Friday, 26 February 2016

Get to Gather of Party.

I would like to express the man with the man &  women with the women party is consist of more then four to five persons. In the weekend we office goers decided to have a fun and a party at home. It is very interesting to prepare for a party. We decided to purchase some raw materials like vegetables, fruits, loaf of breads, dry fruits, tomato catch up. And after waking up in the morning. After having breakfast at respective homes all the five persons. With their spouses gather at a place. It was my place. We divided the work and ready to complete it. And helping others also who has completed his job early. After cutting & preparing raw vegetables cooked and baked and having ice cream which we  purchase from the market. We all the ten peoples sat on the dinning table, decorated with bowls and all the foods stuff decorated with dry fruits carrot and potato. After decorating the dinning table. We sang a song. And wish everyone for prospects and better livelihood. Party is always considered best for fruitful discussion, business meetings etc.           

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