Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Our Home is Heaven.

Our life is not immortal everyone who is  born one day will spend his life and deeds will expire,  (after spending his share of life) on the earth. And joins the supreme power above us. Heaven is our reward. We are not here to stay. We are on a journey we were born and we have to do our duty, enjoyment, happiness, sadness. We have to suffer according to our deeds and their results. After doing our good deed. We are rewarded  according to results of that hardness, clear intentions and subject to fulfillment of the deeds. Bless The God with what you have do not envy those who are doing very well materially and those who use short cut to get riches. Try to be mentally  stable in odd and even circumstances. Always be cheerful and mindful to face any eventuality.     

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