Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Advantage of Honey.

I am sharing with you about Advantages of honey. I am sharing some suggestions for you and this are following. It is on the advice of my GrandMother who since has settle in Heaven. Honey used as Natural Energy Booster. Honey used as active Immunity Booster. Honey is used as Anti-Cancer. Honey used quickly to furnish the demand for energy in the human body. Honey used in easily and rapidly assimilated. Honey  has a natural and gentle laxative effect. Honey used in cures cough and sore throat. Honey used in promotes weight loss. Honey used in reduces the risk of heart diseases. Honey used in Strong Eyes. It can also cure High B.P & Low B.P Low B.P causes more problem in the body so immediate remedy is to introduce a tea spoon full of honey in the mouth and wait for another half hour. After half an hour prepare a cup of coffee with honey and should be given to the needy. Kindly use them in practical.   

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