Sunday, 20 December 2015

To Avoid Wrinkles on the Face with YOGA.

Everybody is aware that human body is consist  of different ingredients of life like Earth, Sky, Water, Air and Fire. Human body is made of five basic contents of nature. The physiology of the body.  its organic and inorganic functionary of the human body. The skin is the largest organ of the body. it needs care and maintenance. It protects the body with the unceasing collaboration of the skin cells. The skin cells perform the most of the life saving functions that protects us from toxic chemicals, heat and cold. If we do not protect our skin properly, the skin cells cannot execute their functions and prevent infections and diseases. Over the human body every skin cell differ from others and covers the bones with number of layers like on the foot. these are thick layers and on the face it is thin layers likewise eyelid is of thin layers. The wrinkles on the skin is the symptom of observing the high energy sun rays. The rays affect the oxygen molecules of the skin and caused great instability. The remedy is apply mustar oil & breathe oxygen deeply and do Yoga exercise regularly.

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