Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Difference between THE GURU AND PUPIL

We know that there is different between teachers and students because both are human being having the same  physical and biological structure. And there is difference of age and gender and standard of life.

But as we are describing the difference between two,  it is as follows.

Placement of teacher:- Every teacher is worshipped as THE GURU who is next to THE GOD. And every student is a disciple of THE GURU.

As the GURU is imparting the education and other related subjects of different branches he is worshipped as the GURU. Student is made of raw earth and teacher is moulding that student into a model. In previous times there used to be a practice the teacher and student live together day and night, It was called GURUKUL. Now a days in a modern society there are school and college all around the cities and there is education departments and university. 

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