Sunday, 20 December 2015

How to avoid Cancer with Drinking (Heavy)?

This world is a combination of different weathers through out the year some countries are of cold weather and some are medium cold and some others are of  hot weather so according to a weather condition in their respective countries. And according to their customs and cultures everybody is well aware that holidays are meant for leisure and pleasure. Holidays are the seasons when people drink heavily and put themselves in the trouble. Heavy drinking may seem to be a fun. It is harmful to the person who drinks and as well as although who are around. We are basically teetotaler and proud to be announcing the same. But we understand how drinking or heavy drinking affects the human body. In cold countries it is highly recommended that one should take alcohol as a medicine to keep one self warm the body but in hot or medium countries at (weather vise) one should take barley water or beer and everybody knows too much of  everything is not good for health.

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