Sunday, 21 February 2016

Sun Shine is Better in Winter than Summer.

Everybody is well aware. There are four seasons but winter is most vital seasons. In different parts of world winter set in different month of the year. But winter is a season of scarcity light. It is sun shine that showers the light. We spend more time in darkness of sun shine and confined ourselves in rooms. This light change and dark life may cause health problem. Most of the people in cold countries experience “winter blues” winter days are more dreary than the bright and shiny days of the other season. How can we enhance the brightness and cheerfulness in the human body. it is highly recommended to have sunbath because it consist of Vitamin-A&D in its natural forms. Atleast one hour is sufficient if one’s sits in the open where sun shine is there. This should be a regular practice and this will improve the air quality.  

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