Saturday, 5 December 2015

Is Christmas another Holy-day?

Being a Non-Christian I would like to express my view point historical and modern times interpretation of Holy festival of Christmas. Most of us confused with the word Christmas now a days people are trying to use the word Holiday not Holy Day to indicate Christmas. The word “Xmas” is also used by most of the people. But does anyone know the meaning of word Xmas. There is another term referred to the festival Christmas. It is yuletide. It has been celebrated in the northern regions, especially in Scandinavia. As for as we Non-Christians are concerned we celebrate with our fellow Christian friends with joy and fervour and whole day and whole night. We sing songs together and exchanged our pleasantries with each other and one another. Since this refer to the changing seasons, this name was also being connected with Christmas. (Bara Din). These changes occurred when the culture of the land and religious practices tries to walk hand in hand.         

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