Sunday, 6 December 2015

How to Raise Inner Beauty?

Everybody is consist of bones, bone marrow, and other human parts according to physiology other parts of body  are eyes, ears, nose, lips, teeth, neck, chest, belly, arms & legs and internal organs etc. Every organic part has it own function to play in the human body. Beauty is the most vital aspect of the life. Everybody wants to look beautiful. Cosmetic industry people spending lots of technique, materials, product, to beautify man & woman of the world. It is the biggest &  profitable and employment generated industry. But beauty lye in the inside of the body. and in the eyes of onlooker internal beauty comes from inside with mind & soul. Only the face reflects the inner health. One can not mask the skin which may be spotty because of irregular diets. And lack of natural intake of food, fruits, dryfruits, and mixed vegetables, salad etc. you may apply as many as cosmetic product to raise outer beauty. But natural skin will stats glowing and reflects the inner strength and outlook.         

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