Wednesday, 23 December 2015

How to Enjoy Snow Season?

We know that its a winter season and its a beautiful season for me and my family few days back I have with my family been to Shimla for weekend holiday. After starting from our home to Railway station we boarded the train called Shimla Express during journey to Kalka. We were enjoying  with our family in the compartment on the way in both side there are big farms both side of the track (Railway). There were  jungles also on the both side two River crossed. On reaching the destination we booked for staying in the hotel. After having dinner and went to sleep. Next day it was raining outside and drizzling heavly. We decided to move out because it was the proper time of snow. There are few picnic spots which were full of snow. We started collecting snow and made snowball (small and big) and throwing it to each other and one another.  

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