Monday, 15 February 2016

Encourage farmer’s cooperative markets.

In our country farmers are unorganized. Instead of selling their products food grains, vegetables, fruits etc in the wholesale market. They should form cooperative organisations societies etc of their own. Every farmers will be the owner of his own product. They should form transportation to carry their product food grains etc and dispose off their product directly to the probable customers and outlets should be constructed by the farmers themselves. They can open their outlets in the town, city, and different localities.
 The modern diet style has made most of the people addicted to fast food culture. The processed foods that they get from stores are mostly preserved with chemicals and additives. Fast food culture, promoted by the commercial world, has made people unable to reach fresh vegetables and fruits.

Nowadays, the farmers markets are coming up in several places, supplying people fresh vegetables and fruits. They are good for health.

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