Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to Control Diabetes With Fenugreek?

Today I would like to stress on the disease which is very much spreading from the last twenty five to thirty years because life style of new generation has changed from the regularity of taking in food and spending the twenty four hours without taking rest and adopting any discipline in the life style. At a very young age men and women are suffering from disease called Diabetes. Previously it was not the serious problem if we compare it with the problem of now a days. Best remedy is adopting a regular exercise, change of life style and controlling the dump of food in the belly. It is merely a suggestion who wants to live long. Those who have suffered and confirmed diabetic please for heaven sack use food and adopt Ayurveda and Yoga. In the ancient time people use to take green vegetables, cereal, fruits, water etc.etc. best remedy is use fenugreek in the form of raw leaves, sprouts, and microgreens. Commonly known as Methi, or as an herb (dried-leaves), while the seeds are used both whole and in powdered form as a spice. Fenugreek is an aromatic plant that has many uses, both in culinary. Fenugreek is a key ingredient of curries and other Indian recipes. 

One can use it as a prepared vegetable and in the form of powder it can be taken as medicine half spoon is sufficient twice a day. Before and after taking meal in the morning & at night. (half spoon before breakfast & in the night after taking dinner with lukewarm water). Because it is bitter in taste so it should be swallowed. With in a fortnight sugar level will gradually come down at its own level and once it come down make it a regular precautionary practice to maintain the level. Note: if one is taking Allopathic medicine daily and started taking Ayurvedic medicine. It is highly advisable take the allopathic medicine in alternate days and ayurvedic medicine daily then go on reducing the allopathic medicine and finally after using the ayurvedic medicine renunciate the allopathic medicine. Thanks God everyday in the morning and pray to Him regularly

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