Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How to Have Blessing From God?

We have a neighbour who met an accident to week before. As long as he was in the hospital. He was in the care of nurses and doctors of the hospital. When he return to his home he made an arrangement of keeping a maid and male helping hand to run the routine household work and nursing him with the help of doctor. Initially they were very good to him. But within a few days they started showing their impatience and could not execute the daily activities of the household. They started quarreling with each other. (The maid and The Servant) they used to fight on petty things. Ever since he met an accident. He could not worshipped the God. One day I visited him to enquire about his health. I noticed so many discrepancies by the evening. I could manage to make him understand that from the next early morning. He should start praising and worshipping the supreme power above us with in next two days . He got a gift of blessing of The  God. Both the servant and the maid apology to himself and herself respectively. And they started helping him by heart and with in next week he started moving out of the house and another next week he joined his office to do his work. He was thankful to the God and started worshipping regularly

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