Thursday, 25 February 2016

Health is Better Than Wealth.

It depends on a person how he understands the life given by the supreme power above us. No doubt, health is our only wealth more gracious than the store-house of coins and currency. It has been rightly said that if wealth is lost ,nothing is lost because it can be earned again. In case health is lost we are deprived of the bliss of life. A healthy man enjoys life in real sense. He listens to music, plays well, sleeps well, reads well. He can enjoy nature’s beauty with enthusiasm as he walks around briskly. He finds life full of fun as digestion of everything is possible. Everything seems to be under his control and at his command. Bright looks and eyes with a muscular body give him heavenly experiences on the earth. He has desire to live longer because all of his senses work effectively. 

Everyone want to remain healthy, ill-health is detested by all. Only an unhealthy person who feels desperate of life can give a vivid description of the value of good health. So it is in conclusive desire of everyone to keep good health. Precautions have to be taken regarding keeping good health and take good nutrient food regularly and keep the positive energy. 

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