Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.

Today I am opening my heart to express the sense of Beauty. They say, is only skin deep. It is shortlived and it lies in the eyes of the beholder, say what you like, not even an ascetic or an angel can be blind to beauty in nature or in human form. It is very soothing to the eyes. It sends a wave of joy into the heart. It is imprinted forever in our memory. You never forget a sweet sensation and a divine face or even an artistic wonder. Whenever you are alone and in a pensive mood, you recall the object of beauty in imagination and you feel thrilled. The passage of time enhances the beauty of things and persons seen years ago. True beauty gives us an everlasting joy. Love for beauty is but natural in human being, birds and beasts. Beauty spells intoxicating magic. Whenever one recalls a beautiful scene, one feels a thrill of pleasure. Do you have any other idea of Beauty? 

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