a preacher for that matter. I thought in my mind to help her in practical. Very few young man and young woman have a soft corner for the old. It was a  winter day. Snow had fallen recently. The roads were wet and slippery. An old woman with a stick in her hand was standing at the crossing. She was waiting there for some passer-by to help her. She was bent with old age. A large number of people passed by her and crossed the road. Nobody took any notice to her. At last she dared herself to go across. A car was running at full speed. The old lady stumbled and was going to be crushed to death. I picked up courage and saved her life by taking her across the road hurriedly. She blessed me for saving her life. 

A Visit To Taj Mahal.

In a weekend we decided to visit Agra for that we are to book a train ticket. On the day of departure we reached the railway station and boarded the train. It was a journey of 130 KM from New Delhi. We are a accompany with a few friends. We enjoyed the journey to the Agra. We reached within three hours to Agra Cantt. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is situated on the Right bank of the river Yumuna. It is built of pure white marble. The main building stand over a basement in a rectangular shape with a big dome at the centre, at each end of the plinth stands a three-storeyed minaret. There is a whole layout of fountains and gardens attached to it. The Taj was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in a memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Inside the Taj it is real tomb of Mumtaz Mahal in the basement. It took twenty thousand workman and took twenty years to complete the building. The Taj looks grand and magnificent in a full moon night and attracts a large numbers of visitors from home and abroad. Incidentally it was a full moon night when we reached the Taj. On returning to our lodge we enjoyed the visit to Taj and feeling tired and after taking dinner we slept through out night and in the morning we took the breakfast and took the train for returning home. 

Passing a Night Alone in the House.

I am sharing with you a very practical experience of my life. few weeks ago I never knew that the fear of the unknown could be so powerful. Because my parents went out of station to attend a wedding in a family. I was left alone at home. There was a heavy downpour. Stormy winds were blowing. I felt restless. As the night approaches the stillness began to trouble me. The weird silence teased me out of thought. I turned the radio on and tried to overcome my restlessness. But there was a power failure. I tried to read a story book in the candle-light but I found that very boring the power came after 15 to 20 mintues. At last I decided to go to bed but sleep wouldn’t come. After much effort I landed into the peaceful lap of sleep for about 5 to 6 hours, in the sleep I saw an horrible dream. I was shivering to the skin. I saw a robber with a dagger in his hand. I gave out a shrill cry Help! Help! Help! out of fright. God helped me to wake up on listening the sound of ringing bell of my house. And I found on opening the door my utter joy my parents had returned home and both hugged me tightly. Next few days I was unable to forget that very dream. I asked my parents not to let me stay at home alone. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.

Today I am opening my heart to express the sense of Beauty. They say, is only skin deep. It is shortlived and it lies in the eyes of the beholder, say what you like, not even an ascetic or an angel can be blind to beauty in nature or in human form. It is very soothing to the eyes. It sends a wave of joy into the heart. It is imprinted forever in our memory. You never forget a sweet sensation and a divine face or even an artistic wonder. Whenever you are alone and in a pensive mood, you recall the object of beauty in imagination and you feel thrilled. The passage of time enhances the beauty of things and persons seen years ago. True beauty gives us an everlasting joy. Love for beauty is but natural in human being, birds and beasts. Beauty spells intoxicating magic. Whenever one recalls a beautiful scene, one feels a thrill of pleasure. Do you have any other idea of Beauty? 

Illiteracy problem easy way to sort out.

In this world everyone is given lots of opportunities by nature, call it God or there is a supreme power above us.  As everyone is well aware that whole world is consist of numerous type of people like literate and illiterate rich and poor and of different religion. Illiteracy is a curse. It is widespread in many Asian and African countries. Illiterate people remain poor ,week, backward they become an easy prey to the manipulation of the cunning politician, moneylenders and cheats. Hence the government in our country have started literacy campaign for the upliftment of the masses. The task is big and difficult the problem are to raise funds and to motivate the people to learn government alone cannot complete the task. Every citizen has a moral duty to cooperate with the government to help in this campaign. In my view we should organize a camp with the literate person so that they can also adopt one person to teach him independently and collectively. Even the corporate sector can adopt few more numbers. So that with in a shortest period one can become literate and progress equally with other fellow citizen.so that they can also have the opportunity to live with their  respective livelihood.  

