Wednesday, 24 February 2016

How to Face Impediments On Entering Life?

I am sharing with you a friend of mine who has got 18 years old child is not inclined to work outside because he thinks that it is the responsibility of parents. Who have been bringing him up since his childhood. The child thinks he should be about to sit around the house and do as He pleases and his mother father support him. His parents has done everything but parents expect from him that he should join some work and start his own life. but as per his wish it could not be fulfilled the reason what I find his there were discrepancies in bringing him up. 
So that is why we contacted psychology department of a clinic after examining him for two seatings it was concluded that physically there is nothing wrong. There is a lack of confidence in the boy and he is not ready to face any sort of impediments of the coming life. after three to four seatings there was improvement in his behavior towards his parents. Thus in a another two seatings he recovered and gained lot of confidence.  

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