Sunday, 6 March 2016


There are numerous ways of e-learning. But it is always advisable to take the easy path of e-learning in a simpler way. Learning is not always an activity we look forward to. Trainings can be monotonous, especially in the context of ‘pure’ technology-aided learning. We do not have an instructor talking to the class, including when attention flounders and suitably interjecting relief from time to time.

e-learning can effectively provide relief as well as challenge the learners to think and apply assimilated learning. e-learning focused on instruction but aiming to make learning as enjoyable and intriguing as possible.

There are 5 simpler ways to have the knowledge of e-learning.

1. Exploring Diagrams :- There are two ways of creating diagrams viz. 2D or 3D diagram. The diagram can be made interactive through simple animation and text. As the learner moves on, the mouse through different parts of the diagram, they pop up and spring to life. Learner interactivity can be increased by encouraging them to predict next steps or explaining certain parts of the diagram in their own words. To increase interactivity and the choice of personalized learning, simple tools like a ‘magnifying glass’ icon can be provided that enables the learner to see a particular section in detail.

2. Another way of learning is Audio-visual based questions:- Audio-visuals are now part of modern commercial training, when inserted to provide interactivity, they provide visual/auditory stimulus to engage the learners effectively.

An audio-visual clip of a task being performed should be shown to the learners. Their response is on whether it was done right or how can performance be improved, can be then ascertained and shown the right path. Alternatively, an audio-visual can be shared and the learners encouraged themselves criticize it through a series of questions that follow the clip.

3. Challenge and response: a learner should asked FAQ and conduct his own interview. Virtual interview can be conducted, asking questions, prompting the learners to take action and explaining their decisions through a dialogue with a person of authority. Learner choose a real-life scenario that the learner could face in course of desk work.

4. Teach-back activities:- It can be learnt is an another best way of learning corporate teachings which can effectively used for e-learning and utilized practically. Exercise could be asked and replied to assemble relevant material from where he or she has learnt in the e-course, in order to learn a specific topic.

5. Virtual labs inter activities:- another way of learning is stimulation which only stimulate the learner into thinking but encourage him to actually ‘do’ with 3D simulations and games in a virtual environment. This promises to make the interactive experience as close to real world as possible.

In my view it can be done in a more interesting and enjoyable ways. Beside that it will occupy the time and consume the other sources of enjoyment.

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