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ayurveda & its Advantages.

There are different pathies like Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Unani & Ayurveda. I would like to say that Ayurveda is an ancient science which was discovered in the beginning of civilization. Although there is no definite date or year when it started. Most of the people think that the science of ayurveda is just a method of treatment. If one adopts the ayurveda it is better to have proper knowledge and implement that knowledge into practice. In the ayurveda it is advised to take vegetable, fruits, milk, juice etc.etc. To fill-up the belly. First of all after getting up one must pray to God and seek his blessings and take exercise like morning walk in a garden or in a park do some yoga and after taking bath one should take breakfast with loaf of bread, milk (Never take tea or coffee) after doing work three to four hours take lunch with prepared vegetable and loaf of bread as per requirement. There should be a difference of three to four hours take some snacks and tea in the evening and later on take dinner before going to sleep. One must take evening walk for one km atleast. It is a science of Ayurveda that give us guidance for a successful life on this earth which is aimed at the ultimate goal of accomplish the job on the earth. The great science is based on three ingredients of life which can be attained for body , mind, soul. Within a couple of month one starts feeling energetic glow on the face & immunity raises itself. 

How to Avoid Third Person’s Interference?

As everyone is well aware that a person is born alone & after spending life span he dies in the end. But one cannot live alone he needs a friend in the form of a person like classmate, wife, father, brother/sister in the society. Most of friends are consist of two or three person between them is mutual trust & faith.  We are confident that life is very important for us and this life spend with happiness and enjoyable. Sometimes we spend our life with special relations in our life and we also care that relations with good thinking, mutual trust & faith. If between two friends third person come and start making alleged confirmations of certain notions about the first two person. Only then mis-understanding creep in and that part of conversation creates unwarranted problem. If it is solved in a given time it’s ok. But if it does not solve amicably and last for long it will defiantly breakup. Best solution would be to solve it together and amicably settle. The two should talk amicably, in the absence of main trouble maker & pray to God to help them to solve it thoroughly.     

Science in Everyday Life.

From the beginning of 21st Century. It is very fast in speed and no relation among the public & societies. Sometimes it is good and sometimes in the worst among the societies.I would like to share with you science in day to day activities. Science is very important subject now a days because it is a modern time and our generation is modern due to science. Different technique are available in our life without science whole world be in darkness. As the scientist are inventing and discoveries are being innovated day by day but sometimes some invention are not fruit-full to humanity and some of them are more disasterous and not good for humanity. In day to day activities small and petty inventions are very much prevalent in this world like mobile, internet, satellite phones are very useful in communication on the other hand weapons & military equipment’s are not useful in day to day activities.       

Friday, 26 June 2015

Romantic dreams.

There are dreams named wild & soft , harsh and romantic during day time If we go on thinking on a particular point or a subject (problem)  one may dream during night time when the person is fast asleep he may dream of solving that very problem which was bothering him in the day time. I also had a wild dream during last week which has nothing to do my day to day working. Sometimes we dream, we remember them vividly but sometimes I wake up we don’t remember them clearly. What in the world made me dream about? Most of our dreams make no sense at all. And we soon forget them. There are a few that we remember till morning. One dream that I have recently is an attack on a important building by extremist group of another country. In the dream I found extremist people were attacking on the building with automatic weapons and it was moving in my dream like a picture. It took another ten to fifteen mintues. (Which I am not sure how much time it took). All the extremist were killed by security forces. Security forces personal were also killed by that group. Security forces were remembered every year. As Martyr and they were saluted by security forces and people of the country. What I dream was I witness the whole incident in my dream. Dreams are dream but life moves on. 

Remedies of Arthritis?

