Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The pleasures of Travelling.

Travelling provides a lot of fun, recreation and pleasures. It brings change in life. Change is sauce of life. It dispels monotony of life. It lends us untold happiness. We can enjoy the company of different types of people. We can enjoy the activities of different people at different places. While travelling, we enjoy the taste of variety of eatables. We also enjoy the culture and civilization of people of different castes and creeds at different places. We enjoy friendly talks with them and enjoy ourselves looking at wonderful and novel things. Different types of soils and crops enchant our minds and cheer our souls. We feel enraptured by the fascinating mountain tops, landscapes and seascapes. We enjoy the different moods and forms of nature. It adds to our learning and provides us immense pleasure. It also widens our mental horizon. 

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