Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The world would be better without science.

One day in a last year I was fast asleep at night. Suddenly I started dreaming, what is the fun of life, who am I what is the purpose of life.
It sounds funny and even absurd that the world would be better place without science. It is like saying that the cavemen were happier than us. The world has had dark ages for dozens of centuries. The middle ages were marked with superstitions, ignorance, savagery and slavish submission to the forces of nature.
Science has liberated us from the deadly trap of diseases, disasters and untimely deaths. It ushered in an age of light, learning and luxuries.
Science is our savior and benefactor. It is true that it has put atom bomb in human race. But truly speaking the real villain is not science but man himself.

Science has not independent will to act or to take decisions. If the world is faced with the danger of total destruction, the culprit is man himself. Science is there to suggest solution to all our problems.

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