Saturday, 20 February 2016

Attention! It is my muse.

On my way to my sleeping bed. Sometimes I sleep with in short period and sometimes it takes lot of time to sleep. It is that very time my world is quit. It is that sweet spot in hour day to day life. When we are literally away from the materialistic world. It is that time when my muse steps in and takes over me. I can not describe its gender lets call it she. She is a random spirited thing. Her guise is uniquely feminine. She first appeared to me a long time ago although I did not recognize her nor did I utilize her ability. I simply thought it is my imagination which it was the same but I waved it out but it was this time stubborn so I try to utilize her talent. That’s the when way when we are very alike. She keeps simply showing up everytime. 

when I was finding myself blank at a piece or a blank wall. Sometimes she will wave me away saying not now. Other time she will just stand up by myside and arms crossed till I place my finger on the paper with pen or keyboard. I have no idea who she really is and that seems to ticking her off. She crossed her arms and rolls her eyes at me when I think that. Having said all that I have to credit her with bringing me great stories to write. But some of the stories she wants me to tell I can't, not now anyway. I really don't know if it's me or her but sometimes the stories are just too – (sad, promising, amazing?). I'm not sure but once she reached out and placed her hand flat on my keyboard. I stopped typing and erased that one, the time just wasn't right for the telling I suppose. 

I somehow think she knows things I'm not aware of so I'll just leave that thought where I found it. At the time of getting up in the morning I find witty in myself and started narrating and creating different stories, poems etc with on different topics. It is her blessing or subconsciously helping me out whenever I feel myself in a mess. I do regard her deeply. 

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