Monday, 15 February 2016

How Local Bazaars help Economy?

There are two types of markets. Wholeseller & Retailer but in the big cities and small city local bazaar are also prevalent in the small lanes and road side of main road.  It could be weekly or daily basis. Shop locally has become the easy availability of day to day requirements of household. It is considered as green business it takes short  duration and can be beneficial in several ways. Shopping in these bazaars can help one directly by saving money getting fresh products.  It can also help indirectly by reducing your stress, and strain and by walking, it  promotes one’s health. It can also protect pollution, trading in the hustle and bustle of long car drives and avoiding over-packed malls. Local business can employ thousands of people hence fourth it is advisable to authority to sanction permit to dispose off & allow to run their business. Because government cannot give employment to all the personnel’s.             

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