Friday, 8 January 2016

Student unrest.

There is widspread unrest among the students. There was time when the students used to worship their teachers. For them the teachers were ideal. But now time have changed. Science has brought great changes in our everyday life. The students have begun questioning their teachers. There are several causes of student unrest. Sometimes they protest against the rise in tuition fee. They also raise their voice against donations in professional colleges. Students living in hostels often  protest against poor diet served to them. In the colleges there are complaints about the working of canteen. Then comes the question of admissions. If some students do not get admissions. They try to force a strike. On some other occasion the students quarrel with some driver or conductor who does not halt the bus near the school or college. When beaten by the driver they go on strike. To avoid student unrest the genuine demands of the students should be met.    

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