Remedies  are better than cure it is highly advisable to look into the problem at a very early stages of that very problem. like Arthritis, diabetes, cough, infections of lungs, heart problem etc. if one suffers of any one disease,  his major span of his life passes to solve that disease. I would like to stress on lifestyle of a  person who does not control his habits of eating, working, resting at irregular times. Sometime he takes less food and sometime he takes more food without any hunger. This is the root causes of all the common and uncommon diseases. Sometimes without digesting the previous food one start eating next meal. This habit will spoil the digestive power in the belly which in turn convert the indigestive food into acid production. This acid production is mixed with the blood and on circulating in the body from top to bottom and bottom to top. This acid stick in the various joints of the body which are starting from fingers and later on in the knee joints and others. If this process (bad habits) continuous for longer period it will hamper the movements of joints and the grease in the joints will dry up and it will create sound on movements of joints and that cause the pain simple or severe type best remedy is to brisk walking for 1 Km atleast cycling static or moveable and control the diet habits. Introduce garlic and ginger prepared baked and gravy also take loafs of breads with that prepared vegetables and take plenty of waters. So that one should not have constipation. After taking meal at any time take water (luke warm) after 45 minutes of the meal.Arthritis patients should not take oily food, icecream ( cold) light food. Take one pearl of a garlic, honey with milk cashew. In the morning before clearing stomach take luke warm water with lemon so that belly should clear itself. Though I am not a student of  medicine but  common ailments and advance stages of diseases can be cured it at a very early stages.             

All Is Well That Ends Well.

Everybody is well aware that in this world numerous category of human beings are living in this world. They have different attitude, concepts, level of IQ and there working environment,   surrounding, culture, caste and creed, & sects.I am sharing with you about my life. We know that some people can never be  happy  on meeting one another in one’s life. There problem is that they don’t want to know each and everything in detail from one’s  life. Because they don’t understand the true meaning of life how to spend it and how to maintain happiness. Some people makes a life more presentable and pleasant atmosphere around them. This type of people feel contended. That’s why they bring out pleasure from the other people and they take the things lightly. They feel no problem , and it should not  be taken to the heart. On the contrary they solve the problem with their mind. And if the problem is solved successfully the result is always positive and it ends in a positive way. That’s why all is well that ends well.    

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Beauty with Intelligence in Women.

In this world everybody is well aware that God has given the greatest creation of nature to this world. One is women and another is men. I am sharing with you about certain logical point which are in my view are as follows. In every country women are consider a weak creation of God but in our country women are consider the most pious and worshipped creation of God the Devi. That is why women are pull down and men create hurdles and impediments and further create odd circumstances in the name of upliftment in this society to bring them down in their eyes. Men are also create certain irrelevant notions to bring them down to surface. I would like to appreciate those women who are ready to face eventualities boldly. Women are classified as house wives, school going girls, office goers, corporate goers, female teachers, lawyers and so on. Two types of ladies are most vulnerable and suffer the most. If they start demanding respect from men. It is highly a matter of concern that men and women should respect mutually and equally. So that good life and good dimensions can be created in the society.       

How to Renunciate Smoking?

There are different types of addiction like smoking, alcohol, drugs, injections etc.etc. It was a bad habit which I nurtured at the very young age but with the cooperation  and motivation of my Late GrandMother who taught me how to renunciate smoking. She also motivated me to have strong will power  to control and eliminate this menace. She motivated me that it is very harmful and injurious to health, throat, lungs, windpipe, food pipe, smelling in the mouth etc. she narrated me all sorts of practical stories and she explained me in a very cordial way. I am not going to preach anybody and everybody just to renunciate your respective bad habits and live happily gather your inner strength and deviate from that negative attitude and slowly and steadily win over that very problem.      

How To Eradicate Drug Menace?

It is very painful to know that drugs addiction is increasing among our modern youngsters. I have a very good example of a state who till recently a big food grower of the country. With the inflow of money from all sources. The children of those farmers are falling in the row of drugs addiction which is not controllable by their respective parents when they come to know that their children are in the grip of drugs. State authority does not bother to prevent them from such mishaps over the past few years drugs abuse is becoming more and more easy access to every person. With the coming of  new state authority new programme have been launched to apprehend the suppliers of such dirty drugs. Which are spoiling the young generation and making them drugs addict.           

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to avoid Cancer with Drinking (Heavy).

