Sunday, 8 March 2015

How to Acknowledge Sorry & Change your behavior?

Hay sweet friends how are you? I am sharing with you a pertinent example to express  my knowledgeable view point during the age of five to seven years young boys or girls. While they are playing with each other. They are quite innocent and very few children are mischievous nature. Whenever they push each other (while playing). They try to feel sorry and express that emotions because their respective parents teach them to behave like gentle. But those boys or girls who are mischievous nature they try to hit hard to one of them. And from saving himself or herself from their father & mother to admonish them. They hide themselves somewhere in a room or in a  undisclose space and they try to hide there as long as possible to come before their parents. The parents in the mean time go on searching hither or tether and  on finding them in a room which was not searched. They parents bring them out and victim was also brought in to pacify the whole incident. They are made to understand the problem and asked to say sorry to each other. It was a job of the knowledgeable parents to sort out the problem favorably if a child go one making this type of pranks and child would always say I am sorry I  would not do it again. It doesn’t help to say sorry if one doesn’t change his or her behavior. Let us think in a positive and broader sense that child must be persuaded to behave like a gentleman. It is the responsibility of the parents to watch and act according to the circumstances and guide them to enter in a life with a more positive and attitude.                       

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