Thursday, 17 December 2015

Power Energy in Women.

I am sharing with you about certain logical point which are in my view are as follows Women are considered a Weak creation of God but in my view Women are the most pious and worshipped creation of God. But in our relevant societies women are considered to  be the weakest creation of God. That why women are pull down and men create hurdles and further create odd circumstances to bring them down. Men also create certain irrelvent notions to bring them to surface. I would like to appreciate those women who are ready to face such eventualities Boldly. Women are classified as house wives, school going ladies (Female children), office goers, corporate goers, female teachers etc.etc. First ,two types of ladies are most vulnerable and suffer the most. Every men think that he is the VIP in the society and demand respect from others. On the Contrary he should be made aware that both men & women are equally important in the society. So it is in my view both should be equally and mutually respected and lead a good life and do good job with good intention.  

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