Friday, 25 December 2015

How to Save the Heating Bills?

Cold weather of the winter has arrived increasing the heating bills. Budget for heating bill is an irritating problem of the winter. I have a few suggestion to make if one has a strong will-power to bear the coldness of the winter season and take lot of dry fruits, and milk with tea or coffee and do the yoga and jumping on the foot at the same place and brisk walking on the same place because in Acupressure. There are points in the sole of the foot (Both) they generate heat on while jumping ultimately that raises body temperature and it helps to bear coldness only precaution is cover your body with winter clothes. In the home front every loop holes in the walls and windows should be plugged in. Once you start convector use it for one hour and keeps the room warm and put off the convector to pass it smoothly. Check the gaps in the basement, which are often neglected and  pass the winter without any irritation.

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