Sunday, 21 February 2016

How to Break One’s Confidence?

As everybody is well aware that faith, confidence, trust, friendship are the well defined emotions, prevailing in the society. Betraying, cheating, looting, robbery, intimidating are the emotions of the other side of the coin. As few days back while talking to my neighbor she expressed her great anguish that her son (Grown up) is getting poor grades in the exams. She was not sure of the reason that led to the failure in his studies. After few weeks I came to know from another friend of mine who disclosed to me the exact reason of the failure of her son. (first friend)  I decided to help my first friend about her son’s failure in exams. I also decided to share such matters with the parents in an amicable way and protect the boy from further troubles. We called the boy and confided him and made him understand the consequence of taking drugs. And explain to him how injurious this drug could be.               

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