Sunday, 28 February 2016

Difference Between Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage.

We know that some people like love marriage and some like arrange marriage. But some people says that love marriage is the best. In the love marriage man and woman inclined to meet daily or occasionally. So that they should understand each other nature, hobbies, how to tackle problems and biological, physical, interaction are the most  contents of leading a enjoyful life. There should be a monthly income should be there for livelihood and to make household requirements. Love develop further as the time passes . their bounding is growing strong and the life moves on. In the arrange marriage parents of both boy & girl are to make an arrangement to solemnize the marriage. After that marriage the couple interact with each other and love develops further as the time passes. They try to understand each other with their hobbies, nature, biological & physical proximity and unconditional love develops.          

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