Sunday, 27 December 2015

Why Digital Learning Is More Important In The School.

Digital learning solutions also bring to bear a number of key efficiencies, both real and virtual, that can't be matched by traditional learning techniques.  Digital learning offers an unprecedented ability to provide educational experiences that are tailor-made for each student.  For example, digital learning could refer to the use tablets in the classroom. It could mean using online sites, services and programs as teaching tools, or as study aids built for at-home use. Alternately, it could even refer to the practice of using popular apps, social networks and communications platforms as tools to create your own digital assignments and agendas.
Want to know more about the benefits of digital learning. We give you our top 4

1. Digital Content:  Digital content is the high quality academic material which is delivered through technology. It is what students learn. It ranges from new engaging, interactive and adaptive software to classic literature to video lectures to games. It isn’t simply a PDF of text or a PowerPoint presentation (PPT)

2. Use Smart technologies:   Smart Classroom, are interactive whiteboard in which you could educate your learners, using the material which is stored on a PC. The projector which is linked with a PC will show its content on to a display. So educating is very easy and learners would be able to comprehend the tips and ideas very clearly. A research says that learners are obtaining more attention in research while educating through the smart panel and there is constant growth in their research. It is mentioned that in two or more years, one of the seven schools all over the globe will have a smart panel in their classes.

3. Pace: Learning is no longer restricted to the pace of an entire classroom of students. Interactive and adaptive software allows students to learn at their own pace, spending more or less time on lessons or subjects to achieve the same level of learning.

4. Extra marks:   How Digital Education and Mobile Learning, digital learning Solutions providers enhanced the way of learning, such as Extra marks Education convey to students and the school is a new and exciting way of teaching and learning environment through technology platform through which students are familiar with and enjoy to learn. Extra marks In-school and after-school educational services give a complete 3600 learning experience to students. Smart Learn Class equips teachers with powerful media-rich multimedia interactive whiteboard teaching tools and content. This helps teachers reach out to the multiple intelligences in the classroom and teach them as per their understanding and comprehension level. After school the students can go back home and revise or prepare for the next days lecture through Extra marks online learning modules and even prepare for tests and upcoming exams.

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