This world is a combination of different weathers through out the year some countries are of cold weather and some are medium cold and some others are of hot weather so according to a weather condition in their respective countries. And according to their customs and cultures everybody is well aware that holidays are meant for leisure and pleasure. Holidays are the seasons when people drink heavily and put themselves in the trouble. Heavy drinking may seem to be a fun. It is harmful to the person who drinks and as well as although who are around. We are basically teetotaler and proud to be announcing the same. But we understand how drinking or heavy drinking affects the human body. In cold countries it is highly recommended that one should take alcohol as a medicine to keep one self warm the body but in hot or medium countries at (weather vise) one should take barley water or beer and everybody knows too much of  everything is not good for health.         

Pearly Teeth Helps to glow your face.

Human body is consist of bone marrow, bones, veins, skin, teeth, tongue as an organic and inorganic composition of different  glands and their functionary. Glands are governing  parts of the body. Teeth are the most important parts of human body and add beauty to the face. The pearly teeth add the fascination to every smile. Whiter teeth can be a great asset to a person’s smile. Tooth bleaching is very effective in removing the stains from the teeth. The simplest way is to maintain your teeth. So that it does not cause any tooth decay, stains and gum should be firm and cavity should not be there. After waking up in the morning go for a brushing and use that brush in the round way and up and down inner and outer of the teeth. So that it does not cause any plaque. If there are stains use half cut lemon rub it on the teeth and massage the gum with the first  finger by using paste. And apply on the gum and massage it with the first finger in a circular way. Wash your mouth and dry it up. It is highly advisable not to go to dentist for bleaching because enamel on the tooth will spoil because of chemicals. Make your laughter more precious through your white teeth.  

To Avoid Wrinkles on the Face with YOGA.

Everybody is aware that human body is consist  of  different  ingredients of life like Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire. Human body is made of five basic contents of nature. The physiology of the body.  its organic and inorganic functionary of the human body. The skin is the largest organ of the body. it needs care and maintenance. It protects the body with the unceasing collaboration of the skin cells. The skin cells perform the most of the life saving functions that protects us from toxic chemicals, heat and cold. If we do not protect our skin properly, the skin cells cannot execute their functions and prevent infections and diseases. Over the human body every skin cell differ from others and covers the bones with number of layers like on the foot. these are thick layers and on the face it is thin layers likewise eyelid is of thin layers. The wrinkles on the skin is the symptom of observing the high energy sun rays. The rays affect the oxygen molecules of the skin and caused great instability. The remedy is apply mustar oil & breathe oxygen deeply and do Yoga exercise regularly

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hey everyone.

Hey everyone. How are you all doing? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your day so far. Sorry if I haven't been on here in a while. I have been busy with stuff. Right now I am free because I have completed my exam so thanks God. God really helps me for my exam. now I will post my article daily. Currently I am playing a video game.  So did  you do anything exciting for today? 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Health Benefits of Yoga.

Hi friends how are you. It is very necessary for human body to adopt simple rules in our life everyone want to fit and fine. so yoga is benefits for health.

1. Improves your flexibility

2. Builds muscle strength

3. Betters your bone health

4. Increases your blood flow

5. Lowers blood sugar

6. Improves your balance

7. Maintains your nervous system

8. Boosts your immune system functionality

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Weight Loss and fitness with Yoga.

Power Yoga and sets a speedy pace, and pulse rate, luxuriant sweating incentives, that are characteristics that practitioners of yoga welcomes serious. Among the numerous advantages of burning calories and improve strength, flexibility and endurance, and promote metabolism, scale back stress and add strength in inactive muscles. 

Yoga could be a kind of exercise that works by stimulating and meeting you on mental levels, emotional, religious and physical. after you area unit glad on of these levels, and this will increase your self-understanding. With increasing shallowness, you have got less tendency to resort to mortal sin or different abusive practices to answer your queries. 

Weight Loss Yoga Fitness happens naturally as a results of this increase in shallowness and build your confidence. It additionally improves metabolism as a result of muscle is constructed. additional muscle you develop, the larger ability to burn calories, even at rest. additionally, it's believed that Yoga stimulates the thyroid, that is chargeable for the device directly affects the metabolism within the body.  

