Saturday, 12 December 2015

What to take in food & not to take in ayurveda.

I am sharing with you about health related habit on the basis of ayurveda, what to take in food & what not to take. In ancient time ayurveda help to understand the good habits of taking food during 24 hours firstly after clearing belly one must take a glass of milk with a chapatti/ two chapatti as per required in the first meal that i.e. breakfast then after three to four hours one must take lunch having two or three/four chapattis with baked  subzi aur daal with salad. After three to four hours take a cup of tea or coffiee with snacks in the night after another two & half hour later in the dinner take three to four chapatti and baked subzi or daal with lots of fruits as per ayurveda these are the four meals during 24 hour then have a ready to retire on bed before that have a evening walk at night for one km. on different days and different type of meal can be taken but one must be stick to timming difference between meals in as per ayurveda in the morning one must do some sort of exercises for 15 mintues/half hours. If there is some problem of related to health one must take ayurveda medicine like digestive powder/ as per advice of experts. Hence it is highly advisable to take shelter in the umbrella of ayurveda.

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