Saturday, 14 March 2015

How to Control Bullying and Blaming.?

Hay sweet friends how are you? I am sharing with you uncalled behavior of youngster ragging in a school or college is prevailing now a days. They can emotionally scar the victim. The youth bullying has become enormous issue. It is definitely not the same as it was long ago. There were bullies which are only at verbal expression. Now a days it has become more physical as well as emotional. There are laws to protect victim of bully but due to unknown reason. It does not report to the authority. In the hostel senior rags to their juniors in a group. Physical harassment,  taunts create more and more victims and this continue for week or so. Till the juniors bear it or harass themselves to a limit. According to my wish and view point,  this practice must not be allowed to continue. This has many a serious consequences like depression, suicidal tendency etc. there should be a law to implements it practically to save the victim.      

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