Monday, 7 December 2015

How for Parents Should be Overprotective?

Whenever a man and woman marry and after sometime enjoying the life happily and after four or five years. They plan to have a child for starting a family. After having a child till he attains reasonable years. Every parents are protective or over protective till he/she starts a moving around the room and in a home. Every parents are take  extra precautions that on every step parent hold the child firmly . so that he should not fall down on the floor or from bed to floor. When the child starts going to school because till that age (five years). He is protected at home and in the school teachers sometime do not give attention to one and all. So there are complaint,  starts coming from play school and every time parents visiting to their school listen to the complaints. And feel embarrassed and could not rectify the problem. If one understands (Parents) the child psychology. It is a very simple problem and it can be rectified accordingly. One should allow his child to let him move and to do according to his wish. Parent’s duty is to guide the child in a cordial way without admonishing him.         

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