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Breakfast helps to you keep your energy high and make you healthy.

Hi friends how are you. It is very necessary for human body to adopt simple rules in our life everyone want to fit and fine. So breakfast is most important in the morning. When you get up early in the morning and you get start your day with breakfast then feel you are in right way. Breakfast helps to you keep your energy high and make you healthy. When you eat your breakfast you feel mentally comfortable and your full day active. Study kids must need high fiber food in the morning like oatmeal etc. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Health Benefits of an Apple.

Hi friends how are you. It is very necessary for human body to adopt simple rules in our life everyone want to fit and fine. So use apple in daily life. Its benefit for you. First benefit is boost your immune system. Second benefit of control your weight. Third benefit of get whiter, healthier teeth. Fourth benefit of get a healthier heart. Fifth benefit of reduce cholesterol.

We suggest to you use apple every day and this is very good for us.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hey everyone.

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your day so far. Sorry if I haven't been on here in a while. I have been busy with stuff. Right now I am Preparing my exam. because of last year after that I clear my gradation. That why I could not post extra. So did you do anything exciting for today?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Good Evening Everyone.

Good evening everyone how are you guys doing today? I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your evening so far. So right now I am just playing the video game. I am also just thinking about a lot of different things. There’s a lot of different things on my mind today and I am just praying to God that he will give me peace and joy. I love video game. So did you do anything exciting for today?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Good Evening All.

Good Evening all. How are you all doing today? Today it has been raining here. So enjoy it a lot. I am going to park with friends and enjoying a raining day. And we will play lot of games and other friends lots of fun tonight. What have you guys been up to for today? Have you done anything interesting at all?

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Water has a lot of benefit.

Hi friends how are you. It is very necessary for human body to adopt simple rules in our life everyone want to fit and fine. Water has a lot of benefit. If you feel pain (burning) in chest and stomach then it means water is less in your body for that reason you don’t have take medicine batter you drink more water. If you don’t have any idea do to water less in your body that’s why pain in your stomach in case if you take medicine for that purpose then you get swelling in your stomach. We will describe the problem why decease coming for human body do to drinking less water.

1. Burring Chest & Stomach
2. Bones Pain
3. back Bones Pain
4. Chest Pain

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Priority in life.

Hi friends how are you. Many peoples around us but all are not important because of very person have priority in life. Mostly important in our life that cares us love us and always remember us. Specially mother father and brother. This all relation is very important for us because we are more hope full from him. We always want care them and thinking about every matter of life what they said.After married woman she get love care and importance from his husband that she need this all things up to die from his life partner.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Health benefits of Egg.

Hi friends how are you. It is very necessary for human body to adopt simple rules in our life everyone want to fit and fine. So the egg has very special benefit food almost every home they eating with very keep interest in the food import ants after the milk have egg is number one food which has more energy. Eggs are high quality protein. And special benefits of eggs do not raise your risk of heart disease and may reduce the risk of stroke. You can eat egg all weather and age of life. Phosphorus is good for human body and from calcium body getting power. 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Good Evening All

Good Evening all.  How are you all doing today? Hope your day was a creative success. mine was good. not great, just good and enjoying your evening so far. So right now I am just hanging around. I had Gita (Holy book) study tonight and that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed tonight. We had a lot of great laughters with the games we played after Gita (Holy book) study and also reading and learning God's word was amazing and my other friends enjoy it so much. What have you guys been up to for today? Have you done anything interesting at all?

Friday, 5 June 2015

Avoid Unhealthy foods.

Hi friends how are you. It’s my view to all of you who eat unhealthy food just avoid it. Because some food we thing good for health and we are eat healthy food but fast food easy to eat because available in market easily but mostly peoples don’t this food difficult digest. Fast foods, mostly peoples get fatty from fast food and drinking could Drink more with this food always when you drink many soft drink and eating always fast food , then you will be missing out on enough vitamins also after eating feeling coming lazy. mostly fast food have more sugar and salt and fat inside. Every things body needs a little bit.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Benefits of Onion.

