Monday, 9 March 2015

Advantages of Raw Onion & Baked Onion.

Hay sweet friends how are you? I am sharing with you my experience about Advantages of Raw Onion & Baked Onion. I am sharing some suggestions for you and these are following Health tips that I have tried myself. One day I after coming from my job office I started feeling temperature  in my body. After taking my lite dinner I take out raw onion crushed in the mixture and used that paste type raw onion applied on my feet in the morning after that I want to sleep in the morning there was no temperature and I wake up fresh and healthy then I completed my all daily routine and went to office to attend it I again after taking dinner used the crushed onion applied the same  way on my feet just to take on the precautionary measure so that I should not have any further complication in temperature. next day I moved on happily to do all sort of activity.

Another  healthy tips is whenever there is a boil or any creption on the body a pieace of raw onion (round) this raw onion filled with musterd oil and turmeric powder and after warming up used on a boil or creption and use it everyday till it recovers.

Another healthy tips whenever there is pungent smell in the room use two raw onion and cut them into pieaces and put them in a bowl and  kept there in the room during night  morning there will not be any smell. 

Another healthy tips NEVER SAVE AN ONION It will absorb all the toxins in the air of your refrigerator. Eat that and you eat the toxins. Instead ,  Chop your left over onion, put it on a plate and keep it in your kitchen as a natural air purifier. Hope my all suggestion benefit  for  you.

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