Monday, 16 March 2015

Signs of Diabetes (Symptoms and Remedy)

Hay sweet friends how are  you? I am sharing with you about Sign of Diabetes. I am sharing some suggestions to reverse back and  as follows.

  1.  Polydipsia :  As everybody understand the causes and simple symptoms. The concentration of glucose increases in the blood, brain receives signal for diluting it and, in its counter action we feel thirsty. Remedy is take a sip of water  preferably warm. 
  2. Increased fatigue : Due to inefficiency of the cell to metabolize glucose, reserve fat of body is metabolized to gain energy. When fat is broken down in the body, it uses more energy as compared to glucose, hence body goes in negative calorie effect, which results in fatigue.
  3. Polyphegia : The hormone insulin is also responsible for stimulating hunger. Remedy eat at a shorter duration something must be eaten after every half and hour. And take lighter food.
  4. Weight flactuation : Factors like loss of water, glucosuria , metabolism of body fat and protein may lead to weight loss. Few cases may show weight gain due to increased appetite. Remedy morning and evening walks regularly for 45 mintes at least 1.5 km. It should be regularly followed.
  5. Blurry vision : Hyperosmolar hyperglycemia nonketotic syndrome is the condition when body fluid is pulled out of tissues including lenses of the eye, which affects its ability to focus, resulting blurry vision. Wash your eyes with water and keeping them clean and rolling your eyeboll in a circle.
  6.  Poor wound healing : High blood sugar resists the flourishing of white blood cell which are responsible for body immune system. When these cells do not function accordingly wound healing is very slowly recovers with the help of ointment.

Sincere advise is keep your stamina and will/power strong enough to resist such type of diseases God helps those who help themselves.        

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