Friday, 26 February 2016

Food Disasters by Mistake.

I sliced some apples for Evening put them in a plastic bag and boarded a bus it was approximately

500 KM from my native place. After crossing 300 KM. I opened the plastic bag. All the apple, slices fell on the floor of the bus. As the bus was moving at a high speed all the slices displaces itself. On the floor it went under the seats of the other commuters. I was feeling hungry neither I want to pick up those slices nor it can come to my seat itself. Instead of cursing myself. I manage to consol myself. Not to worry not to worry it happens sometimes. And waited for another 50 KM passage bus stopped at the next stop. I get down and took a cup of tea and snacks from a nearby restaurant and  make me understand that it was not my fault nor it was destined to my belly.  

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