Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Goddess Mother.

When the child is born in this world. The child deserves to be cared and brought up in this world and treated as the greatest contribution of the nature and a gift by the supreme power above us to the parents. I am sharing with you about my experience of love and affection towards my mother. She is the most powerful and  pious creation of The GOD. I/We are very lucky that she brought us in this world. We can not repay her love. But we as a human being we start respecting her from the very beginning of our birth. We know that our mother is best in the world. We respect as the goddess (DEVI). During the life time we go on enjoying our good deeds and bad deeds but our mother stand by her son and daughter. Because all the mothers of different countries caste and creed , religion but mother belongs to her son and daughter. She doesn’t differentiate between son and daughter. It depends on the son and daughter how they are brought up in this world everything turns out to be fair. If mother is respected through out her life that’s the reason. She is worshipped equal to God. Hence it is one’s duty to treat her/his mother prominence.      

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