Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Depending on THE GOD made me more strong in the life.

I am sharing a very pertinent subject of one’s life. Friends we know that some people depend on each other/ one another. They do not remember that in this materialistic life prevailing in every country. Most of the people go on fighting and quarreling with each other/ one another on petty things Like encroachment of land , supremacy of caste and creed, sects of different community Friends we know that some people depend on to another person. But They forget to remember the Almighty who created this world with his good blessings he allow the men women and children to follow his rules and regulation which are cited and written in different holi books of different community like Hindu (The Gita) ,  Muslim (The Koran ) ,  Christen (THE Bible)  Sikh ( The Guru Granth Sahib). But I am different from other I never forget The God. In return I got the power, strength and stamina to over come all sorts of problem their solution and how to move in the society because I feel I am strong because I just depend on the God and have a firm belief.      

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