Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Numerous Ways of Making Child Diet Fiber-Rich.

We know that our health is very important. I am sharing with you about child’s diets It is highly advisesable It is for the newly born child that He/She be fed with mother milk till the age of 9 months from the newly born to upto 1 years He/She be vaccinated with different injection and drops. Simultaneous he should be fed with light solid food later on he should be as the child is atterning more years he should be fed with fiber-rich food and chpatties prepared baked vegitables fruit of different types like Banana, orgenge, apple, chikku etc. Dryfruits are to use in winter only. If you are making of fun food, Pizza, Burgar, Cake etc. This making food fun is prepared by vegetables and fruits with cutters different shapes. This cutters shapes child like eat fun food. If you are making different sandwitches and child enjoy only to school for lunch. Dietary fabric are very important nutrients for child health.

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