First benefit is controlling the blood sugar in body and good for Diabetes patient.
Second benefit of onions improve the working of Vitamin C in the body.
Third benefit of onions contain chromium which assists in regulating blood sugar.
Fourth onions have been used to reduce inflammation and heal infections.
Fifth onion in food every day and this is very good for us. If you use onion in your daily food almost using also using all food items. This is very good for us.

Health Benefits of Mango.

Mango is the king of fruit is no doubt because of his unique and amazing taste. I feel so lucky God made for us like this types of fruit which is very nice in this worlds. The very special benefit for whose eating the mango with keen interest Peoples skin is glowing and health full Face, Boosts Immune system,  Improves Digestion,  Remedy for Heat Stroke etc. etc. if you are eating mango then your sink always glowing and your eyes always perfect to watching everything. This is using so many dishes and all dishes very great taste we taking.  

Be Grateful For your life.

Life for giving you the chance to experience all that you’re experiencing, and will be experiencing in time to come. I am honestly just so grateful for the many blessings. God has brought to me this year and has brought me so many blessings in the past years. There has been roller coaster rides in every single year I’ve been through. It’s honestly hard to go through things like that. Sometimes we give up because of things that have happened in the past and we don’t want to go through the pain again. But I just want to let you all know that don’t ever give up. In this world there is so much trouble going on. But we can make a difference by showing love and kindness towards everyone. Be grateful for your life and also be kind to everyone. 

Kindness and Caring Love.

Kindness and caring. Two very simple words, but two actions that can change your world and the world around you. Having kindness is something we all should have towards everyone. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but we definitely need to show kindness to everyone. God told us to love and show kindness to everyone just as he showed us kindness and love. I encourage you all to show kindness and love to everyone including those who you may not like or those you don’t know. It make a difference. Don’t do it because you have to but because you want to.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sorry for today.

Hey guys sorry for today I can’t type my new article. Because I am very busy. I am sharing them to you all while I was on the trip and when I came back home. I haven’t on because I have been doing some other things. But I am back to say hello and share more stuff to you guys. Thanks for reading and listening. I will definitely try to catch up with you all.  

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Happy Tuesday.

Hi friends how are you. Today Rain makes everything beautiful enjoy this rainy day. I am going to sit here at the computer and relax. I feel I deserve a break and what better way to relax. Its another dismal, rainy day here in Delhi but the grass is starting to get back to the lush green color and I am sure the shrubs and flowers are happy to get the much needed rain the past the past few days.

I love Rainy day.

Hi friends how are you. We know that it’s a summer vacation in going on so  I love enjoy rainy today. My experience on a Rainy Day gives me sweet memories. Rains are blessings, rains are a curse. We planning to go to picnic spots which were full of enjoyment. I was playing a snowball (small and big) and throwing it to each other and one another. It was a very interesting game. So  I love this game. We were enjoying with our family. so what is your plan to raining day.   

Monday, 1 June 2015

Dowry deaths.

Bride-burning has become a common feature in most of the towns and villages. Some of them are reported and pursued, but most of the cases are hushed up by in-laws. In majority of cases this tragedy occurs during the first two years of marriage. The reason in all the cases is greed and demand for money. The poor girl is harassed chiefly by her sister-in-law. And mother-in-law. The husband remains a silent spectator when she is doused with kerosene and set on fire. Killing young girls for dowry is a heinous  crime, deserving severest punishment. 

Delhi is the tourists paradise.

Delhi is the tourists paradise. It has many historical monuments to boast of. One day our class decided to have a pleasure trip to delhi monuments. We collected rupees twenty each and fixed the programme. We hired a bus and engaged a halwai for our intended pleasure trip. First of all, we visited the qutab minar and saw the skyscraper and the ‘Bhool Bhulain’. Then we went to see the Humayun’s Tomb  and the Old fort of the Pandavas. We had our lunch and took rest for an hour. Then we visited the Jama Masjid and the Red Fort. It was evening. We returned home after seeing the above historical monuments of delhi which draw the attention of the tourists from all over the world.