Sunday, 20 December 2015

Pearly Teeth Helps to glow your face.

Human body is consist of bone marrow, bones, veins, skin, teeth, tongue as an organic and inorganic composition of different  glands and their functionary. Glands are governing  parts of the body. Teeth are the most important parts of human body and add beauty to the face. The pearly teeth add the fascination to every smile. Whiter teeth can be a great asset to a person’s smile. Tooth bleaching is very effective in removing the stains from the teeth. The simplest way is to maintain your teeth. So that it does not cause any tooth decay,

 stains and gum should be firm and cavity should not be there. After waking up in the morning go for a brushing and use that brush in the round way and up and down inner and outer of the teeth. So that it does not cause any plaque. If there are stains use half cut lemon rub it on the teeth and massage the gum with the first  finger by using paste. And apply on the gum and massage it with the first finger in a circular way. Wash your mouth and dry it up. It is highly advisable not to go to dentist for bleaching because enamel on the tooth will spoil because of chemicals. Make your laughter more precious through your white teeth.  

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