Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas, Charity Begins at Home.

Over the years we have been celebrating the Christmas with happiness and enjoy every moments of the festivals. I would like to stress on the need to do some constructive work. And save our fellow citizen who are deprive of hunger, food and clothes in the winter season. This year we inclined to do something for the poor people. Previously the dinner of Christmas is not just the day to eat, to drink and enjoy making a day of Gluttony is not the way of Christians. Christmas is the day to think of Christ who always thought of the poor and hungry.  It is day to think of the millions of people. Who starve and go without food. So this year we decided to distribute food, clothes, blankets, temporary shelters through out winter season. It was  a great gestures who collected lot of money to make those arrangements. The God helped us to make those arrangements. For those who were given shelters passed their winter peaceful and healthy way.             

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