Sunday, 27 December 2015

Life Passion.

I am sharing about information about our life experiences. At a very early age we are controlled advise appropriately by our parents later on when we are joined in the school we like other entrante. I share our good experiences with our parents on returning home after finishing our homework. I share our experience with my mother then we go out to play in the evening on returning home after taking night meal we go to sleep and wake up in the morning it was a daily routine for months and years when attaing young age and about to enter in the school of life we tend to face certain problems and circumstances and those problem are to be solved by myself and with the grace of God I go on solving those problems till I attain another spot of life which also help me to join some office work and earn our livelihood and contribute our thinking and thought into practical. So that we should contribute in upbringing the society. As long as we create our own environment in the society positively we are bound to get same environment for ourselves. We should be a thoughtful and loyal to our society. Society in return give us what we contribute in it. And life moves on and on

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