Saturday, 20 February 2016

My Ambition in Life.

Ever since from my childhood. I was brought up by a simple and middle class family. Although I enjoyed my childhood and fulfill my aspiration and The God is kind enough to me that he helped me in all respect like setting my ambition and on the path of fulfilling my ambition. If a person has no ambition in life, he must not be less than a dead man. It is difficult to conceive of a person who has no destination to reach or touch a height. A person who has an ambition and works honestly to fulfill it he can touch the heights of glory and success. After passing out my senior secondary school I set and aim to become a teacher. It is my strong conviction that a teacher can shape the destiny of a child and ultimately the society and finally serve the nation. 

Teacher can help moulding the character and shaping the personality of the society. Only teacher can produce honest statesmen, top-class scholars and scientists and dedicated social workers. We understand that teachers are not paid honourably and true teacher can be materially well off but it is a hard fact that a teacher is a torch bearer in the society. Only teacher can set everything on the right path. However, I want to be a primary teacher for certain reasons. Do you have any other suggestions? 

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