Thursday, 24 December 2015

Remedies of Arthritis?

Remedies are better than cure it is highly advisable to look into the problem at a very early stages of that very problem. like Arthritis, diabetes, cough, infections of lungs, heart problem etc. if one suffers of any one disease,  his major span of his life passes to solve that disease. I would like to stress on lifestyle of a  person who does not control his habits of eating, working, resting at irregular times. Sometime he takes less food and sometime he takes more food without any hunger. This is the root causes of all the common and uncommon diseases. Sometimes without digesting the previous food one start eating next meal. This habit will spoil the digestive power in the belly which in turn convert the indigestive food into acid production. This acid production is mixed with the blood and on circulating in the body from top to bottom and bottom to top. This acid stick in the various joints of the body which are starting from fingers and later on in the knee joints and others. If this process (bad habits) continuous for longer period it will hamper the movements of joints and the grease in the joints will dry up and it will create sound on movements of joints and that cause the pain simple or severe type best remedy is to brisk walking for 1 Km atleast cycling static or moveable and control the diet habits. Introduce garlic and ginger prepared baked and gravy also take loafs of breads with that prepared vegetables and take plenty of waters. So that one should not have constipation. After taking meal at any time take water (luke warm) after 45 minutes of the meal.Arthritis patients should not take oily food, icecream ( cold) light food. Take one pearl of a garlic, honey with milk cashew. In the morning before clearing stomach take luke warm water with lemon so that belly should clear itself.
Though I am not a student of  medicine but  common ailments and advance stages of diseases can be cured it at a very early stages.  

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